Okay artists. The deadline to apply for the Oregon Biennial is less than a month away (for details, hit http://web.pam.org/asp/templates/page.asp?pageID=53). The show, which should be an amazing, museum-quality showcase of the best artwork made in our state, was pummeled by the press in 2003. Many questioned curator Bruce Guenther's conservative selections from the 900-plus entries he received, but in conversation, Guenther told me that many of his favorite artists didn't bother to send slides in, and that the show's guidelines prohibited him from simply curating a show of Oregon artists' work that he would like to show. The moral? Send your slides in by January 6! In the meantime, here is a list of artists I'd love to see in next summer's show (hanging next to my own work, of course).

1. Harrell Fletcher—The Biennial catalogue goes out to curators and bigwigs across the country. People pay attention to celebrity names, and in the art world, we've got one in Fletcher.

2. & 3. Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson—ditto.

4. Kristan Kennedy—Her drawings may be the best in town.

5. Brad Adkins—His work has grown dramatically in the past year or two with his porous bottles and wildly sharpened pencils.

6. The M.O.S.T.—All biennials need a collective with a wacky name in them. See also Red76, who should be in for more meritocratic reasons alone.

7. E*Rock—Bring in some names from outside the gallery system, including the man who creates the best animation and graphics in Portland.

8. Hildur Bjarnadottir—A 2001 Biennial participant, this conceptual fibers artist is chronically fascinating.

9. Sean Healy—He's been on a roll since The Best Coast years ago, and we're just thrilled he hasn't flown the coop for New York, where fame and fortune would rain upon him.

10. Henk Pander—Every biennial also needs someone from the old guard to strut their stuff.

11. Chandra Bocci—Although she improves with every show, Bocci needs one kick-ass, major installation to establish herself as a top-tier player. The Biennial would be the perfect forum for such a move.

12. Lee Krist—Krist's "Tableau Vivant" from 2003's Core Sample was a breathtaking installation of film, light, and space. Let's give him the forum to duplicate that magic.

Remember artists: You only have a few weeks to get those submissions in and make me look foolish for not listing you here.