As of Monday, September 5, Portland's Regal Broadway Metroplex will be closed, says Richard Grover, director of marketing and communications for Regal Entertainment Group. Speaking from the company's headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, Grover confirmed the recent rumors that've been floating around Portland's film scene, adding that during one of Regal's "periodic reviews," the Broadway was marked as one of the company's "under-performing locations."

I've always liked the Broadway—for a chain theater, it's always felt pretty unique (it's underground!), plus they've been known to host occasional indie and repertory screenings, and whenever I see anything there, it's never busy (so maybe that's where the "under-performing" part comes in). I'll be sad to see it go, and I'm guessing I won't be alone.

Grover went on to note that thanks to the number of screens already in downtown Portland—including those at two other Regal locations, the Fox Tower 10 and the Pioneer Place Stadium 6, as well as those at the Living Room Theaters—Regal has no plans to open another theater to replace the Broadway. Grover was unable to say whether employees at the Broadway had been offered positions at other Regal locations, or how the Broadway's closure might affect the Northwest Film Center's annual Portland International Film Festival, which has used the theater as one of its major venues for a number of years.

"We actually didn't know that the Regal Broadway was closing," says Jessica Lyness, the marketing manager for the Northwest Film Center. "But our sense is that location always struggled, and that while it was partly goodwill for [Regal] to host as a venue [for] the Portland International Film Festival, they also needed that revenue and those audiences coming through the door."

"We've been using the Regal Broadway for over a dozen years," Lyness continues. "If it's no longer available, maybe we'll use the Regal in the Pioneer Place. One year we used the Fox Tower; last year we started expanding over to the south side [of the city]. We'll always find a home for the Portland International Film Festival."

There's also a possibility that one less Regal will change where films are booked elsewhere in Portland. In the past, Regal's usually booked artsier fare at the Fox Tower 10, with more commercial films playing at the Pioneer and the Broadway. With the Broadway soon to be out of the picture, bookings at the Fox Tower and the Pioneer could shift to compensate—which means different types of films might end up showing at theaters like Cinema 21, the Living Room Theaters, and the Hollywood Theatre. Like the recent shift in programming at the Hollywood, we'll see how it shakes out over the next few months.

A few other Regal theaters have closed recently, like the Regal Cinema Port Orange 6 in Daytona Beach, Florida; the Saucon Valley Square 10 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and the Miracle 5 in Tallahassee, Florida.