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Savage Love Yesterday 9:46 AM


He doesn't want to have sex anymore. Can this relationship be saved... and if so, how?

Savage Love Jul 16 10:23 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Solo Survivor

"After time apart (and having sex with others), should we introduce new people into our relationship?"

Savage Love Jul 9 10:55 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: The Outsiders

A married man in an open relationship needs advice about how to ask for what (and who) he wants on dating apps. 

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Savage Love Jul 3 10:51 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Allowances

She refuses to indulge in his feeder/gainer kink—can he just turn his feelings off?

Savage Love Jun 25 12:03 PM

SAVAGE LOVE: Wants v. Gots

She's got an international part-time lover... but wants more. Should she ask for it?

Savage Love Jun 18 9:55 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Bruise Control

A reader who hurts himself feels like he's being judged while people into BDSM get celebrated. What's the difference?

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Savage Love Jun 11 11:25 AM

Savage Love: Feathered Friends (With Benefits)

Grandma has a very... unusual... relationship with her pet parakeet. (Gulp.)

Savage Love Jun 4 10:22 AM


Pegging purists, jilted unicorns, cheating BFs, and more!

Savage Love May 28 12:00 PM

SAVAGE LOVE: Slick Moves

"My sex pal won't stop mishandling our lube." Can Dan help this person navigate their slippery situation?

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Savage Love May 21 10:26 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Mommy Issues

"My 13-year-old son is involved in an online Dom/sub relationship. Ummmm... HELP!!"

Savage Love May 14 11:51 AM


"I've never been able to orgasm, and my current sexual relationship stinks. So why should I continue trying?"

Savage Love May 7 12:05 PM

Savage Love: Messed Up

"My boyfriend is secretly asking for 'punitive' acts from strangers. That's cheating... right?"

Savage Love Apr 30 12:00 PM


Online lust, stinky butts, and falling in love with one's sex worker—all these and more in this edition of Savage Love "quickies"!

Savage Love Apr 23 10:46 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Mask 4 Mask

"I post fetish content on the internet. How worried should I be that someone, like a future boss, might find out?"

Savage Love Apr 16 10:30 AM


Her boyfriend wants permission to hire sex workers. Is this a case of irreconcilable differences?

Savage Love Apr 9 11:48 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Best Interests

Will his new polyamorous lifestyle endanger his current child custody agreement? Depends on where he lives!

Savage Love Apr 2 11:29 AM


How to make a "throuple," defining undefinable relationships, tempting your workaholic lover, and much more in this edition of Savage Love "Quickies"!

Savage Love Mar 26 10:23 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: What Counts

Is a woman having an emotional affair with a married man "micro-cheating"? And is the concept of "micro-cheating" bullshit? LET'S FIND OUT.

Savage Love Mar 19 10:43 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Dom and Dommer

She's been dominating him and he seems to love it... is this a problem or the beginning of a beautiful (and hot) relationship?

Savage Love Mar 12 10:58 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Power Moves

After a lifetime of one-sided relationships, they finally found someone they're truly attracted to. Cue the freakout!

Savage Love Mar 5 10:08 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: The Long Game

"Should I dump my girlfriend before or after we join a kink/swingers club?"

Savage Love Feb 27 10:36 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Quickies!

Non-app dating, gay nude resorts, oral sex etiquette, and lots more in this edition of "Quickies"!

Savage Love Feb 20 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Routine Maintenance

Maintenance sex: A necessary (often fun) chore or nonconsensual nonsense? Dan Savage weighs in.

Savage Love Feb 13 11:00 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Smash Button

She's kinky and poly; he's vanilla and monogamous. Can this relationship be saved?

Savage Love Jan 30 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Platonic vs. romantic love, the right type of lube, hopping back on the fuck wagon, and more in this episode of Savage Love quickies!

Savage Love Jan 24 10:00 AM

Savage Love: Micro Nots

She's wondering what she did to get dumped... but first? Let's talk about polyamory.

Savage Love Jan 16 12:00 PM

Savage Love: Script Doctor

She's married and has a "hall pass"—but how can she find out if her workplace crush also has a "hall pass"?

Savage Love Jan 9 10:37 AM

Savage Love: Loading Zone

This week, Savage tackles the eternal question: "Why are some people addicted to orgies?"

Savage Love Jan 3 10:27 AM

Savage Love: Sexless Wonders

Can a relationship be successful even if the sex is terrible from the start?

Savage Love Dec 26 12:58 PM

Savage Love: Christmas Break

A cuckold falls in love (and has "amazing sex") with his mother-in-law... or did he?

Savage Love Dec 19 10:48 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Let's end the year with a hot load of quickie sex questions (and answers)!

Savage Love Dec 12 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Departures

He's been a bottom long enough, but hubby isn't having it. Now that he's found someone new, should he try to make his marriage work?

Savage Love Dec 5 11:21 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Maintenance Haze

He ruined his relationship by chasing after the unattainable sexy neighbor. Now what should he do?

