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Multnomah County Renews Effort to Ban Flavored Nicotine Products

Health officials believe the ban could limit the number of youth who start using nicotine through flavored products.

Slabtown New Seasons Workers Join Push for Independent Union

The location is the fourth New Seasons store in the Portland metro area to file to unionize in the past three months.

News Tue 12:01 PM

One Cooling Center to Open in Portland Amid High Heat

At least one cooling center will open Wednesday in Old Town

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News Aug 12 10:00 AM

Q & A: An Expert on Right-Wing Extremism on the Outcome of Patriot Prayer Criminal Cases

"When punishment doesn’t happen it sends a green light to these groups that it's permissible."

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News Aug 11 2:35 PM

Health Officials Urge Awareness as Monkeypox Outbreak is Declared in Oregon

While most cases are currently amongst gay and bisexual men, “anyone who has skin is susceptible to this virus.”

News Aug 11 11:17 AM

Multnomah County Voters Will Weigh in On Voting Rights, Jail Inspections, and Ranked Choice Voting This November

Multnomah County Commissioners approved all seven of the proposed county charter amendments Thursday

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News Aug 7 12:03 PM

UPDATE: Two Cooling Centers to Open Sunday in Portland

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for Multnomah County Sunday through Monday.

News Aug 4 5:41 PM

Man Arrested for 2019 Murder of Sean Kealiher

The arrest comes after a long, at times contentious investigation into Kealiher's murder.

News Aug 2 12:30 PM

Know Your Neighbors

The city is turning to neighborhood emergency teams to fill in the gaps in the region's heat wave response.

Books Aug 2 11:00 AM

Killer Prophets?

Leah Sottile's When the Moon Turns to Blood Examines Mormon Extremism at the Roots of Alleged Murders

News Aug 1 3:46 PM

Patriot Prayer Brawler Sentenced to Three Days in Jail

A judge has allowed Lewis to serve the three days in jail non-consecutively and at his convenience.

News Jul 29 12:27 PM

UPDATED: Five Cooling Shelters to Open During Heatwave

Four overight cooling shelters will remain open through at least Sunday morning.