Angela Haseltine Pozzi & Taylor Vogland Dreiling
Two nifty sculptors here: Pozzi creates ultra-funky and thrifty sea-bottom landscapes from yarn, plastic, feathers, and fabric, while Dreiling crochets small humanoid pod figures. Glenn & Viola Cultural Center for the Arts , 527 East Main Street, Through August 30

Custom Fit
Queens photographer Gavin Stevens used to manage Mr. Bling, a notorious gold-tooth shop in San Francisco where you can have your entire family tree gold-plated on your teeth if you want. Throughout the years, Stevens made portraits of his clients and their new mouth-bling; 12 of these color photos will be on view at Holocene all month. Holocene , 1001 SE Morrison, Through July

Digmeout: 13 Artist from Osaka
Here's a rare chance to see 13 of Osaka's leading artists, many of whom work in posters, illustrations, and stickers. Compound , 107 NW 5th, Through July Vigor Jacqueline Ehlis, whose previous outings always left us cold, comes back with a new show at Savage that reveals a slew of breakthroughs and experiments, incorporating heavy, brushy paintwork, stainless steel sculptural elements, and paint applied directly onto the wall. Savage Art Resources , 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Closes Saturday

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Individual Dignity
Los Angeles photographer Josh Sanseri began photographing small business owners in 1999, and some of the 40x40" prints are on view all month at Newspace. While the works are about entrepreneurship, especially in the face of corporate retail chains, they are about solid environmental portraiture as much as anything else. Newspace , 1632 SE 10th, 963-1935, through July

A blip from the press release for this new installation by Portland artist Daniel Peabody: "Trails of burnt gunpowder lend an illusion of depth to creamy surfaces, and the resulting marks refer to the scars carved by traumatic social events and the gap between expectation and action." Who knew? Pause Gallery , 625 NW Everett St. 110, 888-7895, through July 30

SLAY Film Fest
In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 & 10/30