If you've been meaning to get over to SE Division for a bulgogi bibim box from Korean barbecue cart Kim Jong Grillin, you'd better do it soon. Specifically you'd better get over there on or before January 28. Owner and chef Han Ly Hwang is moving the popular cart downtown.

Last week, Hwang spoke to the Mercury about the difficulties small businesses like food carts face during extreme weather events. During that interview, Hwang revealed that not only is he in the process of opening a brick and mortar location at Happy Valley Town Center and planning a restaurant in Southeast Portland, but he's planning to move his food cart.

Hwang asked that we keep news about moving the cart off the record until he knew the moving date. He knows now.

He confirmed that Sunday is the last day Kim Jong Grillin staff will be slinging galbi short ribs next door to DeMarcos Sandwiches at 4606 SE Division. He's moving the cart into a pod downtown. 

"The culture of food carts has changed," Hwang told the Mercury. "Nobody goes to lone food carts anymore. That used to be super Portland chic, having your secret cart. But now everybody's got families, and everybody wants different things. So now people have favorite cart pods. "

UPDATE, Jan 27, 10 am: On Saturday morning, Hwang revealed he's moving Kim Jong Grillin's cart to the Cart Blocks Pod, at 770 W Burnside. "I hope you all come out to see us down there," he wrote on the business' Instagram.

"I'm not ignorant of the position that I'm putting you all in," he continued. "Most of our deliveries won't reach the upper east side anymore after the move. If you want to have our food in Portland, you have to come downtown."

The post encouraged readers to venture outside their comfort zones and highlighted newer additions to the downtown, Goodies Snack Shop and Stumptown Otaku, in addition to positive aspects of the Cart Blocks: "There's a beer garden and bathrooms, and really good places to sit, and really good cookies from Cookie McCakeface... Mary's Club is right by us, and Deadstock Coffee is around the corner."

In a previous post, Hwang estimated that the transition could take at least a month

For now, fans of Hwang's inspired approach to your everyday hotdog (well, it's an Olympia Provisions hotdog, but still) should look to get their fix at Happy Valley Town Center, which he says is due to open before the end of the month.

Located in a little courtyard of the North Park Blocks, the Cart Blocks' most noticable feature is Rachel and Rose, a bright red double decker bus that serves coffee, wine, and beer. There's been a notable expansion in the number of carts this fall, with Hawaiian-inspired Choi Choi's and wood fired pizza slinging Covo Fuoco filling out the already fresh and tangy company of Villa Angel Taquería.