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News Fri 11:30 AM

Another Suspected Heat-Related Death Pushes Oregon's Tally into Double Digits

During a wave of excessive temperatures, medical examiners across the state are investigating at least 16 deaths that may have been caused by the heat.

News Jul 11 3:00 PM

After Years of Stigma and Advocacy, a Willamette River Renaissance

A years-long push to increase access to the Willamette is paying off as more Portlanders turn to the river for recreation. Advocates say their work isn’t done yet.

News Jul 10 9:03 PM

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez Wants City to Rein in Public Comments Criticizing Police During Council Meetings

The city commissioner and candidate for mayor insists the city should no longer "platform abolitionists" by allowing comments about police brutality during council votes on legal matters.

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News Jul 10 7:48 AM

How a Super PAC Upended Portland’s 3rd Congressional District Race

Polling shows candidate Susheela Jayapal had an impressive lead in spring, before AIPAC spent big money to help Maxine Dexter defeat her.

News Jul 9 1:27 PM

UPDATED: Cooling Centers Reopen Tuesday Amid Deadly Heat Wave

Three sites will operate until 10 pm Tuesday, offering a place for people and pets to cool down. Water and snacks will be provided.

News Jul 4 8:03 AM

Muslim Woman Forced to Remove Hijab in Multnomah County Jail

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office failed to follow religious protocol. The missteps may have been illegal.

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News Jul 3 5:56 PM

Six Months Ahead of Official Government Transition, Portland Launches a Test Run

Six new deputy administrators will take over bureau administration as Portland commissioners take a step back.

City Council Race 2024 Jul 1 12:36 PM

Meet Your Portland 2024 Mayoral Candidates

Here's who wants to be Portland's next mayor.

News Jun 28 2:41 PM

What the Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Homelessness Means for Portland and Oregon

Portland must still abide by state law—policy which some experts say should be adopted by the entire nation.

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News Jun 28 7:30 AM

Portland Will Rev Up Parking, Vehicle Registration Enforcement

Parking fees won’t sustain PBOT, but transportation leaders say increased enforcement will boost public safety and the financial health of the bureau.

News Jun 26 12:43 PM

Candidate for Mayor Carmen Rubio Snaps Up Endorsement From Gov. Tina Kotek

Rubio is among a crowded field of mayoral candidates, including two other current city commissioners.

News Jun 25 4:07 PM

Home Forward and City of Portland Unveil 206 New Affordable Apartments in Southeast Portland

The Hazel Ying Lee apartment complex sits at the site of a former strip club on Powell Boulevard. It's the largest new construction project funded by the Portland Housing Bond.

News Jun 24 7:40 PM

Hundreds of Women Rally on Burnside Bridge For Reproductive Rights

The June 24 demonstration was part of a national women's strike planned around the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling against abortion rights.

News Jun 21 2:20 PM

Providence Nurses Say They've Been Barred From Work By Management Following Strike

Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority is overwhelmed by staffing complaints from health care workers across the state

News Jun 21 12:46 PM

Update: Providence Nurses Locked Out After Three-Day Strike

Nurses say Providence broke state law, prevented them from returning to work Friday after a strike

News Jun 20 12:20 PM

Activists Reignite the Battle for Oregon’s Old-Growth Timber

Using both the democratic process and a bit of civil disobedience, "forest protectors" rally to save ancient trees.

News Jun 19 6:09 PM

Women Across Portland and the US Encouraged to Strike on June 24

On the anniversary of a landmark Supreme Court decision, activists will line the Burnside Bridge to protest diminished reproductive rights and gender inequality.

News Jun 18 12:19 PM

How a Billionaire Philanthropist is Transforming Oregon Nonprofits

Windfall donations come as MacKenzie Scott gives away $640 million in 2024 via her charitable organization, Yield Giving.

News Jun 18 11:15 AM

Oregon's Legislative Landscape Supports LGBTQ+ Rights, But Is That Enough?

As the American legal landscape for LGBTQ+ residents 
grows hostile, Oregon works to enshrine rights for all.

City Council Race 2024 Jun 14 4:07 PM

Meet the Portland City Council Candidates: District 3

These candidates are running in the district located mostly in inner Southeast Portland.

News Jun 13 2:04 PM

As Portland's White Collar Employees Return to Offices, Janitors Push For Fair Wages, Benefits

Janitors with SEIU work at high-profile businesses like Nike and Intel, but their work is often unsung. Amid labor contract negotiations, they're rallying for living wages and benefits.

