Dan Savage

Dan Savage

In addition to being a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, the author of several books, and the host of the Savage Lovecast, Savage is “a deviant of the highest order” (Daily Caller). He does not like to be hugged.

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Savage Love: Routine Maintenance

Maintenance sex: A necessary (often fun) chore or nonconsensual nonsense? Dan Savage weighs in.

SAVAGE LOVE: Smash Button

She's kinky and poly; he's vanilla and monogamous. Can this relationship be saved?

Savage Love: Quickies

Platonic vs. romantic love, the right type of lube, hopping back on the fuck wagon, and more in this episode of Savage Love quickies!

Savage Love Jan 24 10:00 AM

Savage Love: Micro Nots

She's wondering what she did to get dumped... but first? Let's talk about polyamory.

Savage Love Jan 16 12:00 PM

Savage Love: Script Doctor

She's married and has a "hall pass"—but how can she find out if her workplace crush also has a "hall pass"?

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Savage Love Jan 9 10:37 AM

Savage Love: Loading Zone

This week, Savage tackles the eternal question: "Why are some people addicted to orgies?"

HUMP! Jan 5 3:00 PM

This Year, Get TWICE the "Sexy" with the HUMP! 2024 Film Festival!

We got so many hot 'n' horny submissions, we're doing two HUMP! fests this year! Check out the lineup!

Savage Love Jan 3 10:27 AM

Savage Love: Sexless Wonders

Can a relationship be successful even if the sex is terrible from the start?

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Savage Love Dec 26 12:58 PM

Savage Love: Christmas Break

A cuckold falls in love (and has "amazing sex") with his mother-in-law... or did he?

Savage Love Dec 19 10:48 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Let's end the year with a hot load of quickie sex questions (and answers)!

Savage Love Dec 12 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Departures

He's been a bottom long enough, but hubby isn't having it. Now that he's found someone new, should he try to make his marriage work?

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Savage Love Dec 5 11:21 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Maintenance Haze

He ruined his relationship by chasing after the unattainable sexy neighbor. Now what should he do?

Savage Love Nov 28 10:01 AM

Savage Love: What Was Lost

She can't get over losing her ex—what's an out-and-proud goddess to do?

Savage Love Nov 21 10:47 AM

Savage Love: Thanks Again

His hubby did something BAD to the Thanksgiving family casserole... can this marriage be saved?

Savage Love Nov 14 10:13 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Strap in and strap on—it's time for more of your quickie sex questions answered lickety-split!

HUMP! Nov 9 10:11 AM

HUMP! 2024 is Coming! (Are You?!?)

HUMP! Entries are Due December 8! Grab Your Phone and Get Filmin'!

Savage Love Nov 7 3:30 PM

Savage Love: Him City

He's gay, but lives in Salt Lake City. In order to find a lasting relationship, should he move?

Savage Love Oct 31 10:30 AM

Savage Love: Not Glue

She's accused of something her partner had been doing to her for years, but still... should she feel bad?