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The Mercury 2024 Sex Survey Results!

Calling all sexy people! 🙋🏻 It's time for the Mercury's annual SEX SURVEY RESULTS in which we find out who you've been doing "it" with in 2023 and how! (And trust us... what we've learned will make you work up a sweat!) 🍆🍒 🍑😅

Greg Stump

Parkrose High School Students Speak Out Against Planned Freight Development

Outer Northeast Portland neighborhoods experience some of the worst air quality in the city— and a planned diesel freight warehouse project could make it worse. Last week, students at Parkrose High School made their opposition to the project known.

Taylor Griggs

Film Review: Hold Your Water, Dune: Part Two Is Worth the Wait

If you have somehow avoided the plot of Frank Herbert’s "Dune," this review contains some mentions of pseudo-spiritual space nuns, people with computer brains, weirdly mature toddlers, and SO MANY really big spaceships.

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EverOut Yesterday 8:42 AM

Where to Find Tea in Portland

Boba, Loose-Leaf, and More

Whether it's a steaming mug of Earl Grey or a refreshing boba beverage, tea serves as a panacea for seemingly any problem. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, we've compiled this list of some of our favorite destinations in town to grab some tea, from distinguished loose-leaf blends to sugary iced concoctions. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Boba Milk
Boba Milk sets itself apart from the rest of the bubble tea pack with its cold-brewed teas, made without artificial flavors or powders. Flavors include classic Ceylon black tea, jasmine, Vietnamese coffee, matcha, cacao, and chai, and there's chrysanthemum milk tea and golden milk tea for those abstaining from caffeine.

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News Fri 6:20 PM

Multnomah County Commissioners Poised to Vote on Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution

The resolution, introduced by Commissioner Lori Stegmann, has been in the works for the last month. But pro-Palestine organizers are disappointed by what they see as a watered-down statement.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners will discuss a resolution calling for a cease-fire in the war in Gaza at the county’s next board meeting Thursday, March 7. 

The resolution, initiated by Commissioner Lori Stegmann, comes amid mounting pressure for national and local elected officials to denounce the war that has resulted in the deaths of more than 30,000 people in Gaza. 

The resolution calls for an “immediate, negotiated cease-fire,” and states “in alignment with other localities across the United States, we recognize the local impact of global events on our communities.” 

But the statement isn’t as firm in its support for Palestine as some people hoped, leaving out some key points cease-fire advocates had asked Stegmann to include and believed would be in the resolution presented to the rest of the commission. Pro-Palestine organizers say they’re disappointed by the resolution, which has been significantly edited from its original version in order to court unanimous board approval, but they recognize that getting unanimous approval on their preferred verbiage was likely a long shot.  Still, they’d like to see changes before the resolution is adopted. 

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Just when it seemed like winter would never end, March is swooping in with cherry blossoms and Daylight Saving Time. Whether you want to make up for all the time you've spent huddled under a blanket by spending time outdoors or you want to celebrate all the holidays this month brings (including Women's History Month, St. Patrick's Day, and Holi), your options are plentiful. Below, we've compiled the biggest comedy shows, concerts, food events, and other great things to do, from Bad Bunny to Ian Karmel and from the Irish Festival to the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship.


Tim Fest '24 - Tim Heidecker and the Very Good Band / Office Hours & On Cinema Live!
Tim Heidecker, the legendary weirdo behind Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and On Cinema at the Cinema, is nothing if not polarizing—Vice describes his work as "failure-centric"—but if you "get" him, you're probably a huge fan. Heidecker will blend his distinctive brand of absurdist meta-humor with original music (yes, he makes music) for this extra-special, two-day "Tim Fest," where he'll be joined by fellow freak Neil Hamburger. Segments include Office Hours, in which Tim will take calls from around the world, and On Cinema Live, in which Tim and film expert Gregg Turkington will discuss the greatest movies of all time. LINDSAY COSTELLO
Aladdin Theater, Brooklyn (Mar 16–17)

Ian Karmel
To know Ian Karmel is to love him: The former Mercury columnist, beloved Beavertonian, Emmy Award-winning comic, and onetime co-head writer for The Late Late Show with James Corden writer (he's fancy these days) played a key role in our humble city's comedy renaissance. He'll drop by his old stomping grounds with more of the lighthearted comedy that's earned him a loyal fanbase 'round these parts. LINDSAY COSTELLO
Revolution Hall, Buckman (Sat Mar 23)

