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SAVAGE LOVE: Mommy Issues

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THE TRASH REPORT: Where In the Sewer Is Rudy Giuliani? Plus: Bloody Royals and Dating While Hot

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POP QUIZ PDX: Sassy Ass Trivia About Volcanoes, Jill Biden, and Your Newest Corporate Sponsor!

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Mercury Music Picks: Seattle Hardcore Band Blood Brothers Reunite for US Tour

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What Multnomah County Voters Could Learn From Others Who Ousted Progressive DAs

Voters’ fears over crime and safety often fuel election outcomes. Evidence shows prosecutors have little impact on crime rates.

Portland Transportation and Climate Groups Sue Over I-5 Expansion Plan

The five plaintiffs say the Oregon Department of Transportation's I-5 Rose Quarter project goes against city and regional climate plans. They also say it’s a bad way to spend $1.9 billion.

Music May 15 11:34 AM

Laughing Matter

An Interview with the Most Fascinating Man in New York—and His Puppet Frog Dr. Love—Ahead of His Show in Portland.

News Apr 4 8:00 AM

Mayor Wheeler’s Office Pledges to Support, Sustain Portland Street Response

Former city commissioner and program founder chastises “poor leadership” for the popular emergency response team’s lack of growth.

News May 2 6:42 PM

Police Arrest 30 During Portland State University Library Raid and Ongoing Protest

As cops swarm the urban campus to disband a days-long occupation, teachers denounce police response to campus protests across Oregon.

News May 8 11:15 AM

Industrial Northwest Redevelopment Plan Includes Streetcar Extension and Housing

The Montgomery Park Area draft plan envisions a new neighborhood in an underutilized part of the city.

News May 9 8:49 AM

Portland Approves New Public Camping Ordinance, After Facing Legal Pressure

The new rules no longer restrict camping hours, but still include fines and jail for non-compliance if a person refuses available shelter.

Drugs May 6 11:43 AM

Measure 110 Was Short-Lived in Oregon, but Its Legacy Could Live on Elsewhere

Oregon has long been on the cutting edge of drug policy, but the latest effort fell victim to state-level stumbles and misinformation.

Music May 9 2:28 PM

Spend the Night Celebrates Nine Years of Electronic Dance Music Parties

Todd Edwards and Conducta headline the anniversary at Holocene, which also features STN resident DJs tag-teaming the warm up set.

News Apr 12 2:03 PM

Public Pleas to Save Portland Street Response Dominate City Budget Session

As Portland prepares to slash bureau budgets ahead of 2024-25 fiscal year, residents make their case for investments in alternative response programs and gun violence reduction.

News Apr 19 5:30 PM

Commissioners Introduce Dueling Homeless Ordinances; Experts Say None Get to the Root of the Problem

Mayoral candidates Gonzalez, Mapps, and Rubio have unveiled starkly different ordinances for regulating camping in Portland, as the city tries to fix legal issues with its prior rules.

News Mar 20 12:21 PM

Portland Police Will Get Premium Pay for Joining New Crowd Control Team

Amid lingering criticisms and lawsuits stemming from the 2020 protests, the city approved a 6 percent pay bump for new public order team officers.

News Mar 29 2:30 PM

Portland’s Government Transition Team Wants Your Input on Future Council Operations

Charter reform will usher in a wave of new processes and transform how City Council conducts business.

Music May 13 3:00 PM

Popular Music From Parenthetical Girls

Zac Pennington and Prudence Rees-Lee's album Minor Works includes a 17-piece Russian chamber orchestra that was recorded via Zoom.

News May 8 7:40 AM

Dark Money Casts a Shadow on Maxine Dexter’s Campaign

In one of Oregon’s most progressive congressional districts, anonymous super PAC money and tensions over Israel’s war in Gaza have taken the spotlight.

News Apr 9 8:30 AM

Frustrated with Biden’s Stance on Gaza, Activists Want Voters to Write “Uncommitted” on Their Ballots

Oregon Democrats are encouraged to cast protest votes in the May primary election. State officials say it may not work as intended.

Movies & TV May 3 5:00 PM

New Life Is a Scrappy Portland-Shot Sci-Fi Horror That Tears Through the Soul

John Rosman’s fantastic feature debut marks him as an exciting new filmmaker.

News Apr 29 12:30 PM

Portland Freight Train Derailment Spotlights Transportation and Environmental Risks

A Union Pacific freight train derailed on the east end of Portland's Steel Bridge Monday, halting traffic for several hours. Advocates say it could've been a lot worse.

Movies & TV May 7 4:09 PM

Evil Does Not Exist Is About Glamping and Other Forces Beyond Our Control

The new film from Drive My Car director Ryūsuke Hamaguchi strays from the clean conservationist message that would typically accompany such beautiful cinema of the natural world.

News Apr 18 2:20 PM

Despite Record-High Traffic Crash Deaths, PBOT Leaders Say Vision Zero Is Working

Advocates who have been tracking the city’s response to traffic fatalities aren’t so sure.

News Apr 19 2:23 PM

With Scant Evidence, City Commissioners Point to Fentanyl as Potential Contributor to Rise in Deadly Crashes

Transportation advocates say putting the blame on victims is a distraction from the real causes of traffic deaths.

News May 10 1:35 PM

Portland Japanese Garden Employees Announce Union

After employees revealed glaring pay disparity and racially insensitive behavior, they hope union representation will alleviate workplace concerns.

News Mar 28 10:37 AM

Within Three Years, Five Portland Officers Shot Eight People

Watchdogs, legal groups say repeated deadly force incidents are alarming. Portland Police Bureau says it’s a byproduct of high-risk job assignments.

News Apr 25 4:15 PM

What Would You Do With $15 Million of City Money? Petition Would Give Portlanders a Say

If a participatory budgeting campaign gets off the ground, residents would be able to spend 2 percent—about $15 million—of the city’s budget each year on community projects.

News Apr 25 11:24 AM

City Council Formulates New Public Camping Rules For the Unhoused; Gonzalez’s Plan Rejected

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s idea to hand policy control to the mayor and fine houseless people up to $1K was shot down in a 3-2 vote.