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This Week In Portland Food News

A New Cheesecake Spot Arrives, Nico's Ice Cream Plans a New Location, and Fermenter Says Goodbye

Food and Drink Tue 10:00 AM

L'Orange Culinary Delights Linger on the Mind

It’s French, it’s Pacific Northwest, it’s a little bit Mediterranean, and it’s probably my favorite new restaurant.

EverOut Feb 9 2:30 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

French Fry Flights, Instant Noodles, and Dungeness Crab Rangoons

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EverOut Feb 9 11:00 AM

Where to Eat for Valentine's Day 2024 in Portland

Croissant Hearts, Caviar, and More

Food and Drink Feb 6 3:00 PM

Southeast Belmont Vegan Bar Sweet Hereafter Announces It Will Soon Close

The Bye and Bye's Sunnyside sister bar will continue to serve up sturdy vegan fare and signature cocktails through the end of February.

Food and Drink Jan 27 10:00 AM

Update: Food Cart Kim Jong Grillin Will Move to Downtown Cart Blocks Pod

After ten years, the cart's last day on Southeast Division is January 28.

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Food and Drink Jan 26 3:52 PM

Portland Mercado Food Carts Reopen After Devastating Fire

Rebuilding the market hall will take time, but supporting the carts sounds delicious.

EverOut Jan 26 11:00 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

A New Brewery, Local James Beard Semifinalists, and The Return of the Sandy Jug

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EverOut Jan 19 12:38 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Breakfast Sandwiches, Babka, and Beef Noodle Soup

Food and Drink Jan 18 12:15 PM

Extreme Weather Events Are a Threat to Small Businesses, Like Your Favorite Food Cart

Kim Jong Grillin's Han Ly Hwang shared tips for how to support locals, and his plans to move indoors.

EverOut Jan 12 12:30 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Wings, Pickle Cocktails, and An Upcoming Pod

News Jan 3 1:30 PM

Fire at Portland Mercado Temporarily Closes All Businesses

The community hub and food cart pod's beer-and-wine bar Barrio was destroyed by the blaze.

EverOut Dec 29 12:00 PM

Nine Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in 2024

Boozy ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, and more!

Food and Drink Dec 27 12:00 PM

Best Bites From Portland Restaurants (and Pop-Ups) in 2023

On the list: chocolate truffle dumplings, Tuna Toast you could share (but you won't), and a French onion soup that lives rent free in our heads.

EverOut Dec 22 5:30 PM

Where to Eat and Drink for New Year's Eve 2023 in Portland

Baller Gimbap, Whipped Camembert, and More

EverOut Dec 22 2:53 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Dumplings, Barbecue, and A New Dos Hermanos Bakery

Food and Drink Dec 19 12:00 PM

At Xin Ding Dumplings Are the Star

The crispy potstickers, soupy xiao long bao, and handmade noodles of Chef Leon Liu brought dim sum back to Old Town Chinatown.

EverOut Dec 8 8:00 AM

Your Guide to Hanukkah 2023 in Portland

Sufganiyot, Latkes, and More

Food and Drink Dec 4 1:15 PM

Zupan's Adds Hanukkah Menu, Curated by Jacob & Sons Chef Noah Jacob

The fall of a bakery and lox-maker may end up elevating the deli of Portland's gourmet grocer.

EverOut Nov 30 1:48 PM

Ticket Alert: Sebastian Maniscalco, Mariah the Scientist, and More Portland Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, Feist, Cat Power Add Second Nights and More Event Updates for November 30

EverOut Nov 17 12:00 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Glittery Lattes, Noodle Soup, and Fondue

EverOut Nov 16 11:30 AM

Where to Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2023 in Portland

Three Places to Enjoy the Fruity French Wine

EverOut Nov 10 4:06 PM

Your Guide to Thanksgiving 2023 Food in Portland

Bullard Tavern, Elephants Delicatessen, and More

EverOut Nov 10 1:04 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

A Queer-Owned Taphouse, Boozy Ice Cream, and the Return of Fuller's Coffee Shop

EverOut Nov 3 2:34 PM

11 Sandwiches to Try in Portland

For National Sandwich Day and Beyond

EverOut Oct 27 3:07 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Regional Burritos, Neapolitan Pizza, and A Second Suki's

EverOut Oct 20 11:58 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Top Burmese's New Teahouse Opens, Spella Caffè Is Back, and A "Bar with Fun Food" Is Coming

EverOut Oct 19 2:36 PM

10 Soups to Try in Portland This Fall

Tomato Soup, Celeriac Chowder, and More

Food and Drink Oct 18 11:00 AM

The Return of Portland Fermentation Festival Is a Big Dill

After a three year hiatus, the 2023 fest promises snacks, a Bacterial Petting Zoo, and a DIY attempt at the lost Neusihin's pickle recipe.

