I am so glad you dumped me after 15 years so I don't have to listen to your has- been actor wanna be zero talent mediocre stories. What national magazines were you in? Uh you none, me 2. I have over 50k fans now. I don't have to listen to your pity party. I supported your writing. I offered to help clean your place. I supported your cooking. I was looking for a doctor and had put up a go fund me page to pay for your surgery. But it was taken down. Your rambling email? I never read it. You idiot, I just acted like I did and you fell for it. Who is the better actor? Me. But the fact is nobody liked you at work, the managers carried you for years. You know it. I defended and stood by you. We had a party after you left. I threw out every gift you gave me when you were getting Covid pay and didn't pay rent or other bills. They went into the trash in the same bag I used for dog poop. It felt so good that you're aborted from me. I am so glad to be rid of you, you putrid, sewage, gutter, toxic self-entitled narcissistic turd. My therapist and I both say, "Good riddance."

The man was still giving me evil eye as he was leaving. I said, what do you want? He said, I wasn't looking at you, you'd know if I had a problem with you. You'd know. So turn your bitch ass around. He keep going on and on. Oh lord is what I said. Now I'm thinking, Yes, what a kind chivalrous gentlemen while I'm the bad guy. That is some bullshit.

I do NOT understand WHY no one talked about fighting back hemorrhoids every Fucking Day in your 40’s as a transformative experience. It’s like fighting hell back from wanting to use my asshole as an entrance into this realm. I’ll use my god damned finger to fight you!!!! For as long as it takes. I have power over this portal. Fuck face.

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It should be cautioned that as of this evening we are entering a time of the year that cultures around the global mark as particularly magical or holy. This is a time to release yourself from the dark and destructive energies of the winter and to embrace renewal, rejuvenation, and rejoicing. It's generally recommended that you make a sincere effort to altar or upset your routine in order to better welcome these new energies and awarenesses. While the world is full of balance and while everything has its time in place, now is not the time to be investing your beingness in or experimenting with negative thoughts or entities. It's best to stop meddling in matters beyond yourself, firmly signal to all that you are repentant and reversing course, and make direct requests for mercy and harmony when making the appropriate offerings. Should you experience fear, hate, or other types of blindnesses it is recommended that you pray for illumination and run towards LOVE as fast as you can. LOVE can always be found. Now is the time to unite and gather, now is the time to reach out to others and offer our support, now is the time to check in on the humans and animals we haven't heard from during the winter. Spring has sprung! Embrace cleansing and renewal.

There is absolutely no evidence that the Covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab. This is total bullshit anti-Chinese propaganda.

I remember a few years ago, how disgusted many of us were at the idea of arresting a significant political personality at the behest of mob chants. LOCK THEM UP. They chanted wanting not justice, not the rule of law and democratic principles, but punishment and revenge. At the time, I was encouraged by how many were offput by this, but since those events years ago a lot has happened. Everyone makes their own choices. And its in those choices wherein we define who we are to the world, whether we are humans of principle and values OR whether we are as full of shit as those at in the direction of our pointed fingers. Portland has its own issues with justice, it's tried to carve out extralegal exceptions for those they percieve as within their own tribe. All I would ask is for you to take a moment and look at some of your own past social media post and diary entries, and if you're position on things that matter have changed ask your self if you have evolved your understanding or simply abandoned your principles. Please be mindful that in a democracy, each of us have a responsibility to recognize and respect the rights of others at the same standards we'd want our own and our friends and families rights recognized and respected. If you're not thinking about this, and just mindlessly going along with the "perceived popular" opinion, then what are you? Are the values and standards you rant on about real to you or they performances you put on to collect donations or participate in a "happening"?

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The lady on the corner of SE 69th and Woodstock had not even finished fixing her house from the last time one of you morons drove into her home with your car before another one of you stupids drove into again! In the 3 years I've lived on this corner, I seen had 3 drive bys and 3 other houses hit by cars I can't even tell you how many car vs car wrecks since I've lost count. Its not the cops, or the homeless, its you, you suck. All of you, you are all incompetent! Its the collected sum that makes it all suck, you are just as much a part of this shit too. On the behalf of the poor lady on the corner: You suck, learn to drive.

The remarkable journey of life can never be dull or difficult as long as there are sublime vistas and surprises along the way. From your first happy welcome, to our sad, sudden parting, it's been impossible to ignore the unifying thread woven throughout our every shared caper, argument, or silent moment of gladness, and it is this: no one who glides within your orbit will ever be bored, their moment with you will be rich, the absence of you will tug in delicious sorrow. To know you is sublime, to remember you, an act of love.

Seriously folks. Most of the people here need to chill out and have a good listen to the song First World Problems by the great Ian Brown!

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If you call Trimet transit tracker like I do, here's the scoop. When it says max line will arrive in 2 min, that really means 10 min. The max is always off. There is something always wrong with something. Some technical or mechanical issue. Some disruptive passenger causing the delay of 100s of people and numerous max lines behind. There is always something delayed. I also remember in years past on snow days, transit tracker would say, bus is arriving in 1.8 miles. Whatever the Fuck that means. The thing is, nobody cares or has nothing to do in their life so they're okay with waiting in the madness that is now this city, and the commotion that is now this world. I got things to do. I have a home to return to from a job. I don't need to be waiting and stuck amongst a land I don't want to be a part of. I can't share ride everywhere, everytime. I would if I could. Or maybe I should when I know. Note to self, if trip planner says take a route that involves the max, AVOID THAT OPTION AND FIND ANOTHER ROUTE.

