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The Top 40 Events in Portland This Week: June 17–23, 2024

Portland Beer Week, Pride at the Museum, and More

We're delivering only the hits in our weekly event guide, with suggestions from Portland Beer Week to Iron & Wine and from OMSI's Pride at the Museum to A Walk in My Shoes: A Program in Celebration of Juneteenth.



X featuring MaXXXine Sneak Peek
Indie horror ace Ti West (The Sacrament, The House of the Devil) returned in 2022 with a southern-fried A24 slasher. Following a gang of youth cruising through rural Texas in the '70s, X drew clear inspiration from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but still managed to craft a pretty fresh story centered around a psychopathic elderly villain. West made the best of it, quickly releasing the follow-up backstory Pearl and the to-be-released trilogy conclusion MaXXXine. Who's the common denominator? Mia Goth, our 21st-century version of Shelley Duvall. She'll star again in MaXXXine, and you can catch six minutes of footage from the upcoming film at this screening of X. LINDSAY COSTELLO
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill)

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The Trash Report Today 9:46 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Sequels on Sequels on Sequels! Also: Danglin'.

The funniest, trashiest gossip of the week... which you will laugh at, okay?

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to The Trash Report. If this column seems extra dumb, it's because I used up all of my good jokes on my Very Special Trash Report for our Queer Issue, online here AND in print for free all over town! One of my favorite things in the universe is spying on people reading the Mercury in public to see how they react. I recently watched a man read my entire column without cracking a smile. That person was my partner of 10 years. He doesn't think I'm funny. This is why I need validation from all of you. Oh wow, that was too much! Let's gossip about other people before I tell you more of my insecurities!

Excellence in Felony Convictions

President Biden's son Hunter was convicted last week on felony gun charges stemming from having lied about not being a drug addict when buying a pistol in 2018. This has got to be really hard for MAGA to rally behind, because as much as they hate Joe Biden, they fucking love guns, so their reactions have been less "hooray for federal enforcement of gun laws!" and more "this middle-aged man lying on paperwork several years ago surely proves that his father is corrupt!?" For his part, President Biden has said that he will not pardon his son despite having the legal authority to do so. As we know, pardoning dodgy white men is tastier than a well-done steak with ketchup to ol' Donald Trump, and what do you want to bet that in some swampy Florida conference room, he's considering dangling a pardon in front of Hunter to get him to defect to MAGA land? And if that happened, wouldn't it actually be extremely funny?

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Good Morning, Portland! Today's weather will be reasonable (high of 69, nice), but as the week progresses, temps will CREEP up to 90+ (terrible). Got to get things done today because I am simply not smart in the heat. Here's the news!

• On Friday afternoon, an amusement park ride at Oaks Park abruptly stopped, stuck in a position park officials have called its "apex position"—with riders dangling upside down in their seats. Portland Fire & Rescue's "high angle specialty rescue team" were able to return the ride to the ground, so the passengers could disembark, freeing the approximately 30 people from the spy-movie-climax-like scenario. Well played, all you Bonds. The AtmosFear ride will remain closed until further notice, while park staff work with the manufacturer and state inspectors to discern what went wrong, but the rest of Oaks Park reopened the next day. AtmosFear was a relatively new ride; it had been in operation since 2021, a release from Oaks Park management said.

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GOOD MORNING, SUNDAY! It's the perfect time to catch up on some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! (PRO TIP: If you despise being "the last to know," then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email's in-box... and then... YOUR HEAD.)

The 2024 Mercury Queer Guide: Endless Queer Summer

Get ready for the queer-iest summer yet! In this year’s QUEER GUIDE, we explore the latest LGBTQ+ news, the best queer-owned restaurants, and just about every damn queer event happening over the next three months… AND THERE ARE A LOT! (Pick up the print edition all over town!)

