News flash: It's summer! You can ditch the rain gear and fenders at home, because the biking hotties are out and scantily clad. If you're not on your bike right this very minute, you're missing out on the best time this city has to offer. Sure, Pedalpalooza has already come and gone but, luckily, this bike shit doesn't just happen once a year. The next couple of months, before this place goes sour again, are filled with all manner of awesome bike events designed to get your ass off the couch—and onto a bike saddle.

Friday, July 27

Bike Porn 2.0

In June, local biker/part-time nudist Rev. Phil put together a sold-out film night called Pornography of the Bicycle, which collected short films and live antics into what Clinton Street Theater owner Seth Sonstein called "a masterful work of filth." He's reprising the evening—with some new films—to give those of us who missed it a chance to witness it for ourselves. Bikes + Porn = Portland.

Clinton Street Theater, 9 pm, $6

Saturday, July 28

Portland Mercury Alleycat Race

Ride your bike! Find things! Win prizes! (See pg. 12 for more.)

Starts at 2 pm at the Mercury office, 605 NE 21st, $5; afterparty at Plan B (formerly Acme), 1305 SE 8th

Saturday, July 28

Tour de Cure/Summit to Surf

Get your do-gooder on with this benefit to prevent, cure, and treat diabetes—if you think you're tough enough. There are several routes to choose, from an easy 10-mile putter around Hood River to a grueling 100-mile ride up Mt. Hood to Government Camp and Rowena Point.

Register at

Tuesday, July 31

Debate Club: Cars vs. Bikes!

The Mercury and the Oregon Bus Project are putting on a wild night of debating and fun by tackling the city's transportation battle. Should bicyclists be charged a licensing fee to use city roads? Is the city spending too much on bike routes, or not enough? Have we overestimated the economic impact of cycling on Portland? Come hear experts from both sides hash it out, then stick around later to keep the debate—and drinks—flowing.

rontoms, 600 E Burnside, 7 pm, FREE

Sunday, August 12

Providence Bridge Pedal

Once a year, you get the chance to ride all 10 of Portland's bridges, and help raise money for Providence Hospital programs and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. This year, Providence is sending the dough to the Heart and Vascular Institute, which is focused on saving the lives of heart attack victims, which could come in handy once you realize how early you'll need to wake up.

Starts at 7 am on Naito Parkway between Hawthorne and Morrison, $25 registration ($35 day of), register online at

Saturday, August 18

Tour de Fat

Biking means never having to drive drunk, which is why bicycles and beer go together like, uhhh, two things that go together really well. (I know, I know, biking under the influence is still a crime, and you should never, ever do it.) But! New Belgium Brewing is swinging through town again for another go at Tour de Fat, featuring costumes, bike rides, performances, beer, ridiculousness, charity, etc. In other words, everything that Portland is all about. Funds go to benefit the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and local mountain bikers PUMP.

Waterfront Park, north of Hawthorne, 11 am to 6 pm

All September

Bike Commute Challenge

Finally, an excuse to ditch the car and start using human-power to get to work. You'll feel better, the environment will thank you, and, best of all, you can stick it to all of the other businesses in town if you win.

Register your place of work to compete at, and then convince your lazy-ass coworkers to participate.