Andrea U'ren Benefit Auction
Local cool woman and children's book author Andrea U'Ren has some crappy, undiagnosed stomach ailment and a mountain of medical bills to go with it. Some very good artists, such as James Boulton, Kristan Kennedy, Melody Owen, and Brad Adkins, are hosting a silent auction to help offset some of Andrea's HMO costs. Old Elizabeth Leach Gallery , 207 SW Pine, Saturday 7-10 pm

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Formulation: Articulation
It's not every day that we get to see a Joseph Albers exhibit in Portland, but then again, it's not every day that we're clamoring for one. Albers was the supreme colorist of the 20th century. Predating reductivists like Donald Judd and Peter Halley, he layers blocks of color on one another to see how the colors act together. When you're not sure what to say in front of Alber's work, remember--you can't go wrong with the following phrase: "Wow. Those cool colors sure do recede." Augen Gallery , 817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182, Through May 26

Piles + Herds
A U of O grad and a RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) grad pair up for piles + herds at the Izquierdo Gallery. Rainy Lerhman crafts grossly simplified animal-like sculptures in throwback color schemes, while Jenene Nagy uses mapping and architecture as reference points for her site-specific works on paper. Manuel Izquierdo Gallery at PNCA , 825 NW 13th, 821-8892, Closes May 16

SLAY Film Fest
In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 & 10/30