Store for a Month is John Brodie's brainchild, a riff on Claes Oldenburg's 1960s art happening Store. In Brodie's store, 70-plus artists brought their work to sell and display. As the title suggests, this art store at 1216 SE Division is temporary, billed to close on Sunday, June 28. Brodie's store also serves as a studio space for artists who want to come in and create onsite.

A whole bunch of the wall space is dedicated to Brodie's own work, often collage-based and spattered with various neons, magazine clippings, spray paint, and found scraps. Made of different-colored transparent plastics stapled to a ruler, Brodie's piece "Flag" hangs next to the bathroom. "I like to work quick," says Brodie, avoiding a sense of distilled craft and leaning toward creativity's raw grain.

A solid portion of the art at Store for a Month follows in a similar quick-collage fashion. When you put it all up together, this style begins to feel a bit unfocused—aimlessness with a side of craft show. Cecilia Hallinan's "Gimme" pops right off the wall for its avoidance of the abstract; the sculpture is a crucifix with the Jesus skinned in one dollar bills. Hallinan's piece finds strength through its figurative content, suggesting a statement about Christianity pretty quickly, something to the effect of "Jesus ain't shit but a pile o' cash." Agreed, Cecilia—agreed.

Store for a Month's offerings also include a "pie artist" cooking up edible art onsite. See their website,, for more details.