Dan Savage

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, the author of several books, and the host of the Savage Lovecast, Savage is “a deviant of the highest order” (Daily Caller). He does not like to be hugged.

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Savage Love: Feathered Friends (With Benefits)

Grandma has a very... unusual... relationship with her pet parakeet. (Gulp.)


Pegging purists, jilted unicorns, cheating BFs, and more!

SAVAGE LOVE: Slick Moves

"My sex pal won't stop mishandling our lube." Can Dan help this person navigate their slippery situation?

Savage Love May 21 10:26 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Mommy Issues

"My 13-year-old son is involved in an online Dom/sub relationship. Ummmm... HELP!!"

Savage Love May 14 11:51 AM


"I've never been able to orgasm, and my current sexual relationship stinks. So why should I continue trying?"

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Savage Love May 7 12:05 PM

Savage Love: Messed Up

"My boyfriend is secretly asking for 'punitive' acts from strangers. That's cheating... right?"

Savage Love Apr 30 12:00 PM


Online lust, stinky butts, and falling in love with one's sex worker—all these and more in this edition of Savage Love "quickies"!

Savage Love Apr 23 10:46 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Mask 4 Mask

"I post fetish content on the internet. How worried should I be that someone, like a future boss, might find out?"

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Savage Love Apr 16 10:30 AM


Her boyfriend wants permission to hire sex workers. Is this a case of irreconcilable differences?

Savage Love Apr 9 11:48 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Best Interests

Will his new polyamorous lifestyle endanger his current child custody agreement? Depends on where he lives!

Savage Love Apr 2 11:29 AM


How to make a "throuple," defining undefinable relationships, tempting your workaholic lover, and much more in this edition of Savage Love "Quickies"!

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Savage Love Mar 26 10:23 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: What Counts

Is a woman having an emotional affair with a married man "micro-cheating"? And is the concept of "micro-cheating" bullshit? LET'S FIND OUT.

Savage Love Mar 19 10:43 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Dom and Dommer

She's been dominating him and he seems to love it... is this a problem or the beginning of a beautiful (and hot) relationship?

Savage Love Mar 12 10:58 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Power Moves

After a lifetime of one-sided relationships, they finally found someone they're truly attracted to. Cue the freakout!

Savage Love Mar 5 10:08 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: The Long Game

"Should I dump my girlfriend before or after we join a kink/swingers club?"

Savage Love Feb 27 10:36 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Quickies!

Non-app dating, gay nude resorts, oral sex etiquette, and lots more in this edition of "Quickies"!

Savage Love Feb 20 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Routine Maintenance

Maintenance sex: A necessary (often fun) chore or nonconsensual nonsense? Dan Savage weighs in.

Savage Love Feb 13 11:00 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Smash Button

She's kinky and poly; he's vanilla and monogamous. Can this relationship be saved?