Pleased to meet you!
  • Pleased to meet you!

Hello! I'm Megan, your new arts editor. I moved here from Seattle about five minutes ago, and I'm so excited to start writing about books and visual art and pop culture here at the Mercury.

Before landing here, I obtained two (2) useless English degrees, forced art school freshmen to read Joan Didion, and wrote for some other places. I have written about the recent reissue of noted cranky old lady and 1970s literary hero Renata Adler, uncomfortably identifying with Britney Spears, why Broad City is great and everyone should watch it, Game of Thrones (TEAM DRAGONS), and Maggie Nelson's beautiful, horrifying prose. I've also spent some time with our cousin to the north, the Stranger, where I wrote about new evidence in the Green River Killer case, reproductive rights, missing pets, and apocryphal tales.

The first thing I found at my desk when I arrived is a book about making cool new outfits for your dolls. I won't be writing about it (sorry, Doll Couture! 9-year-old me would've been super into that!), but I am SO excited to build anew a graveyard library of strange, unsolicited books submitted for review, while actually writing about art all the damn time.

See you soon!