GUUYYYYYYS!! Recreational cannabis sales in Oregon start on Thursday—that's just two days away! Are you ready for this historical moment? More importantly, are you ready for recreational cannabis to become an (even more) common facet of everyday life? Even if you don't smoke, there's no way to avoid the impact that this new industry is going to have on our state. Just think of the potential for things like tax revenues and job opportunities to improve your life! And just think of how easy it will be to pick up a li'l sack while you're on your other errands. FUN.

It's a big deal, and a big adjustment, so we've put together our first-ever Oregon Cannabis Guidethe digital version of which is online now, with physical copies hitting the streets this week along with the new Mercury. In it you'll find information on where to buy—and not just in Portland, road trippers—and how to prepare for Oregon's greener-than-ever green pastures. Check it out!