Directioners, are you listening? Niall Horan has revealed dates for The Show tour next summer in support of his forthcoming album. Three Days Grace, with Chevelle, will bring you back to your Hot Topic days with a stop in Portland this fall. Plus, we’ve got your early warning for Janelle Monáe tickets, which go on sale next Wednesday. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Blonde Redhead
Wonder Ballroom (Fri Oct 20)

The Common Opus
Winningstad Theatre (Sun July 30)

The Japanese House
Revolution Hall (Sat Nov 25)

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Theater & Performance Today 3:00 PM

Wildfang and Darcelle XV Showplace Will Attempt to Set a New Guinness World Record

These queens are standing up to—and raising money to fight—the Tennessee drag ban and other anti-drag bills in the US.

Darcelle XV Showplace is no stranger to world records. Opened and operated by namesake Darcelle XV—herself the oldest performing drag queen, until the passing of Walter Cole in March—the Old Town-situated theater reigns fiercely as the West Coast's longest running drag venue.

In July, it's looking to break another record. Partnering with Portland-founded, gender-infinite clothing boutique Wildfang, Poison Waters and Darcelle's want to take the crown for the longest running drag performance of all time. More accurately, they want to blow the record to high heaven with a 48-hour DRAG-A-THON.

Promising a number of famous and funny hosts—comedian Cameron Esposito and stylist Stacy London from What Not to Wear have joined the charge with, of course, Poison Waters—the chaos and charisma unfolds just before Portland's newly moved Pride weekend, Monday July 10-Wednesday July 12.

But while this could just be about glamour, style, and sheer longevity, the act of endurance is here to make a more profound statement about self-expression, directly responding to the Tennessee drag ban and other anti-drag bills proposed in US states. DRAG-A-THON hopes to raise $250,000 for the Trevor Project and additionally tuck some dollars into the nylons of queens from the impacted areas.

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Comedy Today 12:00 PM

TONIGHT! Get Your Tix for the Hilarious "TWO EVILS" Comedy Game Show Before It Sells Out! 🏃‍♀️

It’s audience vs. a special guest comedian in a devilishly fun game of good vs. evil!

Who's ready for a little EEEEVIL?

Well, you're in luck, because Mercury Geniuses of Comedy, Arlo Weierhauser and Kate Murphy, are your hosts for the most diabolical, hilarious, and EVIL live game show in town… TWO EVILS! And it's all going down TONIGHT at 7:30 pm! Join Arlo and Kate as they ask a series of truly evil questions, and it’s up to our special guest contestant and the audience (who will vote on their phones) to decide which is the lesser of TWO VERY EVIL ANSWERS. Are there prizes? You bet your butt! Is there comedy? Oh, absolutely!

Plus, we'll be welcoming very special guest comedian contestant NARIKO OTT! 😍

And WARNING: This show is getting dangerously close to selling out (just like it did last month) SO GET THOSE TIX QUICK NOW AND HERE!

Don’t miss the most delightful and morally corrupt comedy game show of the century… TWO EVILS with Arlo & Kate!

WHEN: TONIGHT, Thursday, June 1, doors 7 PM / 7:30 pm show

WHERE: The Siren Theater, 3913 NE Mississippi

TICKETS: $15 advance, $20 door

Presented by your pals at the Portland Mercury!

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Why, HELLO THERE, BRAINY PANTS! It's time once again to put your brainy-brain to the test with this week's edition of POP QUIZ PDX—our weekly, local, sassy-ass trivia quiz. And this week, we're scratching our noggins over questions about Portland's jerky villains, an adorable birthday chimp, and how much you know about the Rose Festival and its historic shenanigans! (Oh, how I DO love a parade!) 🎺🥁🇺🇸

But before we continue... HOW DID YOU DO ON THE PREVIOUS QUIZ? Wow, you were super smart last week, and congrats to "Sheila the Party Raccoon" for replacing the Smokey the Bear as the new National Park mascot! (Smokey had a good run.)

OKAY, TIME FOR A NEW QUIZ! Take this week's quiz below, take our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next week for a brand spankin' new quiz! (Having a tough time answering this quiz? It's probably because you aren't getting Mercury newsletters! HINT! HINT!) Now crank up that cerebellum, because it's time to get BRAINY!