News Jun 11 4:45 PM

How a Food Bank Illuminated Cultural, Political Divides Over Gaza

The situation in Gaza has sent shockwaves through politics, universities, K-12 schools, and recently the Oregon Food Bank

News Jun 7 5:03 PM

He Isn't the DA Yet, but Nathan Vasquez Already Secured More County Money for Drug Prosecutions

Local groups cry foul after Vasquez scores backroom deal for drug prosecution funding.

City Council Race 2024 Jun 6 12:19 PM

Meet the Portland City Council Candidates: District 4

These candidates are running in the district composed of Portland's west side and some Southeast neighborhoods.

News May 30 8:30 AM

City Will Spend an Estimated $1.1 Million on Munitions, Shields, and Training For Police

Stockpiling weapons and the return of Portland's crowd control team is reigniting dialog about how police respond to protests.

News May 24 12:48 PM

Proposed Ballot Measure to Repeal Police Oversight Board Can Now Start Gathering Signatures, Judge Says

Judge greenlights police union initiative to scrap and replace Portland’s independent oversight board—which was approved by voters—after striking down a previous PPA measure.

News May 22 9:23 AM

Democrats Maxine Dexter and Janelle Bynum Pull Off Wins in Key Oregon Congressional Races

Both candidates will face Republican challengers in the November election. Dexter is expected to win the 3rd District this fall, while Bynum is hoping to flip the 5th District in the general election.

News May 22 7:11 AM

Update: DA Mike Schmidt Concedes in Primary Election Marked by Big Spending, Progressive Upsets

County commissioners race: Shannon Singleton, Vadim Mozyrsky, and Meghan Moyer advance to November runoff. Jessie Burke and Sam Adams nearly tied for second place in District 2.

News May 21 6:53 PM

It's the Mercury's 2024 Primary Election Night Live Blog!

All the parties, all the results, and all the election night DRAMAZ!

News May 18 12:45 PM

May Primary Will Test Portlanders’ Tolerance For Outside Spending On Local Elections

Portland voters have tried to get big money out of local politics for years, but it has poured into Congressional races this spring.

News May 17 3:15 PM

As Maxine Dexter Touts Progressive Values, Conservative Donors are Flooding Her Campaign Coffers

With the election to determine who will take over Oregon's 3rd House District just days away, will Maxine Dexter's flood of opaque donations impact the race?

News May 17 12:54 PM

The Top Six Mercury Stories to Read Before Filling Out Your Ballot!

Election Day is this Tuesday, May 21—want to stop the conservative wave trying to hijack local and state races? We've got information you need to know.

News May 17 8:23 AM

What Multnomah County Voters Could Learn From Others Who Ousted Progressive DAs

Voters’ fears over crime and safety often fuel election outcomes. Evidence shows prosecutors have little impact on crime rates.

News May 16 3:40 PM

County Commissioner Candidate Saw More Than $40K Funneled to Her Husband by a Board She Oversees

Jessie Burke's vision and methods for Old Town’s rebirth have raised eyebrows. Meanwhile, her group has been accused of being hostile toward homeless service organizations.

News May 15 8:00 AM

Portland Transportation and Climate Groups Sue Over I-5 Expansion Plan

The five plaintiffs say the Oregon Department of Transportation's I-5 Rose Quarter project goes against city and regional climate plans. They also say it’s a bad way to spend $1.9 billion.

News May 10 1:35 PM

Portland Japanese Garden Employees Announce Union

After employees revealed glaring pay disparity and racially insensitive behavior, they hope union representation will alleviate workplace concerns.

News May 9 8:49 AM

Portland Approves New Public Camping Ordinance, After Facing Legal Pressure

The new rules no longer restrict camping hours, but still include fines and jail for non-compliance if a person refuses available shelter.

News May 8 11:15 AM

Industrial Northwest Redevelopment Plan Includes Streetcar Extension and Housing

The Montgomery Park Area draft plan envisions a new neighborhood in an underutilized part of the city.

News May 8 7:40 AM

Dark Money Casts a Shadow on Maxine Dexter’s Campaign

In one of Oregon’s most progressive congressional districts, anonymous super PAC money and tensions over Israel’s war in Gaza have taken the spotlight.

News May 2 6:42 PM

Police Arrest 30 During Portland State University Library Raid and Ongoing Protest

As cops swarm the urban campus to disband a days-long occupation, teachers denounce police response to campus protests across Oregon.

News Apr 30 9:35 AM

Pro-Palestine Protesters Occupy PSU Library; Police Say Arrests are Imminent

As colleges around Oregon and the US stage occupation-style demonstrations, a library takeover at Portland State University prompts calls for protesters to leave peacefully, amid threats of prosecution.

