I, Anonymous Yesterday 7:34 PM

Open House

It was a hot ass day for a bike ride and I obviously didnโ€™t drink enough water. I did eat a bunch of cashews so I had strength but about 10 miles out, I felt a little uh oh moment. โ€œGotta go and go right nowโ€ is what my belly said. The only thing I could find was an open house in a fancy part of town. I put the bike in the sun room, donned some slippers, and greeted the realtor while clenching in with all my might. I told realtor we loved a few blocks over and this would be a perfect upgrade for us. I then removed my helmet and asked to use a bathroom to wash my hands. After the bathroom door was closed, I unleashed about a quart of my own โ€œpestoโ€ and in horror noticed no available TP. Hand towel it was that I set into shower and briskly booked out into the day. Thank you realtor collecting 6% on a 900,000 bungalow! Sorry about the mess!

To the gentleman with the blueish greenish wind breaker and long white hair asking every single person you come across for money: You approached me for the second time today, this time silently from behind scaring the shit out of me. I turned, and you proceeded to push your face directly into mine three inches (literally three inches) away and very much in my personal space. I took several steps back and told you I don't have any money for you (yet again). Listen.. I'm never gonna have money for you, especially if you keep this up. The next time you invade my space I'm gonna yell at you to step away and leave me alone. If you proceed to harass me I'm going to physically push you away from me. And If you STILL don't get the picture after that I'm going to sock you in the fucking face. Quite frankly that's more chances than you deserve.

Considering you lied to me throughout our 2.5 year relationship, there are SO many questions I could ask. So many unknowns due to your cowardess and scorpio sneak. But of all the questions I could ask, here's the one that just really baffles me: Do you even brush, bro?! Two and a half years with standing weekly overnights and trips away and I never once saw evidence of tooth brushing. I'd announce before bed, "I'm going to go brush my teeth" and wonder if this was the day I saw evidence of normal, freaking, adult hygienic habit. Your oral hygiene is deteriorating. You have missing teeth and teeth rotting out. Love makes us do some really strange things and overlooking this was one of them on my end, but how, just how do you overlook the nasty taste in your own mouth? Smoking a morning and a bedtime joint is not a replacement for brushing ones chompers! I guess you're just physically living out that dirty, lying mouth of yours. Nasty. Just nasty.

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You all really take the cake for being a predatory management company. Since you took over management of the apartment complex I live in you've been systematically kicking out long term residents to renovate and raise the rent astronomically. After blatantly lying about it and saying you wouldn't. The constant weekly full day water shut offs. But what really cements you place in hell was the first person you evicted. You evicted a senior citizen dying of cancer who had lived here for 2 decades. People who lived here are homeless now. Hard working people who are priced out of being able to afford a roof over their heads. I hope you get everything you deserve. I've thought about emailing news stations, but I don't think anyone will actually care.

So, after years of denying any involvement with Russian spies while actively coordinating harassment and violence against those who pushed forward evidence and documentation of the connections. A certain political consultant (whose name or may not rhyme with maul panafort) is now admitting that he regularly connected with his Russian "best friend" to discuss a number of things including political campaign strategies, coordination/encouragement of vandalism and violence in American cities, and how to fund certain groups to cause division in communities. He's even publicly admitted that they discuss things in code. I can't help but wonder why he's giving all this information away now?

My neighbor said he could hear everything. I am not embarrassed. that big heaving moan at the end could be heard on the moon for all I care. Yes it was loud and kind of obnoxious but I doubt I am ever going to come across a watermelon that good again. It was soo Big, too!

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Our store manager took away our tip jars because "they're tacky." So we went from splitting approx. twenty bucks a week each (for herb, cigs, bus fare, and helping some homeless and women's shelter peeps) to zero โ€” unless customers fill out a "tip form" through the manager. Yesterday, we worked frantically to get you what you needed before we closed, and you overheard us grouse about what it's like to be a low-income hourly wage earner/service person with no tip jars, and you said, "To hell with the tip jars," and you handed us a twenty-dollar bill. Fuckin' G, man. Karma is your friend. Thank you!

One of the most maddening things about living in these times, is how predictable and preventable all our societal difficulties and ills are. We keep telling those "In charge" what needs to happen, how it needs to happen, and why it needs to happen that way โ€” they come up with some excuse to Forstall change or enacted some ineffective half-measure, then bad and worse things start happening. We are not interested in telling everyone "We told you so" over and over again, we'd much rather things work out for everyone and just be able to move forward together as a community. Where are the grow-ups who are supposed to be taking things seriously instead of the children just looking to throw sand and dirt at each other forever?