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EverOut Today 8:30 AM

The Best Things To Do in Portland This Month: June 2023

Portland Rose Festival, Diana Ross, and More Major Things To Do All Month Long

By any measure, June is one of the most splendid months of the year in Portland; boasting fine weather, the city's flagship Portland Rose Festival, and the peak bloom of our beloved roses. As is our custom every month, we've compiled all of the notable events you should have on your calendar, including Father's Day, Juneteenth, and Pride events. Read on for details on happenings from the Tigard Festival of Balloons to the Oregon Midsummer Festival and from Diana Ross to Ocean Vuong and Anis Mojgani. Find even more things to do on our June events calendar.


Margaret Cho: Live and LIVID!
Margaret Cho is a household name, so listing all of the accolades that the trailblazing comedian, actress, and LBGTQ activist has acquired over her three-decade career feels pretty unnecessary. If Cho's brand of dry, unapologetic, and continually crude comedy appeals to you, you probably already know it and have followed her work for years. She'll return to the stage with more candid, sure-footed thoughts on everything from world politics to womanhood for this performance. LINDSAY COSTELLO 
Aladdin Theater, Brooklyn (Sat June 3)

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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! It's June 1, which means it's summer (I don't make the rules.) If you're looking for a way to celebrate, maybe check out the Pedalpalooza kickoff ride tonight? Or head to EverOut for more ideas about what to do this weekend. 

Here's today's news roundup.


Portland City Council accepted a settlement yesterday in the lawsuit that alleged the city is violating ADA by allowing sidewalk camping. This settlement compels the city of Portland to remove encampments obstructing sidewalks more swiftly and more often. City Council also heard hours of testimony yesterday about a proposed ordinance to ban daytime camping on city property, much of which was critical of the proposal. The Mercury's Courtney Vaughn was on the scene at City Hall all day yesterday, so be sure to check out her coverage. 

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News Today 7:30 AM

Critics Call Proposed Camping Ban "Impossible to Comply With"

Portland City Council expected to vote June 7 on ordinance that would prohibit daytime camping.

A proposed ordinance that would effectively ban daytime camping in Portland drew five hours of public testimony, but no vote Wednesday, May 31.

After a first reading, the Portland City Council is expected to vote on the ordinance Wednesday, June 7.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office introduced the camping ban proposal, which would prohibit sleeping or placing tents within 250 feet from schools or child care centers, parks, public right-of-ways, and other designated “no camping” areas from 8 am to 8 pm.

The ordinance would also prohibit gas stoves and fires, and the accumulation of bike parts or debris near tents or camp sites. Violators will first be given two warnings before they face up to $100 in fines or up to 30 days in jail. 

“There are currently hundreds of unsanctioned, often squalid and sometimes dangerous homeless camps across 146 square miles of the city of Portland,” Wheeler said, noting enforcement of the rules is “intended to be a tool to connect people with appropriate resources.”

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News Yesterday 10:43 PM

City Settles Class Action Disabilities Lawsuit Over Blocked Sidewalks

The lawsuit's primary plaintiff railed against homeless services, as well as Portland progressives.

The Portland City Council approved a class-action settlement over disability access Wednesday, May 31. While city leaders championed the lawsuit and settlement, some say the agreement will actually do little to bring the city into compliance with federal laws.

The settlement was approved the same day the council considered a new daytime camping ban ordinance. Both actions aim to prohibit unhoused people from setting up tents or sleeping on sidewalks. 

In September 2022, a lawsuit from 10 plaintiffs was filed against the city alleging that the proliferation of people living outside in tents and sleeping bags has led to sidewalks and other walkways being frequently blocked—a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The city opted to settle the suit rather than going to court, and will pay $5,000 to each plaintiff, on top of attorney’s fees. More notably, the settlement will also lead the city to devote $20 million over the next five years toward campsite removals, often called sweeps, prioritizing sweeps that block sidewalks. A new web-based data dashboard will be developed, accessible to the public, with information on the city’s response to complaints of obstructed sidewalks, and a 24-hour reporting system will be available for the public to make a report when tents or related items are blocking a sidewalk.

The settlement also calls for the city to stop distributing any tents or tarps, with exceptions for severe winter weather. It won’t prevent other organizations, like Multnomah County’s Joint Office of Homeless Services, from distributing those supplies.

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Hear In Portland Yesterday 10:54 AM

Hear in Portland: Kingsley Headlines the Thesis, Records at Clinton Street Theater

Plus, a terrific new record from Dust Raps the Blues and a stacked local show you shouldn't miss.

