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EverOut is The Mercury's new website devoted to things to do in Portland and across the Pacific Northwest. It has all the same things you're used to seeing from Mercury EverOut Staff, just in a new spot! You'll find nearly every in-person and online event happening in town, plus curated picks and guides. Follow us on Facebook for event updates.


  • How do I get an event listed in your calendar?
    Let us know about it here.

  • How far in advance do I need to submit an event?
    We request at least a week's notice, but we'll also take last-minute events!

  • I noticed an event has the words "promo copy" at the end of it. Is that a typo?
    No, that's not a typo. That's our indication that that event's description came from a press release or from the event organizer, because we always want you to know where our information is coming from if it's not from us. Most of the time, we write our own descriptions, but, if that hasn't happened yet, you'll see "promo copy" at the end.

  • I have another question that's not listed here. Can I call you?
    We're currently working off-site, so please email— us. We promise we'll see it!

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