Wm. Steven Humphrey

Wm. Steven Humphrey has been the editor-in-chief of the Portland Mercury since its birth in 2000. (Jeez... that's a long time!) He's also the author of the nationally syndicated column "I Love Television" (Never read it... any good?). He was one of the founding members of Seattle's The Stranger (Why is this information here? It's not relevant!), and is also an accomplished actor (I would dispute that) and playwright (Only idiots write plays). His many awards include receiving second place in the 155-165 lb. men's amateur division of the 1999 Reno Armwrestling Championship (HA! As if), taking second in the Etowah County High School Track Meet in polevaulting (Why does he lie?), and first place in the 1988 Emerging Playwrights Competition (Again, only idiots write plays). He is a cruel, but festive employer (that I can believe), and will probably work for the Mercury until he dies (anything we can do to move that along?).

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Take the Mercury's 2018 SEX SURVEY!

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Take the Mercury's 2018 SEX SURVEY!

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