Summer is nigh, let’s get high. Yes, let’s kiss that epic, super-sunny month of May goodbye by getting excited about things happening in June. Namely, Kingsley returns to her old stomping grounds to headline the Thesis, Dust Raps the Blues delivers an impressive third album, and later on, a stacked local bill at Polaris Hall. 


Upcoming local show(s) featuring local artist(s).

The Thesis: Kingsley

Soulful pop singer Kingsley is set to headline the June edition of Portland’s popular monthly hip-hop series, the Thesis. She left Portland and moved to London last summer, so when she comes back for a visit she comes back to slay. Kingsley’s been clocking major time onstage, so we're excited to see her grace the small room inside biker bar Kelly’s Olympian with raspy vocals and extra-seasoned live show presence. If you’re looking for a teaser of what to expect, you’re in luck. In the last month, Kingsley released a slew of live performance videos, filmed at the Clinton Street Theater, featuring songs like “Life After You,” heartbroken and radio-ready single “All Me,” “Still Crying,” and a cover of Calvin Harris and the Disciples’ collab “How Deep Is Your Love”—not to be confused with the Bee Gees song. Also on the Thesis bill, rapper and singer Jai Baby, Horizon the Alien, and IAmJordan will all rock and warm up the stage. (Kelly’s Olympian, 426 SW Washington, Thurs June 1, 9 pm, $15 adv, $20 door, tickets here, 21+)

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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Start doing your tummy stretches now, because next week marks the return of the Mercury's SANDWICH WEEK—creative, one-of-a-kind creations made by the city's top sammy makers! And they're only $8 each? What? YES! It runs from Monday, June 5 through Sunday, June 11, and you can check out drool-worthy pics of these divine sandwiches HERE. And now, I present some drool-worthy NEWS.


• Here's your most recent example of the Oregonian platforming a group of lying liars, starting with this headline: "Portland-area poll finds huge appetite for tougher tactics on homelessness." Let's break this down, shall we? The "Portland-area poll" in question was a wildly slanted survey paid for by dark-money, right-wing special interest group People for Portland (P4P), who have spent the last few years denigrating our city in order to gain political capital. It was conducted by Republican-favored polling company GS Strategy Group—the same organization who confidently stated that gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson was neck-and-neck with Tina Kotek, when in actuality, she was a distant third. But wait, THERE'S MORE! The P4P poll surveyed only a scant 500 "likely" area voters—for comparison, the not-exactly-scientific Mercury Sex Survey polled 2,000 people. And the questions were written in a way that heavily favored the disingenuous anti-Portland views of P4P, while the question's choices were just as slanted. So... yeah! Not exactly "quality research." While the Oregonian articles (yes, there were more than one about this sketchy poll) laid out these discrepancies (but only deep inside the article), their headlines did exactly what P4P wanted. (Note to the O: If you're going to platform the antics of cynical liars, can you at least make them pay for the advertisement?)

• Speaking of sketchy antics, today Portland City Council is scheduled to probably vote in favor of further criminalization of the homeless, by enacting a daytime ban on public camping, while enacting strict limitations on where they rest at all other times. Those in repeated violation of this ban can be fined $100 or jailed for up to 30 days. In other words, making it even more likely for these people to have a criminal record, and therefore harder to find permanent housing. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN. Stand by, our Courtney Vaughn will let you know what happens.

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News Yesterday 8:00 AM

Pedalpalooza, Portland's Summer-Long Bike Festival, Begins This Week

A Thursday evening kickoff ride will herald the annual bike festivities.

For many Portland bike lovers, the year is split into two parts: Pedalpalooza, and time spent waiting for Pedalpalooza. This week, the three treasured months of Pedalpalooza—also known as Bike Summer—will begin in earnest, and you can feel the anticipation bubbling up all over Portland’s bike lanes.  

How does one describe Pedalpalooza? Well, according to long-time organizer Meghan Sinnott, it’s a festival that “has become synonymous with summer in Portland.”

“It’s what makes Portland the city we want it to be. Playful, active, kind, creative, welcoming, and thriving on two wheels,” Sinnott told the Mercury. “Bicycling doesn’t have to be serious and scary. It can be joyous and a way to better connect with our city and the people in it.” 

