Beck's CD Covers--From Tim Hawkinson to Jeremy Blank to Marcel Dzama, Beck is neck and neck with Sonic Youth in bringing important contemporary artists to mainstream visibility.

Warhol Graffiti on the Phone Booth at N. Lombard and Denver--The stencil art on the pay phone booth shows the Wigged One glancing nervously at the adjacent KFC, looking startled and eternally contemporary.

Lennart Nilsson's The Miracle of Life--The Swedish photographer's 1982 television special is the first filmed record of human conception, where you can actually see sperm fertilizing a woman's egg. Jaw-droppingly filmed at a magnification of half a million, Miracle of Life is not only a sublime mind-bender for its content, but also for the genius of the photography involved.

Bertrand Fleuret's The Risk of An Early Spring--The Amsterdam photographer's Japanese-influenced black and white photos of hotel rooms, billboards from moving cars, and television screens highlight a raw loneliness and gravity lacking from so many of the current generation of color snapshooters.

Thrill Jockey Records Art Show--If you're in Houston before July 5, check out Brasil Caf's exhibition of artwork by musicians from the '90s' best post-rock record label, including pieces by Sam Prekop and Adult.'s Nicola Kuperus.

Adam Arnold Storefront, 727 SE Morrison--Local designer Adam Arnold changes the window displays of his cool riffs on classic fashions every week.

HOBO--It's impossible to keep up with the deluge of glossy lifestyle magazines hitting the stands these days, but Vancouver, BC's HOBO features great photography, lush printing, and good essays and interviews with artists, actors, and musicians.

St. Johns Bridge Rehab Project Ends--Only a few more months until the bandages come off of Portland's best-looking bridge.

Conscientious: learn about almost all of my favorite new photographers here. Blogmaster Joerg Colberg has an excellent eye for image-makers, and posts links to at least one new artist's website daily.

Matthew Barney and Bjork's Drawing Restrain 9--2002's coolest couple release their first collaboration (not counting baby Isadora), a film/soundtrack combo set on a Japanese whaling ship where Bjork and Barney work on a Vaseline sculpture then transform themselves into whales by dismembering each other (no, really).