Sometimes I think about that hot summer day where my ex and I were out day drinking, and on our way walking home she had to pee so bad she dropped trou in a strangers yard over in NW Portland and just let it all go. I don't even remember any more if that was something that happed or something I imagined.

I come from the future where we buried capital and colony, and secured enduring peace and plenty through eternal revolution. It boggles my mind that not only are such atrocities as poverty wantonly inflicted, but the way-of-things in America *depends* on that cruelty. The reserve army of labor exists solely to depress the price of labor, and labor only has a price as a result of normalized wage slavery. You call the originators of these policies and practices “the government” but it sure seems a lot more like a well-armed pageantry preventing governance from occurring.

I used to love kids. I was a career nanny for a long time. I grew up in farm country and so was tasked with watching my newborn cousins beginning when I was 12, while my relatives worked our farm. It wasn't always easy but I loved caring for and interacting with little beings. As I got older and life posed the stress and responsibility that comes with being an adult, I came to hold dear the experience of spending time with kids- seeing the world as new through their eyes, seeing them grow and change, being in the moment with them. It was deeply meaningful to me. Now I look at kids and feel depressed. No, it's not the worry of global warming or the like. It's how they are now. Most kids, it seems, are used to a level of artificial stimulation that is stunting their ability to just be. They strike me as weird little fucked up adults- demanding, frustrated, socially inept. My best guess is that it's the result of our culture largely, and specifically, very probably, the result of their parents being tied to the cell phones, social media, multi-tasking, a 40 plus hour work week, rush hour traffic, gross preoccupation with appearing to be successful, consumerism..... and on and on. I am so glad I did not have kids in this world. That choice was taken from me as a result of health reasons, but I think it was for the best.

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why are portland streets IN THE BUSIEST PARTS OF TOWN so destroyed? do citizens not complain enough to do something about it? why am i paying taxes for drivable streets AND for my cars destroyed suspension? does the city not realize how expensive suspension repairs are on top of everything else in this now criminally expensive city costs? fix the streets or fix my suspension. i can tell you which one will be cheaper when you consider how many people are probably also pissed off about this.

I, Anonymous Jul 15 12:25 PM


I am 81 years old and thinking of running away from home. You see I live in a maladapted and abusive family. And I just can’t take it anymore. My home is the United States of America. My family consists of the people of that country. We have a lot of father figures in my home. Actually, the only figures that seem to matter to my many siblings are the father figures. There are the political leaders, the clergymen, the chief executives of corporations, and media personalities. They are all my adoptive dads. They mistreat me constantly, taking away my hard-earned privileges and telling me lies every time they open their mouths. And they always keep the best food for themselves. My moms are mostly quiet, cooking and cleaning and giving me a steady stream of new brothers and sisters. They are sometimes quite loving, but easily cowed. My moms and dads argue all the time, and sometimes the arguments get physical. Dads don’t like it when moms get assertive. To make matters worse, my brothers and sisters hate one another. And they have guns. Does anyone know the phone number for Children’s Protective Services?

Like I love him but I do not like who he is as a person and for the first time I am experiencing how these two feelings can mutually coexist at the same time. Kinda crazy but he irks me. All he does is irks me. I tried to leave once but that didnt stick. I would love for a meteor to fall out of the sky and simply take me away

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Alien butthole Elon Musk announced today that he fully supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Rapist Trump. Because his $80,000 birth control method, otherwise known as the Cybertruck, did not create enough of a stir, Musk, known for his junior high school grade attention-seeking behaviors, apparently feels he must fan the flames of repugnance. My little sister is a total asshole. She also happens to be a liberal. An outspoken, judgemental high horse of a gal. And she drives a Model S Tesla. Last I visited her, I wore a mask in her car, as it was the peak of Covid. She did not. She instead made the asinine assurance that the Tesla filtration system is so great that it can even protect folks inside from toxins emitted from a nuclear bomb. When she tested positive for Covid later that day, I knew I had a certified ding dong on my hands. I also came down with a gnarly case of Covid. That was the first chapter in a book called, It Turns Out My Sister Deserved The Poop I Put in Her Pillowcase When We Were Kids. I'm now working on a sequel called, Asshole Drives Bigot Car.

As a registered independent, I think both political parties are terrible. And I think both presidential candidates are terrible, and the third party candidate is terrible too. But I'll give credit to the Democrats. At least they're willing to admit their candidate is terrible and try to fix it. Alas, like most Democrat ideas, it probably sounds good in theory but they're too spineless to pull it off.

Americans will elect their president this coming November. The race is coming down to a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the current and former presidents. And yet, most Americans do not want either of these men to be their next leader. Mr. Biden is widely perceived to be too old, physically frail, and cognitively impaired. On the other hand, Mr. Trump is widely recognized as incredibly stupid, unquestionably crazy, viciously hateful, wildly bigoted, and totally self-serving. And he is almost as old as Mr. Biden. Some choice, eh? Republicans had several competitors in the early primaries, but there was little doubt that Mr. Trump would prevail, and he did quite handily. Mr. Biden had no primary opponents. He simply declared himself a candidate and the choice was made. In what sense did Americans meaningfully participate in selecting either of these men? Not one little bit. Party leaders decide who enters primaries, who receives meaningful endorsements, and who will be adequately funded. It has nothing to do with what the American people want. Everyone in the country, not in a coma, knew the weaknesses of both candidates. And yet they were the hands-down choices of their parties. The American people are offered the illusion of choice. They are made to think that they live in a democracy. But they don’t have choices and they do not live in a functioning democracy. They only have false choices.