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News Tue 4:53 PM

State Finds Portland Public Schools Wasn’t at Fault For Bus Driver Who Espoused Religious Views to Students

Parent expresses frustration over school district’s push for the driver to remain on his route, despite prior incidents

Portland Public Schools (PPS) has presented a trio of options to an atheist parent who pulled his children off their school bus after they told him the bus driver encouraged Christian singing and prayer

The parent, Tim Bartholomew, moved with his children to the East Columbia neighborhood in January and enrolled his children in first and second grade at Faubion School.

Shortly after the move, there were issues. Bartholomew’s youngest child reported the new bus driver and his assistant would “talk and sing about God and Jesus.” Bartholomew called Faubion to complain about the behavior, but didn’t get a meaningful response. 

Eventually, after Bartholomew’s oldest child broke bus rules to record a video of the driver singing Christian songs on the bus route, Bartholomew contacted the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). 

PPS does not directly employ bus drivers, but instead contracts them through a company called First Student. After an ODE official met with officials from PPS, Bartholomew learned that his April complaint about the bus driver engaging in religious activity was not the first the district had received—they’d also received a complaint about the same driver, following a field trip in February.

During the course of its investigation into the driver, the school district also reviewed footage from the bus from seven different days during the spring. In an email to Bartholomew, an ODE official wrote that PPS would request that the driver be removed from district routes at the next report of his engaging in religious activity and that a PPS official would be in touch to discuss next steps.  

The ODE official also noted no evidence to support the notion that the district was engaging in religious activity in violation of state law, and that there was “evidence to support the contention that the bus driver is acting apart from the district, not in concert with it.”

Brandon Coonrod, PPS’ assistant director of student transportation, contacted Bartholomew on May 18 to discuss next steps. 

In an email obtained by the Mercury, Coonrod wrote that the district does not normally include parents in its decision-making processes regarding personnel, he wanted to give Bartholomew the opportunity “to do what you truly think is best for your children and community.”

Coonrod presented three potential options for further action to Bartholomew: the first was to reassign the driver and assistant to another route before the end of the current school year. The second option was to leave the driver on the route, but review recordings from several random days to ensure that he was no longer engaging in any proselytizing behavior. The final option was to remove the bus driver from the route after the conclusion of the school year. 

Coonrod seemed to suggest that option number one, the immediate removal of the driver from the route, could be unpopular. 

“I know the driver didn't understand the severity of his actions and was very remorseful for putting himself and his company in the spotlight in such a way,” Coonrod wrote. “I don’t believe he will be doing this any more. The thing I fear from this course of action is that the community that he knows so closely will be very upset.”

Coonrod reiterated his concern about possible “community backlash” in his analysis of option number three, which would be to reassign the driver following the conclusion of the year. 

“This might be a good option if your children don't feel comfortable riding the bus with the driver and aid but also don't want to ask that he be moved to a new route immediately,” Coonrod wrote. “Again, I’m thinking of any possible community backlash and trying to avoid it for your family. I would hope it isn't something we have to worry about but I just want to think of all possible outcomes.”

The suggestion that community members might be upset if the driver were removed from the route frustrated Bartholomew, who wrote in an email to the Mercury that it felt like an example of the district prioritizing the feelings of non-atheists over his children. 

“All of this, to us, is saying they treat the proselytizing Christian guy better than the atheist family,” Bartholomew wrote. “That seems like favorable treatment. We don't believe that the school district or First Student Inc takes this seriously and are looking at other options.”

Bartholomew wrote that he doesn’t particularly like any of the options PPS has proposed and wants to see the district take more drastic action. 

“We want the bus driver removed from the route,” he wrote. “But also, we don’t want him on any other route. Since there was already an incident before ours in February, reported by another student, it’s unlikely he gets the point and really should be let go.”

It’s a situation Bartholomew, who co-founded a nonprofit called Rational Atheists United, is particularly sensitive to. It also raises broader questions about the influence of Christianity in a city where a plurality of residents identify as nonreligious and the importance of intent in evaluating the actions of a person in the bus driver’s position. 

A PPS spokesperson confirmed that the investigation into the driver is complete but did not comment on any course of action the district may be taking. 

Meanwhile, Bartholomew said the situation has been hard on his family—that his children are concerned about expressing their own beliefs and that they’ve had to miss school days when he’s been unable to drive them because of his work schedule. 

