Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones writes the gossip column, THE TRASH REPORT, as well as movie reviews, and dinosaur stuff. She likes your lipstick.

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THE TRASH REPORT: Sequels on Sequels on Sequels! Also: Danglin'.

The funniest, trashiest gossip of the week... which you will laugh at, okay?


Target Is Canonically Gay! Did the Founding Fathers Kiss Dudes?

THE TRASH REPORT: Commence Tiny Bitch Summer!

Line up for your bowl of the week's hottest (and trashiest) gossip!

The Trash Report Jun 3 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Trump's Tacky Conviction, ScarJo's Miscalculation, and To Be Chosen by a Bat

Look out, summer... here comes a hot pile of steaming, gossip-y garbage.

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The Trash Report May 6 9:50 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Beetlejuicin' Boebert, Pappin' Pitt, and Misogyny in General

Put on those rubber gloves and let's dig into this week's stinkiest gossip!

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The Trash Report Apr 22 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Presidents, Poets, Josh Hartnett, and YOU!

Time to dig into this week's pile of hot, garbage-y gossip!

The Trash Report Apr 15 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: On Volcanic Embarrassment and Board Game Movies, With Turkey Vengeance!

Let's dig deep into this week's pile of the hottest gossip!

Say Nice Things 2024 Apr 12 3:46 AM

Portland’s Cutest Creatures

Let’s say nice things about the city’s most adorable critters!

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The Trash Report Apr 8 10:01 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: The Rock on Biden, The Sun on Getting Shaded, and Check Etiquette With Billionaire Friends

Let's go, Trash Pandas! It's time to dig DEEP into this week's trashiest gossip.

The Trash Report Apr 1 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: It's Beyoncé's World, Rudy Giuliani is Just Deteriorating In It

Let's go, trash pandas! It's time to dig through this week's heap of hot gossip.

The Trash Report Mar 18 11:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: George Santos on Taylor Swift, Me on Oprah, and Cops on Hot Mics

All the latest gossip... sterilized for your protection.

The Trash Report Mar 11 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Hollywood DC's Biggest Night, It's the State of the Academy Awards!

Line up for this week's bottomless barrel of gossip-y trash.

The Trash Report Mar 4 9:59 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Kicking off Women's History with Jilly, Billie, Riri, and More!

All the "surge" gossip you need—without the "surge" pricing!

The Trash Report Feb 26 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Am I a Moon? Because I Want to Rotate Around Your Celestial Body! (And Other News.)

Time to blast off with another edition of the trashiest gossip of the week!