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Welcome to March! We're forging ahead into a fresh month with the arrival of Grey Horse Saloon, where chef Sage Houser is serving gussied-up franks from his pop-up Third Coast Hot Dogs. Plus, Ice Queen puts a vegan spin on the Shamrock Shake, and natural wine abounds at The Wild Bunch this weekend. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Grey Horse Saloon
Chef Sage Houser, who's worked at Gumba, Pizza Jerk, and Matt's BBQ, recently debuted this pop-up incubator inside Legion Motorcycle Company. The space will transform into a saloon, but in the meantime, it'll host three pop-ups: Houser's own concept Third Coast Hot Dogs, in addition to the Italian pizza pop-up Picco Pizza and the sushi pop-up Sushi Closet.

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EverOut Fri 10:00 AM

The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Portland This Weekend: Mar 1–3, 2024

CSA Share Fair, Nuestra Arte Art Crawl, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

You can hit any of the happenings we've listed in this weekend guide without your wallet taking a big hit. Fill your free time with events from a CSA Share Fair to Portland's Shortest Parade and Mills Ends Beer Release Party and from Nuestra Arte: Art Crawl to the Portland Chinatown Museum's 10th Anniversary Party. For more ideas, check out our guide to this week's top events.



Portland's Shortest Parade and Mills Ends Beer Release Party
This is what they're talking about when they say "keep Portland weird": Local celebrity/bagpiper/Darth Vader-helmeted unicyclist the Unipiper will lead a procession from Mill Ends Park, known for being the world's smallest park, to Paddy’s Bar and Grill, a mere 400 feet away. There, you'll be able to sample Gigantic Brewing's new Mills End Red (an Irish red beer) and win free swag and raffle prizes. JULIANNE BELL
(Paddy's Bar & Grill, Southwest Portland)

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Good Morning, Portland! Thank god that leap day witchcraft is over. Let's get into the news.

• Oregon's Senate could take up HB 4002—a state bill that would, among other things and as an attempt to augment Measure 110, make possession of small amounts of drugs a crime in Oregon again—as soon as today. The House passed the bill Thursday by a wide margin, and it is expected to fly through the Senate with similar speed and onto Gov. Tina Kotek's desk.

The Oregonian reports the first major act of Gov. Kotek's Central City Task Force 90-day emergency plan—which seeks to address obvious fentanyl use in the city's downtown core—is a 30-day exemption on Oregon's bottle recycling requirements for two downtown Portland retailers. The monthlong exemption will allow the Safeway on SW10th and the Plaid Pantry a block away, on SW 11th, to temporarily not redeem bottles and cans for ten cents apiece, as part of the state's recycling program. Though it worth noting that requirement already allowed the stores to only redeem between 25-50 items per person, per day. So... the first major act of Gov. Kotek's Central City Task Force 90-day emergency plan is to see to it that people can't redeem cans for at most $5 a day at two locations downtown. Cool.

• On February 27, Portlanders gathered to mourn the death of Nex Benedict, a non-binary youth from Owasso, Oklahoma who died on February 8, the day after being assaulted by classmates at their high school. Earlier that day, City of Owasso police had walked back an initial statement that Benedict didn't die as a result of trauma, telling NBC News the medical examiner's office hadn't ruled out the fight as a possible cause or contributor in the youth's death. Basic Rights Oregon recently released a guide for Oregonians to find resources and honor Benedict in the wake of the teen's death.

• Damian Lillard told Sports Illustrated that he misses Portland.

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EverOut Thu 2:52 PM

Ticket Alert: 21 Savage, Kings of Leon, and More Portland Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, Jelly Roll and More Event Updates for February 29

21 Savage (*whispers* 21, 21) released his third album, American Dream, at the beginning of the year and will hit the road this spring to pursue it. Family band Kings of Leon is asking the important questions, like “Can we please have fun?” Plus, I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly Roll—the rapper-turned-country singer is rolling up to Portland this September. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



21 Savage: American Dream Tour
RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater (Sun May 5)

Allie X
Polaris Hall (Tues June 18)

Archspire - Everything's F#*!@D Tour
Hawthorne Theatre (Fri June 28)

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News Thu 2:11 PM

Portlanders Gather for Community Vigil After Death of Nex Benedict

Non-binary teen’s death in Oklahoma sparked questions about school bullying, while shining a light on the needs of LGBTQ+ youth

Over 150 Portlanders gathered for a vigil Tuesday evening at Pioneer Courthouse Square to mourn the death of Nex Benedict, a non-binary youth from Owasso, Oklahoma who died the day after being assaulted by classmates at their high school. 