“They are unhappy about the situation and hate being treated differently because they don't believe in magic and make-believe,” Bartholomew wrote. “I believe… it’s discrimination or at least we are being treated as less legitimate citizens for being outliers and not simply conforming.”


Savage Love Tue 2:48 PM

Savage Love: Appetite For Destruction

An apparently "famous" artist doesn't want the world to know he's bisexual—and apparently doesn't realize that no one gives a shit.

I’ve had a successful career as an artist and thousands follow my professional accounts on social media. My followers think they know me, but I am living a secret double life. What I’ve kept hidden is that I’m bisexual. I have hidden this fact from everyone: from my followers, from my family, and from the three ladies who married me believing I was the straight guy I pretended to be. All my marriages failed, ending in divorce with no children produced, thank God, and my ex-wives all went on to find real men who could father their children.

In 2016, knowing my success and investments meant I could live comfortably for the rest of my life, I quit my career in the arts and fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a hardcore gay porn slut. (“Slut” fits me much more closely than does “actor,” since what I do on camera is not an “act.”) I truly love the hot sex I've had with Alpha Males in the 250ish videos I've starred in so far. Truly, my only regret is not doing porn much sooner in my life, as I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

Question: Should I continue pretending to be straight and keep the people who still follow me on Facebook and Instagram in the dark? Or should they be advised to google my full and actual birth name and the word “porn” so they can see the real me? (My full legal name and my professional name — as both an artist and porn slut — are the same.) I don’t want anyone’s life to be negatively impacted should it become known they follow a person who appears in hardcore porn and does things most people would regard as offensive and grotesque. It seems best that followers who are interested in my art be advised to google me so they are aware of what I am doing now and can unfollow me if they wish.

If you want to include my full legal name in your column, I’ll most likely say yes. And please feel free to give me hell because I understand the things I let men do to me are vile and disgusting.

[Full Legal Name Redacted]

I have no desire to publish your name...

Click here to read the rest of this week's Mini Savage Love (free-to-all).

Who's ready for a little EEEEVIL?

Well, you're in luck, because Mercury Geniuses of Comedy, Arlo Weierhauser and Kate Murphy, are your hosts for the most diabolical, hilarious, and EVIL live game show in town… TWO EVILS! (This Thursday, June 1!) Join Arlo and Kate as they ask a series of truly evil questions, and it’s up to the audience and our special guest contestant to VOTE ON THEIR PHONES and decide which is the lesser of TWO VERY EVIL ANSWERS. Are there prizes? You bet your butt! Is there comedy? Oh, absolutely!

Plus, we'll be welcoming a very SPECIAL COMEDIAN GUEST... the absolutely hilarious NARIKO OTT!

So don’t miss the most delightful and morally corrupt comedy game show of the century… TWO EVILS with Arlo & Kate! GET THOSE TICKETS NOW AND HERE!

Or if you're feeling lucky, ENTER TO WIN TWO FREE TICKETS to this Thursday's show! Simply email us here with your name, and put "Two Evils Contest!" in the subject line. If you win we'll alert you by Wednesday at 5 pm! WHOOP! WHOOP!

WHEN: Thursday, June 1, doors 7 PM / 7:30 pm show

WHERE: The Siren Theater, 3913 NE Mississippi

TICKETS: $15 advance, $20 door

Presented by your pals at the Portland Mercury!

EverOut Tue 10:01 AM

The Top 29 Events in Portland This Week: May 30–June 4, 2023

The National, Boba Dash, and More Top Picks

Wake up, bestie...a new batch of EverOut's top picks has dropped, with events from The National to The Cure and from Boba Dash to Garbage with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Metric.



70mm Celebration for Memorial Day Weekend
In celebration of the Hollywood's successful Film Forever campaign, which enabled them to purchase "legacy projection equipment" (aka two additional 70mm projectors), the cinema mainstay will screen a series of 70mm prints to drool over. Make a Memorial Day weekend of it with showings of PTA's '70s-era teen dream Boogie Nights, Kubrick's cosmic freakout 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Tobe Hooper's intergalactic vampire adventure Lifeforce. The Hollywood is currently the only film venue in Oregon with the capability to screen 70mm, which features a greater aspect ratio and higher resolution than traditional 35mm film. Don't miss this chance to see what the cinephiles are chattering about. LINDSAY COSTELLO
(Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood District)

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