If at some point in the past you were charged with, and convicted of, a crime relating to cannabis in Oregon, two things: 1) That sucks and 2) There may be help to get those charges removed from your recordโ€”for free.

The Portland-based Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) and Marley Naturals have teamed up for "Rise Up Oregon Expungement Day" on August 27. Within two hours, participants can complete all steps needed to file their request for expungement with the State of Oregon, including covering all costs and fees.

People convicted of cannabis offenses prior to legalization suffer the negative consequences of a criminal record, including being denied employment, financial aid, housing, and in some cases, the right to vote. So while the cannabis industry profits, this select group of people targeted in the failed War on Drugs continue to suffer the consequences. Is that cool? It is not.

The event will be held at the Village Ballroom, 704 NE Dekum, August 27 from 11 am to 2 pm. Those interested in participating must register at minoritycannabis.org.