[Wow. The Mercury wrote A LOT of stuff in 2018, and here's a post that we think is worth remembering from March 7, 2018.—eds]

Last Friday I wrote an article about flags across the nation being lowered to half-staff for Billy Graham, and how I wasn't a huge fan of the President's order, because Graham was a homophobe and bigot. If you'd like to know more, read my article here or consult your local library—there's a lot of proof out there to back up my assertion. Anyway, that was my opinion! And I got a LOT of opinions in return. We printed a few of my detractor's responses in this week's letters to the editor section, but there was not nearly enough room for all of them—so here ya go: The BEST of the responses I received from my "Billy Graham was a homophobe and a bigot" (which he was) article. ENJOY! (Spelling, grammar, and syntax remain just as I received them.)

How in the world can you call Billy Graham and homophobe and biggot. He was a Godly man and the main question here is. Are you. Obviously not. I think you have some serious issues.
Clint Morris

Would I be remiss if I deduced that, besides being a liberal snowflake, you are also queer?
Gary Darby

I'm pretty sure this is about me... but who knows.

Hello. You guys are idiots!
Collette Meyers

I'm offended by your article about President Trump and Billy Graham. You need to remove it. You have have hurt my feelings.
Keith D

So are you saying you have a problem with Christianity? It's okay. God has a problem with all of us until we accept His Son as our Savior.
Larry Beauchamp

One day you’ll answer to God for the hateful things you say. Your ignorance is showing. Thankfully God Loves you in spite of it. I however do not have that much grace. You sir are disrespectful and a disappointment to all that is good in America.

Hello, I just have to say that you are really disrespectful to the president of the United States of America, who won the election fare and square, by saying the following:

"Today President Trump—who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes, and has the lowest approval rating of any president in the history of modern polling—declared that flags will be flown at half-staff today at all public buildings (including those in Oregon) in honor of Rev. Billy Graham."

And I am sure there is more disrespect in other articles. I also have a fun fact: Did you know that president Obama took the more vacations than any other president( and golfed, which is my favorite sport so I don’t have a problem with it, on every one).

From Kenneth Waller with the subject line, "Billy Graham and your queers" (??):

Steve, steve, steve:
If you don't believe in the bible as a supernatural set of instructions based upon the creator's words, or you think that it is just some obsolete plans for how to live a correct and good life in pre-history terms, or it is just some ancient philosophical scribblings and ramblings, or something else entirely: you need to consider what a homosexual is and why one is a homosexual before you go about criticizing others belief's and the today's reality based upon your perverted parochial opinion.

A homosexual is a person who is an aberration...

NOPE! Cutting you off right there, dipshit!

And finally...

Fuck Billy Graham, Hail Satan.