Those pictures of just your feet don't give this any justice. I think we need to see a full length shot to get the real idea.
Why do they have the pads on the tops of the toes?
This was so delightful mainly because you sound like an awful pretentious person
This was awesome, thanks!
Steve, shame on you. And how will you top this next year? One suggestion:…
Seriously, though, three days was far too much. You shouldn't have agreed to it.
Such an awful vapid pretentious person.
They are great for the river. I swear
Spending three days hanging out with a fashion-related event consultant, art director-types who hob-nob with Pink Martini, and Swedish industrial designers sounds like the worst part of this Worst. Night. Ever. Those shoes (?) are indeed ugly, but they come off as secondary compared to those other horrors.
Whoops! I'm literally wearing Vibrams right now. They're kind of the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, plus I feel like a billy goat trouncing around with all the added grip!!! To be fair, I own a paleo restaurant in town and literally 80% of my employees and probably 10% of our customers wear these on the reg. So if you are looking for a new owner, I could find someone. I'm a size 40. K thanks! :)
You make those shoes look good.
Super funny. I would have felt JUST like you wearing those awful shoes, but I would have been too ashamed to admit it. Good for you!

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