How a Food Bank Illuminated Cultural, Political Divides Over Gaza

The Oregon Food Bank says it hasn't seen a significant drop in revenue, despite the loss of support from local Jewish organizations over a cease-fire statement released by the food bank. Still, the rift illuminates cultural and political divides over Gaza.



Calling all trash pandas! 🦝 This week's gossip: Lotsa celebrity couplings, another Hollywood actor in Portland, and who's meaner: Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, or Zachary Quinto? 🤔

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City Council Race 2024 Fri 4:07 PM

Meet the Portland City Council Candidates: District 3

These candidates are running in the district located mostly in inner Southeast Portland.

Updated: June 14

This page will be updated as new candidates file for election.

Thanks to a charter reform measure passed by voters in 2022, Portland is getting a new form of government, and it will come with a brand new districting system. In November 2024, Portlanders will vote for City Council members in one of four districts across the city, with three councilors per district.

Here's who's running in District 3, which is located primarily in inner Southeast Portland but includes some Northeast neighborhoods as well. (Find the list of candidates in District 1 here, District 2 here, and District 4 here.) 

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EverOut Fri 11:55 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Baja-Style Fish Tacos, Katsu Sandos, and Biryani

There's a wealth of regional specialties to explore in Portland this week, as Bajala brings Baja California-inspired fare to Nob Hill, the Japanese bakery Tanaka expands to Gresham, and the Indian-Pakistani spot Zaiqa opens on the South Waterfront. Plus, read about the James Beard Awards and an upcoming queer lounge. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Co-owners Juan Flores and Lizbeth Sanchez debuted this new Baja California-inspired cart at Nob Hill Food Carts pod on June 1, specializing in battered fish and shrimp tacos.
Nob Hill

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The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Portland This Weekend: June 14–16, 2024

Juneteenth Oregon, Northeast Cully Sunday Parkways, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

Unlock the key to a good weekend by reading through our cheap and easy weekend guide. We'll make sure you're in the know about all of the best events, from Juneteenth Oregon to Sellwood-Moreland's First Annual Everything Under the Sun Parade and from Northeast Cully Sunday Parkways to the kickoff of Portland Beer Week. For more ideas, check out our guide to the top events of the week and our Father's Day guide.



Death Becomes Her Bingo with Violet Hex
Death Becomes Her features cinema history's sassiest cast (Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, and Isabella Rossellini) and tells a cautionary tale that might come in handy someday—when your archrival marries your crush, you can plan to kill her, but a magic potion might interfere. This Tomorrow Theater screening will up the ante in everyone's favorite way: through a game of bingo, hosted by cult cinema starlet Violet Hex. Bring your daubers for a moment that'll make life worth living. LINDSAY COSTELLO
(Tomorrow Theater, Richmond, $15)

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The Mercury provides news and fun every single day—but your help is essential. If you believe Portland benefits from smart, local journalism and arts coverage, please consider making a small monthly contribution, because without you, there is no us. Thanks for your support!

Good Morning, Portland! The way people have been reporting about the impending I-5 closure you'd think it was this weekend—it's two weekends from now.

• Starting on July 1, Mayor Ted Wheeler will seize control of all city bureaus, in an attempt to smoothly transition city government into its new structure, OPB reports. The city's more than two dozen departments and offices will be managed by the newly-appointed interim City Administrator, who will also "be responsible for managing bureaus under that new format, dismantling the current leadership model that’s more than a century old."

• In local labor news: Janitors with SEIU are rallying for living wages and benefits. Taylor Griggs has more.

• A hot new Portland police Rapid Response Team dropped Thursday—there hasn't been one in three years because the team resigned as a unit after one of their members was charged with assaulting an activist during the 2020 protests. What will cause this new unit take their ball and go home remains to be seen.

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Where to Celebrate Father's Day 2024 in Portland

Fried Chicken, Butter Cookies, and More

This Father's Day, thank your father figure for all the sage advice and corny jokes with a feast fit for a king. Whether he prefers fried chicken sandwiches or mustache-shaped butter cookies, we've got your back with food and drink specials. For more ideas, check out our Father's Day calendar and our food and drink guide.