There is a very old saying that goes, "ιžε…Άι¬Όθ€Œη₯­δΉ‹οΌŒθ«‚δΉŸγ€‚θ¦‹ηΎ©δΈη‚ΊοΌŒη„‘ε‹‡δΉŸγ€‚" which is another way of saying "if you know better and don't do better, then what are you exactly?" (This is very far from a direct translation, it's 2023 you can look it up yourself ;-) ) Our society has entire industries to scare us and wear down our impulses, this affects some more than others. But it also has a cascading affect on us as a whole, that same anxiety induced by advertising to manufacture a need to fit in, or participate in the latest trends, that same fear conjured by politicians to exploit your need "to do something" gets quite overwhelming when combined with the day to day chaos and callousness of our modern world.. This is why breaks and support are important.. Because when given the opportunity to step out of these hyper-stimulated environments, its easier to see them for what THEY really ARE. Let's try this another way. Take a step back and try to assess what it is you have adjusted to. Do you want to be adjusted to a society where children go hungry? Do you want to be adjusted to a society where violence and destruction are seen as acceptable parts of the political process? Do you want to be adjusted to a society where your elected officials are more concerned with their coffers than with compassion? This should sound familiar. These are not new concept. This idea was broadcasted years ago by one of earth's greatest teachers. We don't have to pretend things are okay, if they aren't. We must be maladjusted in order "to emerge from the bleak and desolate midnight of man's inhumanity to man, into the bright and glittering daybreak of freedom and justice.”

I, Anonymous Mar 16 7:04 PM

The GP

General Public. This is such a shitty world were living in full of shitty ass people. I'm so sick of peoples entitlement, unfriendliness, selfishness, unkindness, and greed that I cannot deal with being anywhere in public. Noone treats anyone stranger with courtesy or respect that its just absolutely disgusting. If it ain't that, then it's fear, judgment, and caution for your fellow man/woman. 99% of people I see on a daily basis depress and uninspire the fuck out of me. Let's start with waiting at a bus stop where I'm standing away and some dude is pacing back and forth then walks in my periphery, near me, to blow a snot spray. He did that on purpose, for attention or instigation. I just started spitting profusely. Next up, when I get on a max, the only seat is next to a guy chowing some crap down his throat. He coughs no cover all the while shuffling in his seat and constantly hitting my shoulder. While behind me is another dude coughing no cover. I'm boarding this time but its another guy trying to exit with some other guy boarding with me but not waiting for the guy to exit. He said something to the impatient guy, and I called him an idiot too. Now leaving the max with some clueless jackass with his backpack in the aisle, sitting sideways so he can look at everyone. As I'm leaving i crash into his knees. I have no apology. I did that on purpose. I dont care. I dont fucking care anymore. The only time I use the word hate is how I hate people. What is wrong with this society and culture? I dont fucking care about my "neighbors" well being anymore. I dont care. Do Not Fucking Care anymore.

Nothing about Ukraine, without Ukraine. This has been our guiding principle when determining how we as a people should lend our support to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters fighting for democracy. It's a simple concept. It's the idea that the Ukrainian people should be able to reject or consent to what happens within their own lives. It's means we respect their human right of self-determination and actively empower their ability to express it free from threats of violence or other mechanisms of illegal or unethicial coercion . But we could also do better with this concept at home. How about Nothing about Women, without Women, when it comes to the subject of abortion or other rights of bodily autonomy? How about Nothing about Trans humans, without Trans humans, when it comes to the laws recognizing our personhood, right to be included in our society, and access appropriate medical care? How about Nothing about minority groups, without minority groups when it comes to recognizing our equality and supporting our recovery from past harms enabled and encouraged by a openly corrupted state? How about nothing about the mentally or physically divergent, without the mentally or physically divergent when it comes to enabling our integration and inclusion in our society and reversing patterns of discrimination? How about nothing about union members without union members, when it comes to deciding the fortunes and fates of our industries? This is a by no means a call to retreat from our advancing of this concept in Ukraine, this is a call to better align ourselves what we call our values.

Every time one of these posts shows up in my rss feed I try reading them and every time I'm bewildered and annoyed by these weird ass takes all of you have. What is your deal lmao

I wonder how many cars are "warming up" every morning? In this city? In this state? All over the world? I wonder how many cars are "warming up" every morning unoccupied? I wonder how many neighbor's cars are "warming up" every morning while the driver has their morning smokes? And BTW, how long is this supposed to take? Maybe a few minutes? 5 minutes? Or you lost track of time, or "forgot" you left the engine running now it's 10 to 15 min left running? Come on guys. What's this really about? My guess is it's alot less about getting an engine acclimated and more about procrastination and being able to sit in your car to put off a day you can't get excited about. When I did drive, I maybe had the engine running for a couple minutes, and if it's frost or snow, it would take longer. But that would be logical to get the frost off a windshield in order to see. Is it truly necessary to have a car running for 5 minutes, and more every morning while you look at your phone so you can start the day? Is it truly necessary to warm up that engine while you're in the house getting ready, thinking you're killing two birds with one stone? I M B E C I L E S You idiots care nothing for the environment and only for yourselves. I saw 6 cars this morning on a 30 min walk.