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Trump is a fascist slumlord rapist but, look, if I also had a chance to overthrow a government known around the world as “The Great Satan”, I’d probably take it. Of course, I’m not a fascist, slumlord, or rapist, so I doubt our sense of social transformation much overlaps.

The smart money is on Trump to beat Biden in November. How can a buffoon like Trump beat anyone? Yes, Biden is old and not as sharp as he once was. But given the team around him, he would do better than Trump even if he were completely addled. Trump’s presidency was a disaster. He grossly mishandled the economy, adding an enormous amount to the deficit. He botched the response to the pandemic, leading to hundreds of thousands of needless American deaths. He lied incessantly, even about petty issues, and promoted his self-interest over that of the country. He was and is a hateful bigot whose only interest in life is to secure whatever he desires in the moment. And his plainly stated yearning is to rule as an autocrat in a one-party fascist state. Trump was impeached twice in just four years. He has been indicted four times, garnering over ninety felony charges. He has been convicted on thirty-four felony counts. He is also a failed businessman, having had multiple bankruptcies, and having been sued thousands of times for breaches of contracts. The man is the very caricature of a reality TV huckster, with his ridiculous combover and bronze facial makeup. To make matters worse, he is an adulterer on a massive scale, misogynist, and racist. But the capstone is his attempt to overthrow a duly elected federal government. On the other hand, Biden and his administration stimulated the economy, improved its infrastructure, reduced inflation, reduced the unemployment rate while adding millions of new jobs, invested in green energy, lowered prescription drug costs, provided benefits to veterans, and all but eliminated the chaos that was emblematic of the former administration. So why is Trump the odds-on favorite to win? Americans are stupid.


The reason I hate a system where all of the highest offices in the land are held by old men is that these old men will not live to see the damage they will inflict on their country and its people. They will not pay the price for their misdeeds.

Our world has gone berserk. Deranged people are engaged in mass shootings on an almost daily basis, slaughtering children in their schools, the faithful in their places of worship, shoppers in malls, and people simply walking down the street. Why do we witness this senseless carnage on such a regular basis? Here’s a simple answer: there are too many humans on this planet! Scientists know that when a species overpopulates its habitat, it outstrips the resources necessary for survival. Soon enough, the population grows weak. It succumbs to hunger, disease, and predation. Nature provides the mechanism for restoring balance. Remember the story you learned as a child? All those lemmings following one another off a cliff and plunging into the sea where they drown? Too many lemmings! In 1950 there were approximately 2.5 billion humans on the planet. Today there are about 7.9 billion. In just under 75 years, the population grew by 5.4 billion, or 216%. If it were repeat this, in another 75 years, there would be 17.3 billion of us. Where would all these people live? Where would we find the food to sustain them? The additional energy they would require? How would we cope with the additional waste? What about the chaos overcrowding and mass migrations would cause? The wars that would inevitably ensue as people became more desperate? As I said, there are too many humans. As a result, the stress on humankind is increasing rapidly as individuals perceive the looming danger. When threatened, humans resort to primitive defense mechanisms. They lash out at perceived enemies. They look for others to blame for their failures and insecurity and attack them. Society breaks down. They march to the sea with their M-16s blazing away.

Here are a few things I have learned about politics American style. 1. If you don’t have tons of money, no one cares what you want, need, or think. Both parties cater to the rich and powerful. 2. Almost all politicians are whores: staying in office is more important than doing the right thing, representing constituents, or obeying their consciences. Decent politicians are curtailed by their parties, the ignorance of voters, and a lack of financial support. 3. The Republican party has a platform with three items: cut taxes, gut regulations, and stop common people from interfering with these priorities. 4. Political contributions are legalized bribery, ensuring that only those with deep pockets will be heard. 5. Judges are not impartial arbiters of the law: they too are party hacks. 6. The House of Representatives has two modes of operation: when Republicans are in power, pursue the policies described in item 4 above; when Democrats hold sway, obstruct anything benefiting the middle and working classes. 7. In the Senate, the majority rules, unless Republicans filibuster, and then the minority rules. 8. The leaders of both parties are committed to maintaining strict control of those parties at all costs, even at the expense of losing national elections. 9. Rich, old, white, nominally Christian men rule! 10. Election cycles dictate all government actions. 11. Republicans often win the presidency and control of one or both houses of Congress despite receiving fewer aggregate votes than their Democratic opponents. 12. The American people will believe any nonsense that the party they favor spews. 13. Most Americans vote against their best interests, not recognizing that the party they favor is their worst enemy. It’s amazing that anything of value ever gets done, given the above.