Marlowe Dobbe

Dear Teachers at Andrew Jackson High,

Welcome back to school! We’re hoping the 2018-2019 school year will be our best yet. Here’s some info you may need to start the year off on the right foot!!!

Remember your parking lot! Last year there were multiple teachers who parked in Lot D. Remember that teachers are only to park in Lot F! I know it’s farther from the school, but we can all use the exercise! (I’m looking at you, Coach Parsons!) =)

School spirit is contagious! We are all Jackson Eagles, and if you proudly wear your feathers every day, so will your students! Go Eagles! CAW CAW!!!

Our glock operator course on the soccer field has been moved to WEDNESDAY. Please bring your pistol, 1,000 rounds of standard ammunition, 10 dummy rounds, eye protection, duty holster (concealed), and your EAGLE SPIRIT CAW CAW!! There will be NO RELOADS and Carson Denfield’s mom has graciously agreed to bring orange slices.

Please use the plastic cover when you microwave soup in the lounge. This is self-explanatory.

If a student gets out of hand, please do not shoot them. We know there are times you may feel threatened, especially when students make sudden moves or seem “urban.” This is understandable, but remember that the only time you’re authorized to shoot a student is if they have a gun. Do not shoot if the student will not put their cell phone away, chit-chats during your lessons (I know you work hard on those!), or is just “mouthing off.” Our motto this year is “Give a hoot! Don’t shoot! (Unless you’re shot at.)”

Stress relief kits! Dr. Stoneridge, our new Student Mental Health Counselor (Hey Carol! WELCOME!!), has provided these to every single incoming teacher! In them, you’ll find a lavender candle, a fidget spinner (don’t let your students get their hands on these—OR YOUR GUN LOL!), a coupon for a massage at Pure Harmony Spa and, of course, CHOCOLATE! (Where’s my kit, Carol? JK LOL!) Carol says, “No matter what happens this year, just remember to de-stress whenever possible. Consider meditation, or a hot bath every morning or... whatever it takes to just, for the love of god, remain calm.” Thanks for the tips, Carol!

Implicit bias awareness training: This is another Dr. Stoneridge thing... check with her on times, and sign up if you think you need it.

Standoff tips! Remember that if you get into a standoff, use lateral moves to keep your attacker on his toes until you can get to cover. Also try to keep collateral damage to a minimum, and drop your weapon before the attacker does when the police arrive so you won’t get shot! This seems like common sense, but obviously Mr. Barrett didn’t consider it last semester. (Sorry, Carl—I had to say it! Hope your leg’s healing nicely.)

That’s it for now! Remember that parent-teacher conferences are next Thursday after reload drills. And, of course, GO EAGLES!!

Caw caw,
Principal Drew