Please note that the sites mentioned here are not meant to create intellectual fervor. They are one-hit wonders that simply activate the five-year-old boy in all of us. Also, be warned that if one cannot distinguish between reality and animation, avoid these sites and seek counseling.

Joecartoon.com is a flash animation site exploring a backwoods blend of beer chuggin' hicks and the destruction of animals. The "Joesterizer 10 Speed Frog Blender 2000" allows the viewer to taunt--and then destroy--a southern frog. Each button on the blender escalates the torture, till eventually, well, you can guess what may happen. In a similarly sadist fashion, the Micro-Gerbil 2001 creates the opportunity for more interactive cruelty. Each button on the microwave sends the furry pet into increased stages of meltdown. But don't worry, in the end the gerbil survives as a glob of DNA.

Searching further into the WEB of sick animation, zapcartoons.com lists a range of sites that may either tickle or disgust the browser.

CircusX.com offers quick and sick toons starring pathetic-yet-entertaining characters. The Mercury favorite is "Nanna Hooter." In this animation, a robust woman instructs her audience on maintaining the firmness of one's breasts, through a range of impossible exercises. At the end of Nanna Hooter's program, the hefty lady reveals a lil' surprise. Wait and see!