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Happy holiday, stoners! It's 4/20! Sure, most of us who blaze don't make a big deal out of April 20, but if there was ever a need for an excuse to smoke weed, this day is it.

They say every day is Valentine's Day for lovers, and similarly, stoners understand we don't need one day of the year to celebrate cannabis and all the good things it brings. But we do it anyway because it's still a great excuse to twist one up with your loved ones—or even by yourself. And like any special event, it's important to ask the question: "What am I going to wear?"

No need to bug out... here are some 4/20 fashion favorites to consider for the upcoming holiday.

This time of the year can be sunny, or rainy, or both at the same time. With April ushering in the first days of spring, I recommend a breezy, loose-fitting top. Try a breathable fabric—like chiffon or cotton—to make sure you don't overheat during your festivities. Being high can make your body temperature rise, so when choosing your 4/20 outfit, keep comfort close.

Another thing to consider is how you're getting around. So that you don't drive under the influence, you should be taking one of the following: a ride share, public transportation, or your own two legs. For any of these options, sneakers are a must-have. Spring is the perfect time for Keds, Chucks, and obviously Nikes. I recommend going for anything colorful and high-topped, but also make sure they're water resistant. My personal favorite style is the goth-inspired shoes called creepers. Our reigning Cannabis Queen Rihanna just dropped a brand-new, all-leather design for her Fenty x Puma collaboration sneakers this month. I got mine just in time to be creepy yet cool for the holidays. And of course, pair them with your favorite weed-printed knee-high sock from HUF Plantlife.

Smoking all that weed will inevitably lead to hunger, so depending on whether you're planning to veg-out at a friend's house or wander into the wilderness, make sure to pack a backpack. Just try not to look like a nerd. Backpacks have always been super popular for the outdoorsy folks of PDX, so people often spice things up with different textures like quality leather. Tanner Goods (4719 N Albina) is local and offers some luxury priced rucksacks. But if you'd rather save that $350 for an ounce of something special, I recommend thrifting for some durable vintage leather.

Some may smoke weed while others prefer edibles, but there are those who choose to wear their hemp. For the eco-conscious smoker, the innovation of hemp clothing has created an earth-positive option. As decrimin- alization continues we're seeing more clothing companies get on board with this trend. If you want to explore it more, stop by Portland's very own Portland Hemp Works (1524 NE Alberta), where you can find dozens of designs completely crafted from cannabis. And the owners are chill enough to not kill your buzz while you browse.

Now that you're fully equipped with accessories and travel accoutrements, I highly suggest putting the finishing touches on your aesthetic with a cute coat and a stellar pair of sunnies. On 4/20, my eyes tend to stay lower than usual so if you're heading downtown, Nordstrom Rack just got in all of their high-end discount shades—from Tom Ford to Prada, and all under $100. And for those of us who may be a little paranoid, complete your look with a hoodie. The weather, as mentioned, might be just right for a light, windbreaker-style rain jacket. My personal selection would be a canvas camouflage coat with a drawstring at the waist, so I can at least pretend I am being inconspicuous while enjoying myself in public.

Obviously, none of the above mentioned outfits are mandatory to have a good time on 4/20. But why not look the part and light up the room with your ensemble before ceremoniously lighting yourself up on this high holiday?