1. "A 'chorus' of video interviews conducted with local residents, The People—Portland loosely retells the Greek tragic cycle of the Oresteia."

2. "With TXTmessage, communications consultant and Wired contributor Liam Young will catalog each SMS and MMS message sent within the Works at Washington High School. Using four large LCD screens, Young will then display the messages, alongside the names of their senders."

3. "For two months, Thu Tran held nearly everything she ate under a blacklight and recorded the results on a single piece of paper. In a bizarre take on the classic cooking show, Tran illustrates her findings with images from the internet, a live video feed of different foods changing colors under a blacklight, and a blacklight cooking demonstration."

4. "'Artstigator' Grady Deshant has performed in Boston, Chicago, Sydney, and London. His latest work, the video monologue The Insomniac's Nightmare, examines the casual and causal links between popular entertainments like Modern Family and recent mass shootings."

5. "In Cacophony Cantos, Austin theatre collective Gener8 randomly selects three audience members as co-collaborators. Half poetry performance and half discussion, the evening will be focused on the ever-shifting power dynamics of the artist/audience dynamic."

6. "Miniature raconteur Laura Heit performs some of the smallest puppet shows around."

7. "Play: The Play makes TBA accessible for even the youngest festivalgoers. For two hours, parents are encouraged to bring their children to Imago Theatre, where childcare will be provided and webcams will broadcast their children's actions to anyone with an internet connection. Accompanied by a live, improvised score by Parenthetical Girls, Play recontextualizes the subconscious art of children's play into the framework of a theatrical production."

8. "CHRISTEENE is a shameless and sexually infused sewer of live rap and RnB, whose message challenges gender, capitalism, corporate mendacity, complacency, and false celebrity while shattering the American obsession with charm and grace."

9. "Boasting an original score by the Postal Service's Jimmy Tamborello, Seattle poet and choreographer Steph Annie's Tears in the Rain deconstructs Pacific Northwest's weather patterns and their effects on the individual and regional psyche."



1. Real! That's IFC's Portlandi—no, wait, sorry. The People—Portland performed by Big Art Group.

2. Fake. :(

3. Deliciously real! The Yes and No of Blacklight Food by Thu Tran.

4. Fake. But we hear Mike Daisey's working on something similar.

5. Fake.

6. Real! Miniature Dramas by Laura Heit and David Commander.

7. Holy shit, this is totally fake.

8. Holy shit, this is totally real!

9. Fake. But we hear Rutger Hauer's working on something similar.