Various Artists
L&B Viewing Room, 241-4144
Through Sept 1

In the invitational exhibition at L&B Viewing Room entitled (w)hole, various mediums are utilized to translate the ultra-vague theme of hole (orifice, void, circular forms, etc). The result is a room full of disparate elements, most of which fall into mediocrity. However, there are a few works that rise to the surface. "Sometimes A Mere Hollow" by Suzy Root is a small dress skillfully constructed from resins which stands on top of a small pile of dirt. The delicacy and hue of the resin causes the object to take on a delicate, ethereal quality.

Brian Borello's "Flame Drawing" has an unmistakable graphic presence in the show. Through a mysterious, smoke-involved process, carbon soot forms sinewy, black forms on paper. Borrello leaves a circular area of the surface unmarred; the startling white area draws the viewer in for a consideration of the metaphysical.

Emily Ginsburg's "Gemominoes" are variations on the themes of dominoes. Each of Ginsburg's dominoes involve two interesting elements. The surface is embossed with silvery DNA codings and circular color images replace the usual white dots of the domino. The images and DNA markings collaborate to describe individuals, who are placed next to each other in a domino configuration.