Internet fame shall be mine

While getting lunch at the new food cart Nuevo Mexico, owned by former Shins drummer Jesse Sandoval, we stumbled into the path of roving food reporters from VendrTV, who're in town doing a segment on Portland food carts (I think they also hit Savor Soup House; not sure where else). They asked me a couple of probing questions like, "What are you eating?" and "How is it?," to which I responded, respectively, "a bean and green chili sopapilla" and "good." Nuevo Mexico is not, as we previously reported, a taco truck: Sandoval's cart, which opened last Friday and is "still working out the kinks" (i.e., it took a while to get our food) serves New Mexican-style sopapillas, burritos, chicken chili stew, etc., all in the $4-$6 range. It's hard to go wrong with fried dough—the bean and green chili sopapilla was $4.50 and really excellent, though I have to admit I'm still kind of hungry. Definitely check it out, but maybe give Sandoval a week or two—today is only his second day, and he's still getting his cart legs.

UPDATE: Oh yeah: SW 3rd & Stark