My boyfriend recently broke up with me. He confessed that he has been battling an addiction to orgies and couldn't show up for our relationship in the ways I needed him to. Basically, he uses drugs and logs onto Grindr or Sniffies to find sex parties. He is into the kink of anonymous breeding. He bottoms and likes to take and “tally” as many loads as he can. Sometimes these “breeding sessions” last an entire day. I understand his issue is drug usage, but I am curious about the fetish of anonymous breeding as a whole. I have found your podcast and writings to be helpful when it comes to understanding certain kinks, and I’m wondering if you have some specific insights on this anonymous breeding kink. My questions specifically relate to the experience of the bottom, e.g., the person being bred and taking. I numbered my questions for you:

1. Why is being anonymously bred exciting?

2. Any ideas on the psychology behind wanting to be anonymously bred? Specifically, the “no loads refused” mentality?

3. Why is the idea of tallying/counting loads exciting to the bottom? What is the significance of having a running tally written on the body of the bottom with a marker?

4. Why are blindfolds common to this kink?

5. What are the dangers and what safety precautions would you urge a bottom to take?

I am, of course, concerned about my ex and his drug use and I have offered him what help and emotional support I can. But learning about his kink threw me and I want to understand it better.

Seeking Enlightening Educational Download

Before I answer your questions — or before I pass them to a cumdump who can — I wanna enter this into the record: sexual interests and kinks are personal and subjective and one person’s ultimate fantasy is another person’s worst nightmare.

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