• Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling Magazine has boosted Portland back up to the top of its "Bike Friendly City" list, after we came out at number two in 2010 (the last time the magazine ranked 'em). The article touts Portland's Go By Bike valet service, bike boxes, and miles of bike lanes and off-road trails. Take that, Minneapolis!

Minneapolis (the previous top runner) places second this year, followed by Boulder, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Eugene squeezes in at ninth place, making Oregon the only state with two cities in the top ten list.

While it's nice to reclaim the gold in their rankings, we really can't whine about 2010's blip. Aside from that second-place year, Portland has graced the top of the list since the magazine's first rundown in 1995.

The news may come with a little less fanfare, as it's on the heels of last week's fatal bicycle collision with a semi downtown. Nonetheless, the recognition is a huge plus, as national applause occasionally triggers local bike-centric funding and improvement.