Dan Savage

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, the author of several books, and the host of the Savage Lovecast, Savage is “a deviant of the highest order” (Daily Caller). He does not like to be hugged.

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Savage Love: Out With It

Happy Pride! Here is the most LGBTQ shit Dan has ever read.

Savage Love: Appetite For Destruction

An apparently "famous" artist doesn't want the world to know he's bisexual—and apparently doesn't realize that no one gives a shit.

Savage Love: How's That?!

"I like to pee on myself. Got a problem with that?"

Savage Love May 16 10:25 AM

Savage Love: Wash It Away

Is it possible to "un-sleep" with someone, and like Cher, "turn back time"?

Savage Love May 9 10:30 AM

Savage Love: Chick Lit

She's got erotic literature on the brain. And that's good... right? Or is it?

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Savage Love May 2 9:59 AM

Savage Love: Fake and Faker

He agreed to be a financial slave to his supposedly domineering wife... but Savage smells a RAT.

Savage Love Apr 25 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Questions

She complains about his BO following sex—but is there something else going on besides a sensitive snoot?

Savage Love Apr 18 9:57 AM

Savage Love: Shameful

Hubby's into diaper play; wifey is losing her shit. Can this mind be saved?

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Savage Love Apr 11 9:56 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

"Ruined" orgasms, lack of fuckability concerns, and lots more quicky sex queries!

Savage Love Apr 4 10:13 AM

Savage Love: Sister, Wife

"My wife's sister texted to say she has my wife's permission to sleep with me. Ummmm... WHAT."

Savage Love Mar 28 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Asked and Answered

A lesbian in a 10-year sexless marriage wants to re-spark the connection... but is this a "too little, too late" situation?

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Savage Love Mar 21 12:13 PM

Savage Love: Size Peace

She's ashamed of the way her body looks... is there any way to feel sexy again?

Savage Love Mar 14 10:28 AM

Coming Around

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She was never able to have vaginal penetration orgasms before... but now? BLAMMO! What's up with that?

Savage Love Mar 7 12:00 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Abortion pills, escorts, and how to get laid at the gym!

Savage Love Feb 28 11:00 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Hubby keeps sending love letters to his ex, despite wifey telling him to stop. Can this marriage be saved?

Savage Love Feb 21 10:00 AM

Pegged As Bi

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's okay with pegging his butt... but pegging his face, too? 

Savage Love Feb 14 12:00 PM

Kant Say No

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A sugar daddy wants to give him his entire fortune. Should he take it?

Savage Love Feb 7 1:00 PM

Dom Vibes

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's into BDSM, hubby is definitely not. Can this relationship be saved?