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Movies & TV May 7 4:09 PM

Evil Does Not Exist Is About Glamping and Other Forces Beyond Our Control

The new film from Drive My Car director Ryūsuke Hamaguchi strays from the clean conservationist message that would typically accompany such beautiful cinema of the natural world.

Movies & TV May 3 5:00 PM

New Life Is a Scrappy Portland-Shot Sci-Fi Horror That Tears Through the Soul

John Rosman’s fantastic feature debut marks him as an exciting new filmmaker.

Movies & TV Apr 17 10:15 AM

The Hype About The People’s Joker Is Entirely Warranted

The hilarious debut feature from Vera Drew parodies comic book icons to tell a trans coming out story.

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Movies & TV Apr 10 11:00 AM

The Beast Is a Sci-Fi Time-Traveling Romance Alive With the Anxiety of 2024

Bertrand Bonello crammed so much into this film that it threatens to tear at the seams, but Seydoux’s and MacKay’s chemistry holds it together.

Movies & TV Mar 15 11:30 AM

Film Review: Problemista Is a Bizarre, but Surprisingly Honest, Movie About US Immigration

The comedy genius behind Los Espookys and that SNL "Papyrus" sketch, Julio Torres' first feature is queer, surreal, and over the top.

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Movies & TV Mar 12 1:00 PM

Film Review: Love Lies Bleeding Is a Bold Newcomer to the Erotic Thriller Canon

Director Rose Glass’ second film tells the sleazy, sexy story of two star-crossed sapphic lovers.

Movies & TV Feb 27 2:04 PM

Film Review: Hold Your Water, Dune: Part Two Is Worth the Wait

Denis Villeneuve crushes our senses beneath the magnificence of space opera scale and spectacle.

Movies & TV Feb 21 4:05 PM

Film Review: In The Taste of Things Simple Pleasures Shine

Trần Anh Hùng’s portrait of 19th century French countryside haute cuisine sizzles with scintillating restraint.

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Movies & TV Nov 15 12:30 PM

Film Review: Todd Haynes' May December Is a Lifetime Movie With a Semiotics Degree

This holiday season, Julianne Moore gives us one of cinema's greatest lisps.

Movies & TV Nov 6 2:00 PM

Should You Eat an Edible Before Seeing Priscilla?

Sofia Coppola's Priscilla Presley biopic is a great stoner flick. Hear me out.

Movies & TV Oct 18 4:00 PM

See Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour as Big as You Can

The movie version of the exorbitantly-priced stadium show is an equalizer.

Movies & TV Oct 6 8:00 AM

David Byrne Takes Over Tomorrow Theater's Opening Weekend

A look inside the renovated former adult movie house that Portland Art Museum turned into a 250-seat movie and performance venue.

Movies & TV Sep 1 2:45 PM

Bottoms Is the Horny Gay Teen Comedy of My Dreams

Also worth noting: Former Seahawks running back—and Portland restaurateur—Marshawn Lynch is amazing in his supportive acting role.

Movies & TV Aug 23 1:00 PM

Six Records for Rotation Before The Elephant 6 Recording Co.

C.B. Stockfleth's new documentary digs into the '90s music collective behind Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, and the Minders.

Movies & TV Aug 1 4:30 PM

The Agony and Ecstasy of the Portland 48-Hour Film Project

What's fun about making a short film, in an extreme time crunch, on no sleep?

Movies & TV Jul 20 4:40 PM

Barbenheimer: A Purely Scientific Review of Two Very Dissimilar Films

We compared Barbie and Oppenheimer on their reframing of iffy history, portrayal of the legal system, ken-ergy, and HORSES.

Movies & TV Jun 27 10:01 AM

Clinton Street Theater's Hanabi Japanese Film Festival Celebrates Cult Cinema and Local Businesses

See Tampopo on the big screen, while snacking on goods from nearby Japanese convenience store Kashiwagi.

Movies & TV Jun 12 12:00 PM

Director Celine Song Talks About Her Stunning Debut Film, Past Lives

We also chatted about cannibalism, memory, and what comes next.

Movies & TV Jun 8 1:41 PM

What Does MoviePass 2.0 Mean for Local Theaters?

Local cinemas may not have agreed to be part of this reincarnated movie subscription service—but they're going along for the ride anyway.

Movies & TV May 3 11:58 AM

Film Q & A: Wild Life Questions Conservation and Capitalism

The new documentary from the directors of Free Solo paints complicated portraits of former Patagonia and North Face executives Kris and Doug Tompkins.

Movies & TV Apr 20 3:58 PM

Beau Is Afraid Is a Painting of a Panic Attack

Ari Aster releases history’s most unchill film on 4/20 .

Movies & TV Apr 11 12:00 PM

Film Q & A: Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up Was Shot at the Oregon College of Art and Craft—After It Closed

The director shot her latest film in Portland, collaborating again with writer Jon Raymond and actress Michelle Williams.

Movies & TV Apr 5 10:00 AM

Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is a Dazzling Journey as Hollow as a Big, Green Pipe

While it may have exceptional CGI, Nintendo fans are dragged along on a mediocre journey.

