There are a lot of weird, bizarre, and occasionally thoughtful anonymous submissions on the I, Anonymous Blog... but it's rare when you get one like this entry which is a real roller coaster ride. Check out this submission called, "I Stalked You for Years."

You stole a check from our mailbox, washed it, filled it out for $2k and signed your full name before you unsuccessfully tried to cash it. It took me seconds to find you online. I found your girlfriend, your family history, and the story of your brother’s suicide. In a fit of rage I opened a social media account in your brother’s name and I stalked you. My intention was to fuck with you and your sense of safety, just as you’d done to me. When you sent me a message asking “Is it really you?” thinking I was your brother contacting you from the afterlife, I recoiled in horror. And shrunk with guilt.....

But that's not where it ends! READ THE REST OF THIS HARROWING I, ANONYMOUS HERE, and while you're there, be sure to submit your confessions and rants in the I, Anonymous Blog—where we just can't look away!

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