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Hear In Portland

Zyah Belle's Full Length Record Yam Grier Has Arrived

Pop Quiz PDX

Hilarious, Smarty-Pants Trivia about Portland Tycoons, Killer Robots, and Why Autumn SUCKS

Savage Love

Fair Shares

The Trash Report

Adam Levine Must See the Booty, Bill Maher Must Be Mad At Children, and Betty White Must Have Been a Miner

Downtown Portland Could Get a Comics Museum

Pacific Northwest comics world professionals want to create a Northwest Museum of Cartoon Arts.

Brown Calculus' André Burgos Boldly Solos Into Space

His new album as Brown Calvin has a cosmic concept.

News Sep 21 8:00 AM

A Tenant Enrolled in a City Affordable Housing Program Just Received a 50 Percent Rent Increase. How is That Possible?

In a city that touts its numerous renter protections, vulnerable renters are still able to fall through the cracks.

News Sep 21 4:14 PM

Candidate Rene Gonzalez Faces Historic Fine for Violating Election Law

Discounted rent could cost the city council hopeful $77,140 in total.

Movies & TV Wed 12:00 PM

Film Review: Vesper Is Superb Science Fiction

The makers of Vanishing Waves return with another beautifully bleak masterpiece.

Aug 24 1:05 PM

A Note from the Editor: Here's a Tip!

Editor-in-Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey on the two types of tips the Mercury reaaaaally likes.

News Sep 7 8:00 AM

Why Are Portland's Leaders Opposing Proposed Charter Reforms?

Hint: It might be because the reforms dilute their power.

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 12 8:10 AM

Fall Arts 2022: The Portland Mercury Reintroduces Portland's Art Scene

Portland's art scene is back, and here's how it's going to blow your mind this fall.