Christine Bourdette
Bourdette is one of the Northwest's best sculptors, working in the vein of artists like Kiki Smith and Juan Munoz. A new installation featuring 10 half-scale humans and several charcoal drawings are on view through Oct. 1. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 417 NW 9th 224-0521, through Oct. 1

Troca Brasil
PNCA has organized an art exchange between its gallery space and a Rio de Janeiro gallery, and the time has come for Portland to reap the visual rewards. Troca Brasil brings together five Brazilian installation artists, including the very successful and crowd-pleasing Ernesto Neto. Philip Feldman Gallery, PNCA, 1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391, through Oct. 22

Minimalist Prints
Augen blue-chips a stellar show of prints made by Minimalist artists such as Sol LeWitt, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Mangold, and Frank Stella. We don't know if it would have killed them to include any women artists (Agnes Martin, for instance), but if you put the gender discrepancies aside, this should be a good show. Augen Gallery, 817 SW 2nd, 224-8182, through Sept. 28

Trippin' Balls
As banal and hippie-dippie as the experience sounds, exploding your mind with mushrooms is an entirely worthwhile and profound experience, and now Marne Lucas and Bruce Conkle have curated a show about it, including artists such as Jesse Hayward, Brian Borello, Blinglab, and Ellen George. V-Gun, 412 SW 4th Ave., 226-3400, through Nov. 5