Keep Trying
Ryan Jacob Smith is certainly one of the city's underrated artists, but this could change with Keep Trying. He manages to approximate whimsy without veering into the insulin waters of cutesiness, and relies on a hint of nostalgia, but sidesteps sentimental idealization. What a stud. Motel, NW Couch between 5 & 6, through July 29

Portrait Show
The portraits in Hall Gallery's Portrait Show by more than 30 artists are scarcely interested in revealing vulnerable humanity. Instead, many of the artists choose to revel in enigma. Curator Levi Hanes' loose definition of what constitutes a portrait makes for a diverse and surprising show. JM Hall Gallery, 630 SE 3rd, through July 27

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The Lineage of Harmonic Sensations
The new-ish Portland Art Center now sports an entire gallery devoted to sound installations; Adam Bailey's piece this month promises to "be both anatomical and esoteric in its similarity to the inside of consciousness." Rock the hell on, then. Portland Art Center, 32 NW 5th, 239-5481, through July 29

John Brodie
In all of his downtime between his duties as owner of the awesome creperie, Le Happy, and managing Pink Martini and 3 Leg Torso, super nice guy/cultural ambassador John Brodie makes the time to create artwork that's surprisingly good. His new show features a handful of paintings, sculptures, and four 32-page books that combine fantastic collage with AbEx-y painting. Christ, John. What do you do to relax, train for triathlons? Glenn & Viola Cultural Center for the Arts, 527 E Main, Hillsboro, through Aug 25

SLAY Film Fest
In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 & 10/30