Savage Love Nov 28 10:01 AM

Savage Love: What Was Lost

She can't get over losing her ex—what's an out-and-proud goddess to do?

Savage Love Nov 21 10:47 AM

Savage Love: Thanks Again

His hubby did something BAD to the Thanksgiving family casserole... can this marriage be saved?

Savage Love Nov 14 10:13 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Strap in and strap on—it's time for more of your quickie sex questions answered lickety-split!

Savage Love Nov 13 5:11 PM

Chat with Dan Savage!

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Savage Love Nov 7 3:30 PM

Savage Love: Him City

He's gay, but lives in Salt Lake City. In order to find a lasting relationship, should he move?

Savage Love Oct 31 10:30 AM

Savage Love: Not Glue

She's accused of something her partner had been doing to her for years, but still... should she feel bad?

Savage Love Oct 24 11:28 AM

Savage Love: A New Dom

He has dreams of being a Dom, but there are... complications. What can he do to prepare?

Savage Love Oct 17 10:29 AM

Savage Love: Animal Urges

A victim of childhood abuse is overwhelmed by guilt and shame. Will healing ever be an option?

Savage Love Oct 10 10:04 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Masturbation tricks, lube recommendations, and lots more quickie (and sexy) Q & As!

Savage Love Oct 3 10:30 AM

Savage Love: The Finish Delegation

This guy thinks his controlled premature ejaculations are HOT—but does he need to let his partners know?

Savage Love Sep 26 10:23 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: Popping Off

Should one warn their sex partner before doing poppers? Dan Savage sniffs out the truth.

Savage Love Sep 19 10:47 AM

Savage Love: Didn't Happen

A reader's wife might be cucking him... but not the way he claims.

Savage Love Sep 12 10:47 AM

SAVAGE LOVE: The Italian Job

Not all Italian relationships are hot—in fact, this one is withering on the vine.

Savage Love Sep 5 2:00 PM


Get your down 'n' dirty answers fast in this edition of Savage Love: Quickies!

Savage Love Aug 29 10:10 AM

Savage Love: Blow Over

A fellatio-deprived hubby wants more than he's getting. But how much should he expect?

Savage Love Aug 22 11:00 AM

Savage Love: She Will Not Be Ignored

Two marriages in, and she still can't let go of the idea of a forever relationship with her "first love." Is she gonna drop it or what?

Savage Love Aug 15 11:11 AM

Savage Love: Millstones

His partner is demanding “relationship milestones”—but is that too heavy of a lift?

Savage Love Aug 8 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Age Played

A dude in his 40s slept with someone who he thought was 21—but was actually much younger. How shitty should he feel?

Savage Love Aug 1 10:00 AM

Savage Love: Family Ties

A single nightmare dad joke ruined bondage for me. Do I need therapy now?

Savage Love Jul 25 10:41 AM

Savage Love: Take Care

In this week's column: "After two sexless decades, how can I let my partner know my needs aren't being met?"

Savage Love Jul 18 11:11 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

Pineapple-flavored cum, health concerns over licking armpits, and lots more quickie, sexy Qs!

Savage Love Jul 11 11:00 AM

Savage Love: First Trap

She's never been kissed... or had sex. Forget about getting her groove back, how's she gonna get it in the first place?

Savage Love Jul 4 9:39 AM

Savage Love: TEARS Factor

She's the "other woman," but wait... it's more complicated than that.

Savage Love Jun 27 1:00 PM

Savage Love: Topside

He wants her to be his Dom Goddess, and she's like, "what?"... but turned on. So where does she start?

Savage Love Jun 20 10:29 AM

Savage Love: What To Expect

Lack of sex leads to a slow motion matrimonial train wreck.

Savage Love Jun 13 10:33 AM


Get your sexual problems solved lickety-split with this quick 'n' dirty edition of Savage Love!

Savage Love Jun 6 10:56 AM

Savage Love: Out With It

Happy Pride! Here is the most LGBTQ shit Dan has ever read.

Savage Love May 30 2:48 PM

Savage Love: Appetite For Destruction

An apparently "famous" artist doesn't want the world to know he's bisexual—and apparently doesn't realize that no one gives a shit.

Savage Love May 23 11:57 AM

Savage Love: How's That?!

"I like to pee on myself. Got a problem with that?"

Savage Love May 16 10:25 AM

Savage Love: Wash It Away

Is it possible to "un-sleep" with someone, and like Cher, "turn back time"?

Savage Love May 9 10:30 AM

Savage Love: Chick Lit

She's got erotic literature on the brain. And that's good... right? Or is it?

Savage Love May 2 9:59 AM

Savage Love: Fake and Faker

He agreed to be a financial slave to his supposedly domineering wife... but Savage smells a RAT.

Savage Love Apr 25 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Questions

She complains about his BO following sex—but is there something else going on besides a sensitive snoot?

