WHAT A WEEK! Within days of a national ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, Oregon also gets to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis. Let's party! This is an amazing time to live in (and, not to brag, but we're throwing an event of historical proportions to commemorate it).

Of course, there is still much work to be done. Despite recreational legalization going into effect, there are very few roads for the average citizen to actually exercise their new right to bear (and vape, and smoke, and make lip gloss out of) pot. You can be sure that we'll be covering those developments in upcoming issues (check in regularly with both the news section and our weekly "Cannabuzz" column, as well as on Blogtown). We have yet to see how the state will treat things like edibles, for instance, and how all of this is going to play out for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program--we have some ideas from dispensary reps on that one.

This holiday weekend, we can concentrate on having fun and getting to know each other. Now that things are more or less aboveboard, you can expect people to start being less shy about their cannabis use, and maybe we can even debunk some of those pothead stereotypes. Let's start with the results of the Mercury's first-ever Weed Survey, in which you'll learn many a thing about your fellow 420-friendly citizens. And who knows? Maybe now you'll finally purchase a serious vaporizer—you know we're always here to try those things out for you, buddy.

Most of all, we're happy to see scores of needless arrests and business opportunities for violent cartels starting to fill up the rearview; to welcome another wave of the entrepreneurs who keep this city vibrant; and to celebrate our freedom as Americans the best way we know how: peacefully.

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