News Apr 29 12:30 PM

Portland Freight Train Derailment Spotlights Transportation and Environmental Risks

A Union Pacific freight train derailed on the east end of Portland's Steel Bridge Monday, halting traffic for several hours. Advocates say it could've been a lot worse.

News Apr 25 4:15 PM

What Would You Do With $15 Million of City Money? Petition Would Give Portlanders a Say

If a participatory budgeting campaign gets off the ground, residents would be able to spend 2 percent—about $15 million—of the city’s budget each year on community projects.

News Apr 25 11:24 AM

City Council Formulates New Public Camping Rules For the Unhoused; Gonzalez’s Plan Rejected

Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s idea to hand policy control to the mayor and fine houseless people up to $1K was shot down in a 3-2 vote.

News Apr 19 5:30 PM

Commissioners Introduce Dueling Homeless Ordinances; Experts Say None Get to the Root of the Problem

Mayoral candidates Gonzalez, Mapps, and Rubio have unveiled starkly different ordinances for regulating camping in Portland, as the city tries to fix legal issues with its prior rules.

News Apr 19 2:23 PM

With Scant Evidence, City Commissioners Point to Fentanyl as Potential Contributor to Rise in Deadly Crashes

Transportation advocates say putting the blame on victims is a distraction from the real causes of traffic deaths.

News Apr 18 2:20 PM

Despite Record-High Traffic Crash Deaths, PBOT Leaders Say Vision Zero Is Working

Advocates who have been tracking the city’s response to traffic fatalities aren’t so sure.

News Apr 17 12:45 PM

Portland Will Pay Nearly $1.6 Million for Independent Monitor to Oversee City's Compliance With DOJ Settlement

Mark P. Smith & Associates will take over monitoring of Portland Police Bureau’s adherence to federal directives. The team includes a former violence prevention leader for the city.

News Apr 17 8:30 AM

New Plan Seeks to Help Lower Southeast Portland “Rise”

The Lower Southeast Rising Plan would add transit access, infrastructure and more housing. Residents worry it could transform neighborhood affordability and character.

News Apr 12 2:03 PM

Public Pleas to Save Portland Street Response Dominate City Budget Session

As Portland prepares to slash bureau budgets ahead of 2024-25 fiscal year, residents make their case for investments in alternative response programs and gun violence reduction.

News Apr 9 8:30 AM

Frustrated with Biden’s Stance on Gaza, Activists Want Voters to Write “Uncommitted” on Their Ballots

Oregon Democrats are encouraged to cast protest votes in the May primary election. State officials say it may not work as intended.

News Apr 6 8:00 AM

Mayor Wheeler Revises Homeless Plan In Attempt to Avoid Legal Challenges

This time, he may have the support of a commissioner who previously cast the lone "no" vote.

News Apr 4 3:55 PM

City of Portland to Form a Designated Climate Commission

The Sustainability and Climate Commission will be the missing half of the now-dissolved Planning and Sustainability Commission. Advocates hope it will be an influential voice for strong climate policy.

News Apr 4 8:00 AM

Mayor Wheeler’s Office Pledges to Support, Sustain Portland Street Response

Former city commissioner and program founder chastises “poor leadership” for the popular emergency response team’s lack of growth.

News Apr 3 7:45 AM

Portland is Updating its Tree Management Plan, Last Edited in 2004

The city is poised to update its Urban Forest Management Plan, modernizing it for a changing climate and funding landscape.

News Apr 2 9:45 PM

Asylum Seekers in Portland Could Face Homelessness While They Await a Government Decision

At least 20 families filing for asylum could be out on the street soon, as funds for temporary shelter dry up.

News Apr 2 9:00 AM

Update: Man Stabbed to Death on MAX Train Was Commuting Home From Work

Michael Brady was killed Friday, March 29. The suspect later told police he heard voices and hadn't taken medication for a mental health condition in months.

News Mar 29 2:30 PM

Portland’s Government Transition Team Wants Your Input on Future Council Operations

Charter reform will usher in a wave of new processes and transform how City Council conducts business.

News Mar 28 10:37 AM

Within Three Years, Five Portland Officers Shot Eight People

Watchdogs, legal groups say repeated deadly force incidents are alarming. Portland Police Bureau says it’s a byproduct of high-risk job assignments.

News Mar 26 5:35 PM

Portland Elections Office Finds Zenith Energy Violated City Lobbying Rules

Activists hope the findings will substantiate their concerns about Zenith's operations and promote further action against the oil transport company.

