Why We March


Those women, historically marginalized groups like Mexicans, sexual assault victims, blacks, and LGBTQs are your countrymen. It's ignorance like this riles up comparisons between Trump and villainous dictators. And all of the refusals to be silenced, organized marches, and peaceful defiance will remind those that have the power to make a difference that the majority will not tolerate a womanizing, irrational, racist human to lead this country.

It has worked in this country's past; it will continue to be a valuable tool long into the future.

The inconvenience of blocking traffic on the streets is paltry compared to the planned devastation Trump campaigned on.
Dear person who reads the mercury and choose to report me to my work for my comments. Thank you for proving my point this whole protest is a joke, and the fact that the mercury supports telling people to go on a busy highway and protest just further proof of their social irresponsibility.

You think all those rational folks on the right are all about talking through the issues? You're out to lunch my man.
^ Way to make the typical righty nonsensical leap pal. No rational individual agrees with that BS downtown. What's your point chief?
BTW, what in the hell is intellectual humility? It's easy for the left to admit they're not all that much smarter than the right. However, it would be intellectually dishonest for the left to cede intellectual superiority to the right. The right is traditionally anti-intellectual. Look at who you jackasses just elected. Jesus, you're dense.
Stephen Humphrey - So many more issues than just the economy: immigration reform, affordable healthcare, corruption, Wall St's influence, lobbying, endless overseas wars, political marginalization, religious values. To reduce it to just race is to grossly oversimplify the election. There are many people - even from the Left - that were willing to overlook Trump's offensive remarks to try to achieve some real change. Whether that will be accomplished remains to be seen.

PS. Portland is one of the whitest, most segregated cities I've ever lived in. Pretty ironic.
Why We March: I'll take Incoherent Anger for a thousand, Alex. It's fine to vent anger and frustration at a bloated orange pustule being elected to oversee our national government, but get over it. Support the vulnerable. Swear off $12 cocktails and $5 coffees and put that money away to give to the Virginia Garcia Foundation, the ACLU, local Planned Parenthood-wherever you see a need. Don't expect political parties or the political system to work for you or those you care about. Volunteer wherever you think it will matter most, and build skills to transform yourself into a professional advocate in law, medicine, social services, fund raising, community development.

The very, very rich will always have the whip hand in this country. It's as American as Apple Bees. Get used to it, and work for change wherever you think you can make the biggest impact.