In a lot of respects the Web is an overstuffed version of the yellow pages. Sifting through all the advertised crap and half-assed news clips is no small feat. Yet hidden amongst all the catchphrases and sensationalism are a few gems worthy of noting.

The creation of the Web not only afforded hyper-communication, but within this structure individuals have taken the opportunity to create unique places for themselves in the virtual world. What is most impressive is the range of viewing experiences, some simple and light-hearted, others clever, intricate and so so so serious.

The following is a short list of some sites I've come across in the attempt to become Web-literate.

Before perusing this site, get yourself plugged in and download the necessary players. is a well-conceived world of animation, headlined by the series "Bubblesoap." This 'toon follows the wonderings of the lovable Hunni, Funni, and MoMoney, three monkey-like animations. Each has an adventure in store for us as we click away into the wee hours of the morning. Be aware, this site will suck you in and leave you there until someone taps you on the shoulder.

By all standards, this site is a classic. Based on the fervent exploration of the adored hairdo, this site is simultaneous praise and critique of those who wear the mighty "beaverpaddle." The site includes a "random mullet archive," showcasing 100+ variations on the theme; candid shots of the mullet brotherhood (oh yes, and sisterhood). The creators of Mulletsgalore also include some vocabulary lists and rating information to help the viewer explore the world of "hockey hair." Of special note is the "Mullet of the Week," updated every Friday.

This lovely site marries vanity with voyeurism. The gist: anyone can submit a photograph of themselves and enter a pool of images cast to the Web audience. Viewers then have the opportunity to rate each hottie or non-hottie using a 1-10 scale. A warning: Before you send off your pretty lil' face, know that these viewers can be cruel, cruel, cruel. It is not uncommon for someone to receive a unanimous vote of one!!