News Mar 21 12:30 PM

Portland Preservationists Think the Future of New Housing is in Old Buildings

At a recent City Council meeting, members of Portland’s Historic Landmarks Commission asked elected officials to rethink the "new build" approach to housing production.

News Mar 20 12:21 PM

Portland Police Will Get Premium Pay for Joining New Crowd Control Team

Amid lingering criticisms and lawsuits stemming from the 2020 protests, the city approved a 6 percent pay bump for new public order team officers.

News Mar 14 12:50 PM

Auditors: Future of Historic Kenton Firehouse in Jeopardy After Mismanagement

A new report finds a city bureau failed to oversee management of the building. A state politician has been using the city-owned building rent-free since 2022.

News Mar 14 8:00 AM

City, County Leaders Unveil Plans to Cut Homeless Count By Half. Not Everyone Is On Board.

Joint efforts would see about $57 million spent to open 1,000 more shelter beds and a sobering center.

News Mar 13 8:00 AM

Despite Funding Windfalls, the Future of the Rose Quarter I-5 Project Remains Uncertain

ODOT says funding for freeway project could transform the Albina neighborhood. Critics say the transportation agency should cap the freeway to restore Albina— no need for more lanes on I-5.

News Mar 11 8:00 AM

Portland Eyes Another Round of Water and Sewer Rate Hikes

If approved, Portland households would pay 6.24 percent more for water and sewer services, starting July 1. The Portland Utility Board has questions.

Street View Mar 8 11:50 AM

STREET VIEW: “The Bike Lanes That Drive Everybody Crazy”

Portland needs a more clear-eyed vision for transportation.

News Mar 7 5:15 PM

Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Adopts Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution

County leaders unanimously approved a resolution after amendments, contentious back-and-forth between commissioners and the public

News Mar 7 12:45 PM

Grab-and-Go Food and Beverage Kiosks at the Moda Center Spark OLCC Inquiry

Stores using Amazon technology to sell self-service alcohol are trying to comply with state laws. One employee says it’s not going well.

News Mar 6 8:00 AM

UPDATED: Loud, Polluting Leaf Blowers Are on Their Way Out of Portland

Portland City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to ban gas-powered leaf blowers starting in 2026.

News Mar 1 6:20 PM

Multnomah County Commissioners Poised to Vote on Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution

The resolution, introduced by Commissioner Lori Stegmann, has been in the works for the last month. But pro-Palestine organizers are disappointed by what they see as a watered-down statement.

News Feb 29 2:11 PM

Portlanders Gather for Community Vigil After Death of Nex Benedict

Non-binary teen’s death in Oklahoma sparked questions about school bullying, while shining a light on the needs of LGBTQ+ youth

News Feb 28 1:15 PM

Update: Multnomah County Animal Services Clarifies its Euthanasia Practices Following Policy Changes and Questions

Amid long-standing capacity limitations and a lengthy list of audit recommendations, some say the county's animal shelter problems reflect broader government dysfunction.

City Council Race 2024 Feb 27 8:36 AM

Here's Who's Running for Portland City Council in 2024

As the city gears up for a new government structure and a 12-person council, candidates are kicking off campaigns for a pivotal 2024 election.

News Feb 26 4:15 PM

Parkrose High School Students Speak Out Against Planned Freight Development

After years of neglect and environmental injustice, Northeast Portland teens want to turn the tide on plans for a diesel warehouse they say will pollute their school neighborhood

News Feb 23 4:28 PM

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Tank Portland’s New Police Accountability Board

A pro-cop attorney wants voters to throw out a police oversight measure approved in 2020, and return to the status quo.

News Feb 21 6:45 PM

Charter Reform: City Approves Lucrative Salary, Severance Packages for Temporary Managers

Portland's new governing structure calls for a handful of deputy city administrators. Commissioners aren't sure they can recruit them.

News Feb 20 4:00 PM

Portland Rideshare Drivers Call for Government Reform to Fix Unfair Working Conditions

Workers cite low pay, a lack of fare transparency, and differences in worker protections in Oregon and Washington. Advocates say the path to change is through government action.

News Feb 15 2:05 PM

At Long Last, Portland's Bike Ridership Is on the Mend. What Now?

After an alarming report last year revealed a major drop in cycling, Portland’s bike advocates want to change the narrative.