Culture Mar 3 7:29 AM

Workers at Portland's Living Room Theaters Vote to Form an Independent Union

Following an unfair labor picket in January, the movie theater staff voted to form United Cinema Workers.

Movies & TV Feb 10 10:58 AM

Somebody I Used to Know Is a Polyamory Bait Switch

Also swapping, Oregon plays Washington in this charming romantic comedy.

Movies & TV Feb 9 12:05 PM

Audrey Hepburn Before the Death of the Rom-Com

Cinema 21 celebrates the romantic comedy with Hepburn films all February.

Movies & TV Jan 13 12:16 PM

Portland EcoFilm Festival Reckons with Climate Crisis

Opening weekend takes us deep into the lives of people and animals on the front lines of a changing climate.

News Jan 10 2:57 PM

Living Room Theaters Employees Picket in Downtown Portland

Staff say they were told not to discuss a coworker's termination at work or outside of work.

Movies & TV Dec 30 3:52 PM

The Mercury's Favorite Films of 2022

The cannibalism movie, the broke millennial gay Pride and Prejudice, and the instant Internet classic all made the list.

Movies & TV Dec 20 1:00 PM

Film Review: Avatar: The Way of Water Is Peak Immersive Filmmaking

Will a post-pandemic audience be invested in a story from 13 years ago and, furthermore, devote three hours of their time for it?

Movies & TV Dec 8 2:38 PM

It Took a Village (of Portland Animators) to Raise Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

Our city is home to some of the world's most talented animation staff, and they're the ones who built Pinocchio's bones.

Movies & TV Dec 7 1:02 PM

Film Review: I Am DB Cooper Crashes To Earth

In this dubious documentary, a man claims to be the mysterious plane hijacker who parachuted to unsolved infamy in 1971.

Movies & TV Dec 1 2:02 PM

Hollywood Adds Encore Matinee of Susperia With Live Score by Claudio Simonetti's Goblin

The 1977 Italian horror film will be scored live by the latest incarnation of the prog band who wrote the original score.

Movies & TV Nov 22 3:14 PM

John Waters Will Celebrate His 77th Birthday in Portland

Clinton Street Theater has planned a week of Waters' cult films in his honor.

Movies & TV Nov 21 2:58 PM

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Dances With Darkness

Brilliant Portland-made animation, masterful narrative reworking, but could have gone harder on the fascism.

Movies & TV Nov 2 12:48 PM

Don't Call Mother Of Color Magic Realism

The first feature film from Dawn Jones Redstone is as much about Portland (including a protest reenactment) as it is about ancestors and enchantment.

Movies & TV Oct 20 2:05 PM

Building Towards TÁR

Portland-raised director Todd Field was best known, before now, for his acclaimed In the Bedroom.

Movies & TV Oct 10 1:00 PM

Remembering Film Archivist and Former Clinton Street Theater Owner Dennis Nyback

The Mercury once described Nyback as "the P.T. Barnum of Cinema."

Movies & TV Sep 30 2:27 PM

Film Review: Riotsville, U.S.A. Is a Surreal History Lesson on the Militarization of the US Police

Archival footage shows racism was at the core of how law enforcement responds to riots today.

Sports Sep 30 10:18 AM

Review: A New Documentary Shines Light on Abuse Within the Portland Thorns and Women's Soccer

Truth Be Told–The Fight For Women’s Professional Soccer focuses on former Thorns coach Paul Riley and other scandals that rocked the league.

Movies & TV Sep 28 12:00 PM

Film Review: Vesper Is Superb Science Fiction

The makers of Vanishing Waves return with another beautifully bleak masterpiece.

Movies & TV Sep 23 12:45 PM

Earth II Is Four Decades of Disaster Movies Recut Into Climate Change Reality

"Time and time again, climate change is reduced to just a tsunami or just a twister or whatever."

Movies & TV Sep 13 1:30 PM

Queen Latifah's End of the Road Is a Horror Movie about MAGA Country

Don't be fooled by the Netflix misclassification—this is a zombie movie about Trumpers.

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 12 8:06 AM

A Decade of the Portland Film Festival

Milestones be damned, PFF wants its own movie theater.

Movies & TV Sep 2 12:50 PM

Portland Playhouse Returns to the Short, Local Films of Wonderland

Short films are where the filmmakers of tomorrow are being born.

Movies & TV Aug 30 2:22 PM

For National Cinema Day SOME Portland Movie Theaters Will Offer $3 Admission

Are movie theaters that you like participating in this new, national tradition?

Movies & TV Aug 3 11:00 AM

Sam Now Documents a Stunning Family Mystery

Half-Brothers Spend Decades Trailing a Mother's Unexpected Departure

Movies & TV Mar 1 10:00 AM

Silence on the Set: Claims of Harassment and Assault Within Portland’s Film Community

Multiple women have spoken to the Mercury about being allegedly harassed by actor Christian Kane while working on Portland-area productions. Another said she was assaulted by actor Timothy Hutton following a production.