Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones writes the gossip column, THE TRASH REPORT, as well as movie reviews, and dinosaur stuff. She likes your lipstick.

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The Trash Report Jan 15 9:45 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Weather, Water, and What Did She Say??

Warm up with this blazing can of flaming, gossip-y trash.

The Trash Report Jan 8 9:56 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Airplanes Aren't Cute but Your Boyfriend Could Be

New year, new trash—let's dig in to the week's hottest gossip.

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The Trash Report Dec 26 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: The Best Trash of 2023!

Let's dig into 2023's trash can to find the best gossip-y garbage of the year!

The Trash Report Dec 18 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Royal Fingers, Chalamet's Charm, and Dakota Johnson vs. Penguins

Toot-Toot! All aboard the gossip train for a tour of this week's hottest garbage.

The Trash Report Dec 11 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Bad and Better Billionaires, Connor Roy v. Pizza, and Relationship-a-palooza!

Let's go, trash pandas! It's time for the week's stinkiest gossip!

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The Trash Report Nov 27 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: School is Back, Beyonce's Here, Cher Came to Party, and Hall Still Loves Oates

Rubber gloves on—it's time to dig through this week's most garbage-y gossip.

The Trash Report Nov 20 9:58 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: Old Politicians, Old Influencers, Old Beefs, and Me!

Put on your elastic waist pants—we're gobbling down the week's most delicious trash.

Holiday Guide 2023 Nov 15 4:02 AM

The Great Santa Debate

Should you confess to your kids about Santa? The pros and cons of the biggest lie of the holiday season.

The Trash Report Oct 30 10:00 AM

THE TRASH REPORT: On Republican D-Bags, Bagpipes, and Celebrity Halloween Horrors

Time to dig deep into the waste receptacle of week's filthiest gossip.