Elizabeth Stanek and Trude Parkinson's installation at Nine explores the nature of hearing, silence, and deafness with dozens of cast wax ears affixed to the wall and a phone booth missing its telephone. Nine Gallery , 1231 NW Hoyt, 225-0210, Through June 30

Russia's Greatest Contribution to World History: 1997. A Retrospective
Catch new Portland artist Caleb Freese's nifty paintings that combine oil and ink with what appear to be found business reports. Come to the opening on First Thursday to get an explanation from the artist for his exhibit's egregiously long title. Petrol , 625 NW Everett, #104, 314-3783, June 2-25

Snapshot Chronicles
This new exhibition, subtitled Inventing the American Snapshot, examines how ordinary Americans applied photography in their own lives around the turn of the century, when the medium first became accessible to the general public. The show features 70 entire photo albums, with images of mock gay weddings, all-female circuses, and Al Capone's mistress. Cooley Gallery at Reed College , 3203 SE Woodstock, 777-7790, through July 11