I know you're already looking for a Halloween costume. So I found this one for you: THOR GIRL.


I have some questions about Thor Girl:

1) I was going to ask "Is there any Marvel Universe where Thor Girl actually exists?" As it turns out, THERE ACTUALLY IS! So here's my backup question: Why does Thor Girl exist?

2) Is there any superhero name in the world worse than "Thor Girl"? For example, is anyone named "Spider-Man Girl"? (By the way, Wm. Steven Humphrey is actually the secret identity of "Wm. Steven Humphrey Girl.")

3) Is a hammer really the best choice for Thor Girl? After all, Thor Man already carries one. How about a nail gun or a leaf blower?

4) Here's a riddle: What did Thor Girl (who has a speech impediment for the purposes of this joke) say after having sex with Thor Man? "Dude, I'm tho Thor, I can't even take a pith!"

That concludes my questions.