2D From 3D
Elizabeth Leach presents an impressive look at drawings made by artists best known for their work in sculpture. The all-star lineup includes notables such as Lee Bontecou, Kiki Smith, Russel Crotty, Erwin Wurm, Fred Sandback, and Louise Bourgeois. Not bad. Not bad at all. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 417 NW 9th, 224-0521, through Nov 23

Backyard Icing
PNCA Sculpture Artist-In-Residence (can't we just call it "sculptor?") Jenene Nagy has created a fairly wild installation of spilled house paint, foam sculptures, spray paint, and straight pins to explore "the psychological space of obsession." Expect lots of fairly repulsive yet endearing work. Manuel Izquierdo Gallery at PNCA, 825 NW 13th, 821-8892, through Dec 30

Honoring the Carver
Expand your gallery going this week with this show of work by Tsimshian master carver David Boxley. Boxley and his sons have spent the past year creating masks, alder rattles, bentwood boxes, and prints for this exhibition, all of which look truly fantastic. Quintana Galleries, 120 NW 9th, 223-1729, through Dec 31

Making Movies
Portland photographer Frank DiMarco has a pretty sweet gig—taking still photos of films made here in Oregon. Yeah, it would be a whole lot cooler if they made better movies here. It's still a rad job, though, so check out a couple dozen of his between-scene shots from Loser's Lounge, The Dust Factory, and What the Bleep Do We Know. Night Light Lounge, 2100 SE Clinton, through Jan 1

Open House
In honor of all that is good, just, and original about this world, I issue a moratorium. For at least a four-year period, after which there will be a reevaluation process, photographers are herby forbidden to make boring, unoriginal photographs of empty rooms. This trend has become the laziest, least thoughtful visual tic to hit the photography world in years. I know that the genre has a grand tradition, but a rough calculation reveals that if you laid all the photographs of boring, empty rooms made in the past 10 years end to end, you could reach the moon and back 42 times. For the love of Christ, quit being so lazy and discover some new things to shoot! (In related news, be sure to check out Susan Dobson's large-scale photographs of residential interiors at Blue Sky this month.) Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210, through Dec 31