Savage Love Apr 18 9:57 AM

Savage Love: Shameful

Hubby's into diaper play; wifey is losing her shit. Can this mind be saved?

Savage Love Apr 11 9:56 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

"Ruined" orgasms, lack of fuckability concerns, and lots more quicky sex queries!

Savage Love Apr 4 10:13 AM

Savage Love: Sister, Wife

"My wife's sister texted to say she has my wife's permission to sleep with me. Ummmm... WHAT."

Savage Love Mar 28 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Asked and Answered

A lesbian in a 10-year sexless marriage wants to re-spark the connection... but is this a "too little, too late" situation?

Savage Love Mar 21 12:13 PM

Savage Love: Size Peace

She's ashamed of the way her body looks... is there any way to feel sexy again?

Savage Love Mar 14 10:28 AM

Coming Around

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She was never able to have vaginal penetration orgasms before... but now? BLAMMO! What's up with that?

Savage Love Mar 7 12:00 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Abortion pills, escorts, and how to get laid at the gym!

Savage Love Feb 28 11:00 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Hubby keeps sending love letters to his ex, despite wifey telling him to stop. Can this marriage be saved?

Savage Love Feb 21 10:00 AM

Pegged As Bi

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's okay with pegging his butt... but pegging his face, too? 

Savage Love Feb 14 12:00 PM

Kant Say No

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A sugar daddy wants to give him his entire fortune. Should he take it?

Savage Love Feb 7 1:00 PM

Dom Vibes

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's into BDSM, hubby is definitely not. Can this relationship be saved?

Savage Love Jan 31 2:00 PM


Need your sex life fixed in a hurry? This edition of SAVAGE LOVE "Quickies" can help!

Savage Love Jan 24 10:05 AM

Case Disclosed

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "My BF has undetectable HIV. How much should we disclose to future play partners?"

Savage Love Jan 17 11:00 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "Am I being used as a pawn in my lover's sex games with his primary partner?"

Savage Love Jan 10 12:00 PM

The Uncanny Valley

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Can you guess which advice is Dan's, and which was written by a horny robot? 🤖 🍆

Savage Love Jan 3 11:08 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: If you tell the new person you're about to fuck the truth and that person runs... that's bad, right?

Savage Love Dec 27 12:20 PM


Need answers to your sexual problems quick? Then don't miss another "quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE!

Savage Love Dec 20 12:00 PM

Getting It

This week in Savage Love: "Cuckolding. I want it, I need it, how do I get it??"

Savage Love Dec 13 10:58 AM

The Birthday Boy

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A son wants mom to go halfsies on a session with sex worker. She's a "cool mom," but... C'MON!

Savage Love Dec 6 12:48 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slutting advice for the returning slut.

Savage Love Nov 29 1:30 PM


It's another slam-bang edition of SAVAGE LOVE "quickies"! You have the quick, sexy questions, Dan has the quick, sexy solutions!

Savage Love Nov 22 11:08 AM

The Watcher

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: His playmate likes to watch him play with others. But the look on his face is... umm... creepy?

Savage Love Nov 15 12:28 PM

Ace Case

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE:  He can't help it... he gets hot for shaved armpits. Does this make him anti-feminist?

Savage Love Nov 8 10:14 AM

Loaded Questions

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Straight guy feels guilty about earth-shattering BJs he receives from gay pal. Sooo... should he?

Savage Love Nov 1 1:00 PM

Just the Facts

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE, a bisexual hubby gets the monkeypox vaccine without telling the wife, and WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Savage Love Oct 25 11:00 AM


It's another "Quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE, featuring lickety-split Q&As about threesomes, ethical cheating, and more!

Savage Love Oct 18 1:26 PM

Crushing Loads

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slamming orgasms lead to slamming headaches, and polyamory is complicated... who'da thunk?

Savage Love Oct 11 10:00 AM

Knots Landing

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A vanilla partner surprisingly says "yes" to kinky sex! Yay! But wait... NOW WHAT?

Savage Love Oct 4 11:00 AM

Done Wrong

A hot Black gay man has issues with friends telling him it's okay for others to objectify and harass him. What to do? Dan Savage has the advice in this week's SAVAGE LOVE!

Savage Love Sep 27 11:00 AM

Fair Shares

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She agreed to an open relationship... so why does she keep slut-shaming him?

Savage Love Sep 20 11:00 AM


This week in SAVAGE LOVE: Quickie Qs about kids watching porn, indecent exposures, and... answering quiz show questions during sex?

Savage Love Sep 13 12:17 PM

Police States

This week in SAVAGE LOVE: Do straight guys normally send "cock love notes" to their straight male friends?

Savage Love Sep 6 11:00 AM

School Me Once

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE, Dan schools a teacher on getting laid (outside of school) without getting fired (from school).

Savage Love Aug 30 11:30 AM

When Is a Boyfriend NOT a Boyfriend?

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: If he walks, talks, and fucks like a boyfriend... then why does he insist he's not?