I've been seeing a LOT of out of state license plates with obviously stoned drivers. How do I know they're stoned? The reek of weed, plus smoke billowing out of the windows, is the give away. The others are the inability to stay in one lane, or driving 10mph in a 35mph speed zone. Hey out-of-staters, it's against the law to drive stoned on weed! Just like it's against the law to drive drunk! So go back to your hotel room, friend's apartment or your in-law's house and smoke it up there. Learn about the marijuana laws. Don't assume that because it's legal to use it recreationally you can use it anywhere, anytime, while doing anything.

Pulled up and parked on Alberta in a new audi on a nice Saturday with you kids in tow. Eating her burrito, she studied me with concern as I carefully locked my bike very near her car (took my picture too). She actually came over to inspect after I walked away?! She may look edgy with her partial sleeve tats, neck tat, and vintage skate T-shirt but sorry kids; your mom is a fuckin Karen with a different costume on.

Walking Tom McCall Waterfront Park today, in the beautiful fall sunshine, with my pregnant friend. Is it my imagination, or have all the park benches been removed? Been enjoying the waterfront park since the 1980s, and I remember there being park benches for people to use to sit and enjoy the views and people watching. Please tell me the benches haven't been taken away as part of an apparent ongoing citywide campaign to keep the houseless from "staying out too long," much like the way many municipal garbage cans have been taken away to keep people from actually using them (instead of having to just litter wherever). And while I'm on the subject, why is it now normal for Portland's downtown small parks and fountains to be defunct and or fenced off like a sad ghost town? COVID pandemic, roving bands of rioters, homeless camps, recession? So many excuses for county and city governments to just stop caring about public accomodations, civic beauty, and public art and fountains. When Hizzoner Ted is done blaming the commission system for not being able to govern, maybe he'll step up and show a little spine and leadership. Just maybe.

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Greetings Portland, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the "unique" and "weird" experiences you've provided me over the years. Needless to say, it hasn't been all roses, but at the end of the day, I am extraordinarily grateful and appreciative of having been a part of your quirky corner of the world over the past few decades, worts and all. A keen sense of adventure is taking my focus away from this beautiful city and it's people for the foreseeable future, but I will always hold this quaint big-little town ever so dear to my heart. I've learn so much from this city and it's people, it's been a wonderful place to cocoon and explore the people I could be to my communities. So I'll leave you all here to sort things out yourselves (more or less) while wishing you all the very best life you can conjure. As for the rest of such and such, I'm tempted to say no hard feelings out of reflexive over-polite passive-agressiveness I've learn somewhere (but where lol), but the truth is there are hard feelings, there are soft feelings, there are warm feelings, there are cold feelings, there are red feelings, there are blue feelings, there are fish feelings and I only have so much influence over each of them, but let's see what it is we can still accomplish together with time and intention. After all, every scar is the story to a smile. XOXO, Anon🤘

When a rescue dog organization says they’re “no kill,” please please make sure that means they don’t kill ANY dogs. I learned the hard way that a certain rescue organization claiming to save one dog at a time has a history of killing dogs that don't quickly get adopted. I fostered the most wonderful little dog and thought they had a home for her, but those fuckers euthanized her! She could have had a happy life. Sure, she was rambunctious. But she was young, totally healthy and very trainable. She didn’t need to be killed. Meanwhile those self-satisfied scum are telling everyone they’re a “no kill” organization. FUCK THEM. I hope the truth comes out how many dogs they've killed. Damn I loved that little pup.

I remember a time when folks would purposely walk completely apart and awaya from each other. Like, were walking towards each other and at least one person would 90 degree swerve away and walk on the street as we would pass by. Now, I think people are purposely swerving right into me as we walk towards each other. And I swear they will walk right into you. They do to me, and I'm not moving. Fuck them. Especially when they're in a fucking group owning the whole downtown sidewalk. Im supposed to have courtesy but so so does everyone else.. and thsts my point, noone else has any courtesy and only can think of their usual selfish little bubble. And I swear ill think of something to make them think about this course of action.

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I just wanted to thank you for putting that corn out front of my place (and my neighbor’s) for the squirrels. It was incredibly thoughtful of you. I know, that wasn’t your intention though. You thought you were being all passive aggressive and *hehehe*. I could care less if anyone wants to feed the squirrels, park behind their garage, if there is dogs barking or whatever other crap everyone is constantly complaining about. I just don’t care about that sort of stuff. I was asked by 2 neighbors to not feed the squirrels. I stopped. Sometimes just letting things go is a better way to live. Instead of being someone out getting caught on another neighbor’s Ring camera doing something immature that makes you the problem and not the neighbor who complained about the squirrels being fed. What do I know though. I’m just sitting here watching two cute squirrels chase one another up a tree. They look well fed and pretty damn happy. I’m pretty damn happy too.

There was a time when I would see some guys from afar and couldn't tell if what was on their face was a mask or goatee, until I got up close? Now because masks are no longer mandated, I see all the guys facial hairs and fuzzy beards. I mean I guess it looks good on them, for their face and outer appearance. I can't say it fits my tastes but whatever. And I'm sure when masks were mandated, the bearded must've hated wearing masks. And I would figure this might make them reconsider their choices of a beard. But nope. Some of em really just look like a hairy armpit or let it fly and grow pubic hair on their face.