Bullard Tavern
The Tex-Mex restaurant declares that its Fathers' Day brunch will "make Dad feel like a legend." The menu has not yet been announced, but Bullard says it'll include "hearty Texas-inspired dishes" and "refreshing cocktails."

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Heavy metal’s gayest preachers Judas Priest have announced a stop at Moda Center this fall. Rising alt-R&B star Omar Apollo is bringing his God Said No tour to Troutdale. Plus, Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride will not be held this year, and Old Town-Chinatown gets a new gay bar. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Aimee Mann
Revolution Hall (Wed Nov 6)
Aladdin Theater (Thurs Nov 7)

Andy Grammer - Greater Than: A One Man Show
Newmark Theatre (Tues Oct 8)

Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 Tour
Crystal Ballroom (Feb 26, 2025)

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News Thu 2:04 PM

As Portland's White Collar Employees Return to Offices, Janitors Push For Fair Wages, Benefits

Janitors with SEIU work at high-profile businesses like Nike and Intel, but their work is often unsung. Amid labor contract negotiations, they're rallying for living wages and benefits.

The roughly 1,300 Portland-area janitors unionized with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 49 work at some of Portland’s most prominent businesses, including Nike, Adidas, and Intel. They also clean at Oregon Health Science University and at landmark buildings in downtown Portland, as well as the Lloyd District. 

In other words: They do the dirty work for some of the city’s most elite, prosperous businesses with some of the highest paid executives and white-collar staff. And while their jobs may not be the most glamorous or high-profile, they’re crucial, and workers want to make sure their pay and treatment reflects that. 

As the SEIU bargaining team begins negotiations for their next four-year contract, workers are mobilizing for support. Union janitors are seeking wage increases to keep up with the increasing cost of living. They also want to maintain their healthcare benefits and improve their workload, which many say has grown recently due to short-staffing. 

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Who's ready to have some fun? Well, the Mercury is here to help with FREE TICKETS to see some of Portland's best concerts and events—our way of saying thanks to our great readers and spread the word about some fantastic upcoming performances! (Psst... if you want to say thanks to the Mercury, please consider making a small monthly contribution to keep us alive and kickin'!) And oh boy, do we have some fun events coming at ya this week! CHECK IT OUT!

• Enter to WIN FREE TICKETS to see Los Campesinos! on June 25 at Aladdin Theater!

Quickly earning a reputation as the most fiercely enthusiastic band in indie pop with their electric debut in 2008, Los Campesinos! have displayed a sustained and endearing closeness over their 15 year career. Listen LIVE as the band visits in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their acclaimed sixth record, NO BLUES! Get those tickets now, or enter to win free tix here!

Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie, Tues June 25, sold out, all ages

• Enter to WIN FREE TICKETS to see Blossom on July 5 at Mission Theater!

Blossom is an eclectic R&B jazz-singer originally from Trinidad & Tobago who now calls Portland home. She spent her childhood playing in a steel drum band with family members and that set the tone for her taste in instruments and energy that she uses in her music today. She feels right at home on stage, and since 2014 she has been creating and performing non-stop. Get those tickets now, or enter to win free tix here!

Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, Fri July 5, 8 pm, $12-$17, all ages

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The Mercury provides news and fun every single day—but your help is essential. If you believe Portland benefits from smart, local journalism and arts coverage, please consider making a small monthly contribution, because without you, there is no us. Thanks for your support!

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Expect another mostly sunny day today with the high streeeeetching up to a balmy 79 degrees. Sounds like the perfect weather to grab a beer, a nice seat in the sun on the patio, and read the MERCURY'S 2024 QUEER GUIDE (love that transition) which is hitting the streets now, and is jam-crammed with loads of summer-y queer events, fun, news, and info! Pick one up (all will be delivered by this weekend) at a convenient location near you. And in the meantime, pick up on today's NEWS (being delivered NOW, straight into your eyeballs).


