Feast the Eye, Fool the Eye
Reed currently has 43 trompe l'oeil paintings on loan from the Fresno Metropolitan Museum, including one 17th-century canvas that prompted a local artist to declare, "It's exactly like Duchamp, but from 400 years ago!" Cooley Gallery at Reed College , 3203 SE Woodstock, 777-7790, Through April 24

Magic Kingdom
Ex-Portland Zoo worker and mixed media artist Wesley Younie creates semi-narrative paintings about human, animal, and vegetative interactions, drawing from sources such as fairy tales, cartoons, and Charles Darwin. V-Gun , 412 SW 4th Ave., 503-226-3400, Through May 14

Patterning Experience
PNCA grad Josh Arseneau traveled to Gambia last year to witness the horrors of child soldiering in West Africa. After returning home, he processed his feelings by drawing the prepubescent soldiers' likenesses onto sewing patterns. (This seems like a weird response to us, too). Milk Studio + Gallery , 328 NW Broadway #114, Through April 28

Trouble in Tiny Town
These two Brooklyn artists, Doug Morris and Chris Caccamise, are responsible for the liveliest sculpture show to hit town in a while. Crafted from paper, enamel, foam, and ribbon, the works in Tiny Town are simultaneously childlike and highly sophisticated. Savage Art Resources , 1430 SE 3rd Ave, 230-0265, Through April 30