Sorry this isn't some super smart post detailing my perceived grievances with this seemingly unnecessary and stupid video hosting service. I'm way past any point of caring enough to put much more thought into this. The stupidity of our country is honestly just depressing after awhile. It's such a tired saying, "If you don't like it, leave" or whatever variation you prefer. But now it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Tik Tok may be everywhere, but the stupidity our culture pours into it isn't.

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It's funny, I'm starting to see news articles trickle out about how cops telling victims of crime there is nothing they can do while providing them with all the evidence they need to actually make an arrest. We should just call this like it is, cops are purposely letting crime in Portland get out of control so they can get their budgets back. Fuck PPB.

Are you serious? Are you going to sit there and tell me you refuse to do one of the core functions of your profession simply because you are afraid you'll be bad mouthed? Is this really wear we are? Listen, if you don't feel up to doing your job or if you feel pressured to be dishonest or irresponsible, then you don't have to do your job. There are plenty of places hiring. If you don't have a passion for what you do, they why do it? If you aren't willing to upset the status quo or do the good work of helping others, what are you doing? There's an old quote I heard awhile back it goes like this, "if you aren't trying to better yourself each day, you're just seeing what you can get away with one more time." It's time to make the grown-ups.

Can we take a serious break from the self-appointed leader/savior schtick? I mean, there are always going to be egoist and attempted cultist who engage with it but can the rest of us stop pretending like we don't already have a system for this shit. If I wanted to I could declare myself the leader of the Oregon People, I could cite examples of how I've engaged on issues important to Oregonians for the better part of a decade and speak of all the events I've participated in, I could tent pole an front organization and make myself the leader of it (or better yet work with others to front a cyclical network of front organizations) and maybe even make a little money on the side from those gullible enough to take my word for things. But none of that would make me the leader of Oregon or the leader of anything really, because Oregon is a democracy. This means we don't have a single leader but rather work together to elect a diverse set of roles to handle public business on our behalf, whether than be a State Rep or a Governor or a Senator. Absent participation in an accountable democratic process no one can really say they are the leader of anything in Oregon. Which is really best, because I'm impatient and unskilled at achieving consensus and would quickly devolve into authoritarian tendencies.

It must be weird to be white. To feel the need to go out and "play" with other white people. It must be even weirder to participate in the Naked White People's Bike Ride, which is what I call it. Like years before, looking at the photos and watching the videos, it's just a sea of naked white bodies. I've brought this up before and with people of color (like myself), there's a sly look and a snicker. When I bring it up to white people, they get all defensive and always... ALWAYS... dispute that it's an all-white event by saying they "saw a black guy" in the SEA OF NAKED WHITE BODIES. Sure, you might have a person of color or two, but it's OVERWHELMINGLY a white event. In a city obsessed with race, I wonder why no news outlet has ever pointed this out? I also wonder if even a single person in the mass of naked white bodies ever had the thought, "Hey, there's a helluva lot of white people here." Probably not.

With all the tectonic changes Portland's gone through in the last couple of decades, I love that our city has retained it's generally funky, freakish, friendly vibe. In fact, I think I love Portland even more, now that it's openly struggling with the dysfunctional bullshit that was always just below the surface. No, this isn't a "my town's better than any other town" trope. It's just that Portland is authentically "home" to me many others who are just barely getting by โ€” because I don't feel alone. Our city leaders suck balls and are too cozy with cops and developers. But we're gonna fix that, eventually, right? Meantime, big hugs to all the queers, tokers, street freaks, artists, dancers, prancers, workers and beserkers who help make Portland the authentic, slutty, messy, gorgeous city I'm in love with. Muah!

It's 2022, why are some of you trying to deny and downplay the seriousness of racial supremacy and segregationist organizations engaging our community. Racism is an illiberal evil. No matter what they try to hide it behind, whether it's their patriotism or their prayers or their propaganda, we can all see through the sue, well most of us. Yes, these people have been taken advantage of, but that doesn't mean they aren't responsible for their own words and behaviors. They need to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the dismantling of these instruments of violence and oppression. If they really want to claim ignorance or stupidity or even victimhood, then they should be able to clearly describe the events they participated in, how they were taken advantage of, and participate in the reparations of justice in our community.