Language is an ever-evolving art form... and yet? Some words are just insanely annoying! For example, check out this righteous submission from I, Anonymous titled, "Stop Saying Kiddo for the Love of Goddo."

There you are, a grown adult articulating a grown adult sentence about picking up your kids from school. But then something happens. Instead of saying regular words, you decide to say words that make you sound as if someone replaced your brain with drool. 

"Hey, sorry I’m running late for our get-together! I stopped by the school to pick up my kiddo, and he was playing with someone’s doggo, so it took longer than I thought! Ha ha ha, so cute... Ha ha ha.” 

 I know language changes, and I know there’s no use fighting it. But what the fuck is going on?

Let's find out what the fuck is going on by reading the rest of this submission here! And while you're there, if you have your own rant or confession you want to get off your chest, drop it off anonymously in I, Anonymous... KIDDO.