If you've been following the Holman's bar reopening like a person with a tattered "whiskey club" membership card in their wallet, we've got good news! A Tuesday social media post from the restaurant's old Facebook account (apparently reborn!) announced the beloved bar and grill will "officially" reopen Monday, July 31, at 2pm.

Since early June, the Holman's Facebook account has been coyly posting historical photos and a picture of the much beloved truck booth at the recently closed North Portland dive Sloan's. (H/t to Jason Notte for the heads up!)

Tuesday's announcement is the first to provide much information, aside from what new co-owner Warren Boothby would tersely confirm with the Mercury in April: Boothby and his partner Marcus Archambeault purchased Holman's from the previous owner Bill Craine and have been giving it the sort of treatment they've given many of Portland's favorite homey dives.

Boothby also promised the free meal wheel would return. That was a game wheel behind the bar that customers spin before paying their check, occasionally winning a free dinner.

Now, this all-lowercase dictum tells us not only the blessed reopening date, but promises "a new whiskey club program" and prominent displays of the old whiskey program plaques, alongside the new.

"You worked damn hard on that. it’s important to us to have them there for you," the post reads.

Further revelations involve breakfast on the weekends, starting at 10 am. And while the Bloody Mary bar of old will take longer to refashion, there's mention of a "special secret holmans bloody on the menu."

The Holman's website also has a new look, but the information is noticeably old (daily hours do not appear to be correct, etc.), so you might want to let that percolate for a bit. We'll update if we hear any juicy, new details—we are clearly obsessed.

Here is the announcement in full:

whelp here we go folks! we are officially open monday, july 31st at 2pm. we are so excited to have you come by!
a few questions to answer…
we are working on a new whiskey club program that will start soon. unfortunately, the cards for the old program are no longer around. the new challenge will have prizes and discounts, and of course, a plaque!
we made sure to keep everyone’s plaques and are still prominently displayed. you worked damn hard on that. it’s important to us to have them there for you.
we are starting breakfast on the weekends to start at 10am. there will be popular breakfast items available all day on our menu. once we get our sea legs, we will expand to daily.
we have brought back a ton of the old menu and added some new stuff too! we will post menu shortly. all of your favorites are there
bloody bar coming soon as well. in the meantime we have a special secret holmans bloody on the menu.
and finally…spin the wheel and win your meal!!
any guesses where this band box came from?
much love

Holman's Bar and Grill, 15 SE 28th, reopening Mon July 31, hours: Mon-Fri 2 pm-2:30 am, Sat-Sun 10 am-2:30 am