News Feb 14 1:28 PM

Emergency Warming Shelters Opening Wednesday Night

Multnomah County announces four shelters and extra beds will open around the region as snow is predicted for some areas

News Feb 13 2:04 PM

Despite Being Safe From Deep Budget Cuts, Fire Bureau Puts Mental Health Services on Chopping Block

Amid ballooning firefighter overtime and retirement costs, Portland Fire & Rescue looks to slash Portland Street Response funding.

News Feb 10 5:49 PM

Former Pro Wrestler Arrested on Suspicion of Shooting Wife in Couple's Lents Home

William A. Haynes, AKA Billy Jack Haynes, in custody after standoff with police at Southeast Portland home where Janette Becraft was found dead

News Feb 9 12:15 PM

Commissioner Rubio Faces Pushback for Proposal to Support Portland Street Response with Clean Energy Funds

Rubio has offered PSR a lifeline from the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Critics say Rubio is treating PCEF like a slush fund to boost her political aspirations.

News Feb 8 6:15 AM

Portland Aims to Have 780 Village-Style Shelter Beds Open by End of 2024

New humanitarian operations director says city will prioritize wraparound services to get people out of shelter and into housing.

News Feb 6 7:00 AM

Darcelle XV Plaza, Formerly O’Bryant Square, Ignites Heated Debate About Public Space

The blighted downtown site is scheduled to make a comeback in 2025. Some worry plans are being heavily steered by the nearby Ritz-Carlton and other private interests.

News Feb 5 5:19 PM

Multnomah County Commissioners Clash Over Fentanyl Emergency Declaration

Commissioner Sharon Meieran blasts 90-day fentanyl emergency as "baloney resolution" with no mechanism for results

News Feb 1 3:15 PM

PBOT Reveals Plan for Major 82nd Avenue Redesign

The transportation bureau released draft design documents for the dangerous east Portland arterial, showing potential for significant change on the street.

News Feb 1 1:40 PM

Rene Gonzalez Holds Sizable Fundraising Lead in Portland Mayor’s Race

With the city's Small Donor Elections program facing a budget shortfall, campaigns may have to adjust their strategy ahead of a pivotal election.

News Jan 29 11:55 AM

New Report Highlights Major Gaps in Portland Region's Shelter, Housing, and Services for LGBTQ+ Residents

Despite Portland's reputation as a queer-friendly city, barriers to housing and shelter leave vulnerable people displaced.

News Jan 25 5:35 PM

Dan Ryan Will Run for City Council in District 2

While his colleagues run for mayor, Ryan is aiming to continue serving as a city council member.

News Jan 25 12:54 PM

As Crime and Murder Rates Drop in Portland, Mayor Wheeler Pushes a New Narrative

As the Rose City reports a recent decline in gun violence and violent crime, the mayor and police chief say the city is “on the right track.” Will it be enough to convince the naysayers?

News Jan 25 11:00 AM

“Portland Cannot Wait”: City Council Will Refer Gas Tax Renewal to the May Ballot

Portland transportation leaders see the 10-cent per gallon gas tax as flawed, but necessary. Whether it’s renewed for another four years is now in voters’ hands.

News Jan 24 7:30 PM

Activists Disrupt Portland City Council Meeting, Demand Cease-Fire Resolution

Other major US cities, like Atlanta, Detroit, and Providence, have passed resolutions calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

News Jan 24 7:30 AM

Portland City Council to Mull High-Stakes Gas Tax Renewal

The 10-cent per gallon Fixing Our Streets gas tax has been an integral part of PBOT's budget since 2016. It's even more important now.

News Jan 23 10:54 AM

Key Hire In City’s New Management Team Announced, to the Surprise of City Leaders

Rene Gonzalez appointed a former fire chief to oversee Portland’s public safety bureaus. The mayor’s office says the move was premature.

News Jan 19 3:38 PM

Portland Takes Rehab on the Road

Following in the footsteps of Maryland and California, Portland Fire & Rescue unveils mobile opioid use treatment program administered by paramedics.

News Jan 19 1:30 PM

Portland's Plan To Spur Housing Development by Relaxing Regulations Has Political Implications

The code change discussions underscored key differences amongst Portland City Council members— some of whom are competing for the mayoral seat this year.

News Jan 16 2:56 PM

UPDATE: Warming Shelters Will Remain Open Tuesday Night

Medical examiner now investigating four suspected hypothermia deaths as county braces for freezing rain.

News Jan 16 2:32 PM

UPDATED: Power Restored For Most Households Amid Severe Winter Weather

At least 31,000 PGE customers still without power early Tuesday afternoon. TriMet has resumed MAX Blue Line operations, but all other light rail lines remain suspended.