Police originally said a preliminary autopsy indicated Benedict “did not die as a result of trauma,” but a fight shortly before Benedict’s death sparked skepticism of this conclusion. On February 27, Owasso police clarified the fight was not ruled out by the medical examiner’s office as a contributing factor in Benedict’s death.

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Valentines 2024 Thu 12:14 PM

The Mercury 2024 Sex Survey Results!

In which we find out HOW Portland does it, WHO they're doing it with, and WHAT items they're using while doing it!

First things first, PORTLANDERS ARE THE SEXIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. And we prove it every damn year with the Mercury's annual SEX SURVEY, in which we ask you (the sexy person I mentioned earlier) how you do it, where you do it, and who you're doing it to! (In addition to the toys you're using during this entire process.)

Before we get down to spilling all of Portland's dirtiest secrets, here are some things you should know: A whopping 1,477 people filled out this year's survey—which is THREE TIMES MORE than the number of people surveyed in those bullshit Portland-hating polls put out by the city's business alliance and those shitheads in People for Portland. (Two organizations who never get any sex, by the way, and for very good reason.) ANYWAY. What follows are the highlights (according to me) from this year's Mercury sex survey, but if you're one of those data-driven people who are hot to know EVERYTHING, then you can read all the results and percentages of our survey right here!

Okay, prepare to be shocked, scandalized, and impossibly horny... because HERE. WE. GO.


As usual, the majority of our survey-takers are straight folks (48%), with those who identify as bisexual coming in second at 18%, queers taking third place with 11%, and gay folk/pansexuals more or less tying at 8%. And whoa... shout out to our lesbian readers who really showed up this year, clocking in at a whopping 3% as opposed to last year when only a scant 2% filled out our survey! (Apparently we're making some serious inroads with the lesbian community!)

Horny cis dudes made up the majority of our survey-takers (45%), followed by sexy cis ladies (37%), and fun-lovin' non-binary folks (8%)—who also made a stronger showing this year. (Note: As we know, gender—as well as horniness—exists on a spectrum.) Oh, and speaking of spectrums, the majority of you are unsurprisingly Democrats (46%), followed by Socialists (21%), Independents (13%), Anarchists (7%), and waaaaaay down at the bottom are the Republicans (3%) who, as you know, are not allowed to think about or have sex and are therefore violating the terms of their sexless contracts by even taking this survey.

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Good morning, and happy leap day! Happy anniversary to my mom and stepfather, who married on this freak calendar day 20 years ago. For their last anniversary celebration four years ago, they went on a cruise around Italy. In March 2020. You can imagine how well that worked out! Thankfully, they made it home safely, but learned no lessons about unnecessary exposure to contagions, and still go on cruises despite my brother and I yelling loudly at them. Give me an "okay boomer!" if you are also a stressed out millennial trying to parent a stubborn 70-year-old! 

Anyway, enough getting mad at our parents. Time to get mad at the world!


  • A win for journalism? In this economy? It's true! A federal judge ruled in favor of The Oregonian in their case against Nike, which is actually super interesting: a lawyer for Nike accidentally shared documents regarding alleged sexual discrimination with an Oregonian reporter. Nike then tried a take-backsies, which the paper denied, and now a judge is on the side of the First Amendment. Whatever was in the documents hasn't yet been made public but I have a hunch they will be juicy. Continue reading »
Hear In Portland Wed 2:20 PM

Hear in Portland: Rappers Fountaine and Silv Punch Out Bangers on Bare Knuckles Collab

Where to catch the next single and DJ set from Zyah Belle; Khruangbin plays two epic live shows this summer.

Is release season here already?! This week, there are at least two must-listen new releases from Portland-relevant artists, including a single from singer-songwriter and DJ Zyah Belle and a joint EP from rappers Fountaine and Silv. Also get into an upcoming show featuring Portland band Night Heron, and looking farther ahead to summer, get excited about back-to-back shows from Khruangbin at the Edgefield. 


Upcoming local event(s) featuring local artist(s).

