Ohboyohboyohboy! I saw this trailer the other night at the movies, and immediately thought, "This... is going... to drive Blogtown... CRAZY!!" It's the trailer for Premium Rush—the first movie (that I know of) that glorifies the fixie bike. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an aggressive NYC bike messenger who opens the trailer with the following line:

I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes. Can't stop. Don't want to, either.

AND YOU HATE HIM ALREADY. Anyway, JGL is attempting to deliver a super-secret package, while being pursued by a dirty cop… which gives him ample excuses to blow through stop lights, cut off cars, and pull off wicked sick wheelies, bunnyhops, and endos in the middle of traffic. On the upside? At least in one scene he's strapped to a gurney, screaming in horrible pain. So there's that. Check it out, and then… LET'S GO TO THE POLLS!