Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and am comforted by overcast skies and ever-present misty rain (I know, I’m a monster and I’m sorry) but I’ve always preferred fall to summer. And when it comes to Portland’s arts offerings, there’s no question: Fall is a fecund halcyon stretch between the dried-up scene of summer and the bane of my existence, holiday fucking theater season (maybe I’ve expressed this frustration before?).

Behold the cultural offerings of fall, as captured by our crack team of arts writers: We deconstructed a feminist dance project, interviewed NPR host Ari Shapiro about his solo show (yes, that Ari Shapiro has a solo show), took a glimpse into the life and work of local installation artist and filmmaker Vanessa Renwick, soaked up the pleasant weirdness of Carmen Maria Machado’s speculative fiction (including a Law & Order: SVU-inspired novella), and picked out some of our favorite artists performing at this year’s Time-Based Art Festival. You’re also getting an essential calendar of fall arts events I recommend saving, grandma-style, and giving top billing among your coffee table “things I will want later” collection. Because unlike that issue of the Believer from 2014 that you still haven’t read, you actually will want it later. Fall is here! Fucking finally.