Former Oregon governor and Portland mayor Neil Goldschmidt is dead at the age of 83. While once considered one of the state's great innovators, and an unmatched political mover and shaker, revelations that he sexually abused the 14-year-old daughter of a friend and one-time aide during his tenure as Portland mayor in the 1970s eventually came to light in 2004, which, for all practical purposes, made him a pariah. He immediately left public life, and was largely unheard from again. Goldschmidt reportedly died of heart failure.

• Sad but necessary news: Portland's version of the iconic World Naked Bike Ride will not be happening this year, after ride leaders discovered they did not have enough help and planning time to pull off such a huge and complicated event safely for the thousands of riders who participate annually. BUT TRY TO TEMPER YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT with these two factoids: The World Naked Bike Ride will return next year stronger than ever, and there are other nude-y rides you can do during Pedalpalooza's summer-long schedule

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Queer Guide 2024 Thu 4:00 AM

The Mercury's 2024 Queer Guide: Endless Queer Summer

Rainbow signs in windows are legion, and Portland's queer summer is endless.

Every Pride is exciting. Every Pride has something new. Yes, there are constants: hotties in short shorts. But even that rubric is evolving: hotties bursting from body norms, coveralls hemmed to high heaven.

Last year, Pride Northwest—the nonprofit that plans Portland’s Pride Parade and the accompanying waterfront festivities—moved the city’s summertime celebrations of queerness from June to July. The years before that saw even greater disruptions as queer communities measured pandemic safety, celebrated remotely, and / or resisted a renewed tide of haters set on slashing our rights. 

In this guide’s local history of queer nightlife, Silverado’s bar manager Trevor Wion notes that “the younger generation… have so many places they can go.” Plenty of bars in Portland plan queer nights, drag brunches, and pride celebrations. Rainbow signs in windows are legion.

Perhaps related to that, this Pride has a bajillion parties—many more than we’ve seen in recent years. The further we get from mandated lockdowns, the more community gatherings are coming back. Folks are finding each other and working together. 

We also find ourselves in the second year of Portland’s new two-month Pride model, where we start celebrating in June and finally (FINALLY) promenade come July. That does leave more room for parties, giving us a feeling of an Endless Queer Summer—the theme of this year’s guide.

If you are holding this guide in your adorable, angelic hands, that’s also something new. This is the Mercury’s first Queer Guide in print since 2019. Every year, we were blown away by the support local businesses showed for our web collections. This year they made this paper a 60-pager. (Pick one up NEAR YOU at so many locations citywide!)

Inside, you’ll find stories about queer bike ride organizers, Portland queer nightlife—past and present—a new family-friendly queer lounge opening this summer, a wine bar the gays adopted, and there are pages and pages of Pride parties to peruse.

Let the Endless Queer Summer begin!

Portland Mercury Arts & Culture Editor
Suzette Smith 

Queer Guide 2024 Thu 3:58 AM


Target Is Canonically Gay! Did the Founding Fathers Kiss Dudes?

Hellooooooooooo, everybody! We here at The Trash Report are thrilled to be bringing you this Very Special column for the Mercury’s PRIDE issue. While we usually cover all kinds of gossip and intrigue, this edition is limited to LGBTQs IN THE NEWS! 
I hope you’re hungry… for trash.

Target: Canonically Gay!

Target stores throughout the country are declining to put out Pride merch this year due to a bunch of loud homophobes getting triggered by… rainbows? Inclusivity? Their own repressed sexualities, probably? I’m not really sure what Target thinks they’re getting away with by pulling the Pride-specific merchandise and leaving the whole rest of the store, which is like 90 percent gay already. A big box store can’t offer such a wide variety of muscle tees, reusable water bottles, clothes for pets, and candles without at least being questioning.

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