Gallery 500, 420 SW Washington, Fri-Sun Feb 11-13, 8 pm, free

There are still amazing artists in Portland who don't know of each other," says Celestial Sipes, one of the co-founders of Telegraph. "There are visual artists who don't know filmmakers, filmmakers who don't know performers, and so on." Telegraph--which also includes local musicians Adam Shearer and Adam Porterfield, and dance artist Jessica Burton--is trying to change that. Built on the success of last year's one-minute film festival, the organization is creating events that foster inter-disciplinary collaboration and expose audiences to new mediums and artists. "We wanted to meet other artists and to go to great events here in Portland," says Sipes, "so we decided to put it together ourselves."

Telegraphs newest event, Chroma, brings together an impressive group of filmmakers, musicians and choreographers, including Tahni Holt, Zak Margolis, Tara Jane O'Neil, Mike Barber and Christopher Tenzis. As the title implies, the parameters of the event focus on color. Each artist was paired with others from a different discipline, assigned a color, and then left to create a 10-minute event that expressed that color.

The end results vary as widely as the artists involved, but each will feature projected film, live music and dance. "The groups have worked really closely together from the start," says Sipes. "Matt Marble, who is a very scientific musician, researched the color orange and found various tones related to it, then he took the tones to filmmaker Randall Davis Wakerlin and choreographer Emily Stone. The end result is going to be crazy--there is lots of movement, they throw things around, incorporate props. It's going to be great."

Here's the best news: it is free. "We felt it was important to create affordable events," adds Sipes, "where a music audience would come to see the music, but would walk away inspired to check out other things going on in town."

These color-based performances aren't the only thing happening at Gallery 500. Telegraph also brought together a group of visual artists to hang work around the performance space, and work of Mona Superhero hangs in the other room. So what's the bad news? Seating is limited to only 50. So come early, have a drink, and discuss your favorite color with a complete stranger.