EverOut Oct 13 1:16 PM

Everything We Can't Wait to Eat and Drink in Portland This October

Apple Fritters, Goth Cocktails, and More

EverOut Oct 13 11:04 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Ramen, Indian Pizza, and Kann's New Dining Room

EverOut Oct 6 11:00 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

A Buzzy Chinese-Thai Spot, An Italian-American Bar, and An Upcoming Soup Destination

EverOut Oct 4 4:51 PM

10 Places To Get Tacos in Portland for National Taco Day

Taqueria Los Puñales, Fabos Tacos, and More

EverOut Sep 15 12:53 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Vietnamese Brunch, Masala Fries, and a New Food Cart Pod

EverOut Sep 8 11:56 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

An Inclusive Wine Bar Arrives, Reverend Nat's Says Goodbye, and Guy Fieri Highlights a Redmond Spot

EverOut Sep 1 12:25 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

The People's Courts Arrives, Twisted Gyros Prepares to Open a Restaurant, and Homegrown Smoker Says Goodbye

EverOut Sep 1 8:20 AM

10 Destination Restaurants to Check Out in Oregon

Bowpicker Fish & Chips, Hayward, and More

EverOut Aug 25 11:00 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Cheesesteaks, Katsu Sandos, and Varenyky

EverOut Aug 18 11:03 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Wonton Tacos, Wood-Fired Pizza, and Smash Burgers Galore

EverOut Aug 11 1:37 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Elephants Deli Expands to Beaverton, A New Juice Bar Arrives, and Dos Hermanos Plans a Second Location

Food and Drink Aug 9 10:00 AM

Portland Bagel-Off: Year One—Is the Bagel War Finally Over?

Spielman and Honey weren't in the competition, so probably not.

EverOut Aug 4 12:09 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

A Death-Themed Bar, Pickle Soft Serve, and the Return of Holman's

EverOut Aug 4 10:52 AM

The Best Places for Girl Dinners in Portland

Charcuterie, Cheese, and More

Food and Drink Jul 28 4:00 PM

Montavilla's Zuckercreme Will Strawberry Museum All Summer Long

If you like strawberries, this is your thing.

EverOut Jul 28 12:23 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Shrimp Cocktail, Sourdough Pizza, and Choco Tacos

Food and Drink Jul 27 4:43 PM

Hold Onto Your Holman's, Here We Go!

The classic Portland bar announces its reopening date!

EverOut Jul 27 1:00 PM

10 Summer Berry Treats to Try in Portland This Week

Ice Cream, Doughnuts, and More

EverOut Jul 21 1:14 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Lobster Rolls, Soup Dumplings, and Chicken Tenders

EverOut Jul 14 12:00 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Ube Cookies, Brisket Burgers, and Soul Food

EverOut Jul 14 11:05 AM

Eight Specials to Try for Pride 2023 in Portland

Rainbow Croissants, Cocktails, and More

Food and Drink Jul 11 10:00 AM

Order Everything on the Menu at Pastificio d'Oro

Chase Dopson and Maggie Irwin’s capable hands rolled Pastificio d'Oro into a new St. John’s landmark.

EverOut Jul 7 2:22 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

S'mores Espresso Martinis, Pickle Paletas, and a New Gay Bar

EverOut Jul 7 10:32 AM

Where to Eat in Portland After Bingeing 'The Bear'

Deep Dish Pizza, Italian Beefs, and More

Food and Drink Jul 6 12:00 PM

15 Queer-Owned Restaurants in Portland

Meals 4 Heels, Speed-O Cappuccino, and More

Food and Drink Jun 27 4:30 PM

Just in Time for Pride, a Popular Portland Gay Bar Reopens

Iconic queer nightlife spot Local Lounge is reborn as Back 2 Earth—a much needed win for Portland’s gay bar scene.

EverOut Jun 23 2:00 PM

Our Favorite Summertime Patios in Portland

Revolution Hall, Hinterland, and More

Food and Drink Jun 23 1:14 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Two New Breweries Open, Zeus Cafe Changes Its Name, and Sweet Lorraine's Closes

Food and Drink Jun 21 11:00 AM

NAYA Hosts a Destination for the Whole Community at the Cully Farmers Market

The Cully Farmers Market, hosted by the Native American Youth and Family Center, runs every Thursday this summer in Portland, highlighting about a dozen Indigenous vendors.