Are you cowards? Are you idiots? Are you complicit? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Is it so hard to add two plus two? Is it so hard to follow a logical order of operations? Where is your humanity? Where is your basic kindness? Where is your empathy? I mean seriously, can you not look at the facts objectively and see how things connect? Are you so invested in self-deception that you'll risk your life and the lives of others just to be able to look away? Or is it that you enjoy causing others harm and suffering? Do you get a little thrill or a feeling of power when you are able to invoke your inner toddler and simply say "no" to helping soothe or even acknowledging the pain of others? Because you know better for everyone and why you consider the feelings or input of others experiencing the brunt of our societies failures? It's disgusting. It's embarassing. It's heartbreaking. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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We are all human and we each have our weaknesses. We've all fucked-up at somepoint in our life. We've all had our hearts broken, we've all broken someone's heart. We know what it feels like to have the world ripped out from under us. We've all been fooled by someone at one-point or another. We've done stupid things for stupid reasons. We know how sad and scary and frightening it can be to realize the world does not work the way you thought it did. We have the ability to empathize. We know what it feels like to be pointed and laughed at. We know what it feels like to be kicked when we are already down. We know what it's like to need help and only find derision. We know what it's like to feel ashamed and embarassed. We know about the sociological and psychological influences that affect an individual's and group's behavior. Please keep these things in mind as we engage a healing process. When you break a leg and put the cast on, yes that is something worthy of celebration, but it's still important to be mindful that there is much healing and therapy that needs to happen before you are dancing the charleston again. A lot of people are hurting and scared and heartbroken. Do your level best to keep it tasteful and classy.

I spoke recently with an employee of an Eastside adult shop who'd just been assaulted and threatened by a customer. They were obviously rattled and frightened and admitted that calling the Portland cops in such events typically results in zero response. In most such events, they're left having to fend for themselves, even after calling 911. There's a vast and growing number of Portland workers who face such dangers daily, along with the financial trauma of low wages and inadequate (or no) healthcare coverage. Whether they are sex workers, bus drivers, or employees of adult stores, grocery chains, care centers, or delivery companies, etc., ALL those who work for hourly wages (or often management controlled tips) — while company owners buy Palm Springs or oceanfront vacation homes — deserve our respect and support. Sex work and unbenefitted wage work are often perilously close to poverty, homelessness, and physical harm. When we speak about social and racial justice and equity, the rights and needs of workers are too often ignored or drowned out by the cries of business owners and right-wing extremists (who, coincidentally, are often regular patrons of sex workers and adult shops).

It's obvious isn't. He has no power or control over anything, including his own supporters. He is the perennial victim subject to the harsh whims and cruelties of others. In situations where a real mean would assert his power over those who claim to follow him and direct them with clarity and forceful speech, Trump is left whimpering and constanty begging for acknowledgement and support from any one who will give him any sort of attention. While I won't kink shame, I invite others to imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be to take performance pill after performance pill and still fail to even come close to satisfying anyone on any level. Add to that the fact that no self-respecting person will come near him, let alone admit to ever being in the same room as him. These days his tiny hands can't reach where they used to and even if he could he lacks the necessary vigor to perform even for himself. What a sad pathetic shell of a man.

I, Anonymous Sep 17 11:22 AM


Stop Celebrating a Corrupt FBI/DOJ

Sure, just because they have may inroads against those some view as their tribal enemies, everyone wants to celebrate the FBI and the DOJ. And while some specific actions against the Trump/Pence crime family may be meritous, but it still comes up remarkably short against past failures to pursue and fulfill the promise of justice in our community. For how many years did the FBI/DOJ/PPB allow, and at times even actively encourage, out-of-state interlopers to repeatedly and routinely come down from Vancouver, crossing statelines with weapons with the organized intent to attack and intimidate Portlanders. What Justice have we seen from those actions? This is the same FBI that was caught infiltrating Portland political organizations. This are the same feds that were caught spying on journalist covering social justice issues in Portland. This is the same FBI that has seized local candidates phones. This is the same FBI that failed to act on intel to prevent 1/6. And that's just the squeemish stuff we know about, who knows what else they've been successfully able to keep out of the public sphere.

In a world of hackers, voyeurs, and general bullies, I’m grateful for you, the one dude who said he wouldn’t look because “it doesn’t sit right.” You gave me the little hope I really needed to go on with my life. With the windows open, I can hear you guys…unfortunately. I always could. Also unfortunately. Did you know you’re the only human that has shown any any real dignity or care? Like I said, I’m grateful for you. I know it’s hard to be a disagreeable voice. It seems people prefer edginess over compassion these days. So thank you. For awhile, I thought people like you ceased to exist. I know there are other folks who would thank you, too. Please never stop caring for those of us who society had deemed socially insufficient or just an easy source of entertainment.

You have no right to scan my license. Card me? Sure. We all know the info will be sold a 1000 times over. No thanks.