Night Heron

In this column, we’re historically fans of Portland band Night Heron’s soft warm tones and laid back grooves, like the psychedelic, R&B-informed synth pop on their 2021 full-length Instructions for the Night; the album provides an excellent late night playlist, or the right sounds for studying, reading, or driving. Hell, at times it’s soothing enough to fall asleep to. Next week the band will headline a show at Lollipop Shoppe, the former home of Dig A Pony that’s been maintaining the venue's spirit of offering a consistent, hyper-local music calendar. It’ll be worth leaving your house a little early to catch Seattle rock band Smokey Brights and Portland-based musician/television sound mixer Nate Wey, with his band the Soft Colors as they round out the bill. (Lollipop Shoppe, 736 SE Grand, Thurs March 7, $14, tickets here, 21+)


New release(s) from a Portland-relevant artist. 

“You Got It,” Zyah Belle, Rexx Life Raj

We recently celebrated the fact that Portland-based soul artist Zyah Belle has taken on DJing, garnering a residency at Dirty Pretty on Thursday nights at a time when Portland is in desperate need of more Thursday action, especially in light of the hip-hop showcase The Thesis’ recent pause as the series looks for a new, more hospitable venue. So of course we were overjoyed to hear soul singer-songwriter Zyah Belle’s new single “You Got It,” marking her first release since her 2022 full-length Yam Grier. With sentimental, mid-tempo production by Madness, Aaron Day, and Jake Victor, the single centers on a empowerment and self confidence thorough lyrics like: “I think you should look inside and see the light you’re hiding/ The things that you try to find and then they shine like diamonds/ just take a moment and see what we see right inside you." Perhaps the sweetest part of the single is the song’s slowed and stripped down final minute, when Belle sweetly, and reassuringly sings some ecstatic “ooohs,” followed by the final lyrics: “Even when it don’t feel like it / Even when it don’t look like it (you do).” Phrases like "doing the work" to "heal" and "practice empathetic self talk" can feel overdone, but such a practice is still real and difficult; “You Got It” is boldly affirming, loaded with positive mantras, and beautifully packed into a euphonic and catchy package that is repeatable as hell. Show up for Belle on the last day of Black History Month, AKA leap day, for the artist's “Interlude” DJ set , and cross your fingers to hear some iteration of this song. (Dirty Pretty, 638 E Burnside, Thursdays, 9 pm, FREE with RSVP, 21+)

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News Wed 1:15 PM

Update: Multnomah County Animal Services Clarifies its Euthanasia Practices Following Policy Changes and Questions

Amid long-standing capacity limitations and a lengthy list of audit recommendations, some say the county's animal shelter problems reflect broader government dysfunction.

Update: February 29: This story has been updated to include input from the county about its euthanasia practices.

Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) continues to face questions about its direction after removing language that animals would not be euthanized due to a lack of shelter space from its euthanasia policy.

“It’s been dysfunctional for a long time, but it has been accelerating over the past few years—and it’s reached the bottom of the pit right now,” Jon Gramstad, a local business owner and longtime critic of MCAS, said. 

The questions from activists like Gramstad come as MCAS works to implement a host of changes to its operations following a comprehensive review ordered by Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson last year. 

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The Mercury provides news and fun every single day—but your help is essential. If you believe Portland benefits from smart, local journalism and arts coverage, please consider making a small monthly contribution, because without you, there is no us. Thanks for your support!

What's up, y'all? It's set to be a rainy and windy one in Portland here today. If you're depressed by the weather and want something to look forward to, consider buying tickets to the HUMP! film festival, which starts THIS WEEKEND.

Also, it's leap day tomorrow. What do you think of February 29? Is it a scam (an extra day of work without an extra day of pay 🙄) or a beautiful opportunity to have more time on this wonderful journey we call life? My take: If you happen to have a $50,000 Benihana gift card that expires at the end of February 2024, fear not— while you'd normally be SOL, you have another day to use it this year. It's a leap day miracle! (If you know, you know.) 

Okay, my niche leap day jokes aside, let's get to the news.

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City Council Race 2024 Feb 27 3:04 PM

Portland City Council Candidates: District 3

These candidates are running in the district located mostly in inner Southeast Portland.

Updated: February 27

This page will be updated as new candidates file for election.

Thanks to a charter reform measure passed by voters in 2022, Portland is getting a new form of government, and it will come with a brand new districting system. In November 2024, Portlanders will vote for City Council members in one of four districts across the city, with three councilors per district.

Here's who's running in District 3, which is located primarily in inner Southeast Portland but includes some Northeast neighborhoods as well. (Find the list of candidates in District 1 here, District 2 here, and District 4 here.) 

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