Video Games Jun 20 11:30 AM

The Ultimate Stardew Valley Creator Interview About Pacific Northwest Interests

Video game designer Eric Barone on salmonberries, mushroom foraging, and layered portrayals of homelessness.

EverOut Jun 16 11:30 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Pacific Standard Opens in Salem, A New Food Cart Pod Opens in Woodstock, and Piggins Returns

EverOut Jun 16 11:00 AM

Where to Celebrate Father's Day 2023 in Portland

Barbecue, Barenaked Ladies, and More

EverOut Jun 9 12:00 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

A New Cafe Arrives, Carlo Lamagna's New Lechonería Opens, and Portlanders Triumph at the James Beard Awards

EverOut Jun 2 12:43 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Mike's Drive-In in Kenton, Soup Dumplings, and Yunnan-Style Rice Noodles

EverOut May 26 11:14 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Taquitos, Pancakes, and Spritzes

EverOut May 24 5:04 PM

10 Barbecue Places Worth Trying in Portland

Podnah's Pit, Homegrown Smoker, and More

EverOut May 19 2:00 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Italian Cocktails, Indian Pizza, and an Upcoming Beer Garden

EverOut May 12 2:12 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Erica's Soul Food Is Back, Chaat Wallah Returns, and A Neighborhood Bar Opens in the Former Beech Street Parlor Space

Food and Drink May 9 2:45 PM

Food Review: Janken Is the Most Un-Portlandy Restaurant Possible

There's only one place in Portland you could be served maguro tuna, foie gras, and truffle nigiri beneath a blossoming cherry tree.

EverOut May 9 12:00 PM

Where to Celebrate Mother's Day 2023 in Portland

Pretty Pastries, Lilac Days, and More

EverOut May 5 3:37 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

A Natural Wine Bar Arrives, Gracie's Apizza Returns, and The Hey Love Team Plans a Bar

EverOut Apr 21 1:59 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Shake Shack Arrives, Wild Child Pizza Expands, and Skidbladnir Is Back

Food and Drink Apr 20 6:22 PM

Owners of Sandy Hut and the Alibi to Reopen Another Classic Portland Bar

Warren Boothby and Marcus Archambeault want to return Holman's Bar and Grill to greatness, meal wheel and all.

EverOut Apr 20 11:00 AM

How to Celebrate 4/20 2023 in Portland

Northwest Cannafest, Choco Tacos, and More

EverOut Apr 17 12:00 PM

Our Favorite Sustainable Restaurants in Portland

Spots for Earth Day 2023 and Beyond

EverOut Apr 14 12:27 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Stacked Sandwich Shop and Feel Good Are Back, Shake Shack Is Coming, and Ben & Esther's Says Goodbye

EverOut Apr 7 5:00 PM

Where to Get Food for Easter & Passover 2023 in Portland

Hot Cross Buns, Matzo Ball Soup, and More

EverOut Apr 1 8:57 AM

20 Restaurants You Should Try in Portland This Spring

Dirty Pretty, Magna Kubo, and More

EverOut Mar 31 1:39 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Lil' America Is Here, Kulfi Expands to Boise, and Dough Zone Plans Two New Locations

EverOut Mar 24 12:03 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Reverend Nat's Hard Cider Moves, A New '70s-Inspired Bar Arrives, and Kornblatt's Says Goodbye

EverOut Mar 17 11:12 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Pho Pizza, Filipino Fast Food, and An Upcoming Raw Bar

EverOut Mar 13 2:00 PM

Where to Celebrate Pi(e) Day 2023 in Portland

Lauretta Jean's, Bakeshop, and More

EverOut Mar 10 12:07 PM

This Week In Portland Food News

Boba, Bingsu, and A Year of Free Ice Cream

Food and Drink Mar 3 12:30 PM

Drinks Before or After?

A guide to Portland art and performance venues, and where to talk about the show—after the show.

EverOut Mar 3 11:19 AM

This Week In Portland Food News

Besaw's Is Back, Doug Fir Lounge Plans to Move, and The Gado Gado Team Announces a New Bar

EverOut Mar 2 1:03 PM

25 Women-Owned Restaurants in Portland You Should Visit

For Women's History Month 2023 and Beyond