X Marks the (S)pot

Baked Smart has a great cannabis idea— one that could have spared friends of mine numerous hours, even days, of those unintended and undesired Super Surprised Stoned Sessions™. These are experienced by people who inadvertently consume edibles made with cannabis—namely my extra strong cookies. Even though I’ve always placed them inside a container that has a dire, end-of-days warning on the lid, sometimes containers get opened and lids get moved around, and without a label that says the contents are dosed, how is anyone going to distinguish a cannabis cookie from a civilian cookie? Then the bad times begin.


Baked Smart is addressing this very real problem with their Cannacals—as in, cannabis decals—and they’re extended their solution to dispensary-purchased products as well. But first, let’s say you’re making cookies, brownies, or other home-baked goods. You pull off the Cannacals (which look like green crosses) from a sheet, and place them on parchment paper beneath your dough, setting the dough on top of the crosses. The finished edible from the oven now has a green cross on the bottom, warning away nibblers who don’t want to get super stoned. Baked Smart makes them with FDA-approved food colors, plus they’re gluten-free and Orthodox Union kosher certified, so maybe you can make your bubbie some canna-hamantaschen?

Or, if you’ve got some goodies you picked up at the dispensary that you need to mark, you can apply stickers directly onto your store-bought baked goods, gummies, caramels, and other edibles to let others know it’s not just your normal sweet treat. Smart indeed. bakedsmart.org


Put a Lid on Your Lid

I still visibly wince when I see someone storing their flower in a plastic sandwich baggie. Glass jars are far better, but they still let in light, which is no friend to harvested buds. And with the sun-grown “Croptober” season nearly upon us, bud storage is at the forefront of many a grower’s mind.

I recently tried out a new storage device from CVault. Their units are well-designed and effective on all counts—made from food-grade stainless steel, they’re solid yet lightweight, and come in a bowl shape in various sizes. The stainless steel lid is attached by three latches, with a thick silicone ring that provides an airtight seal. The interior of the lid has an ingenious feature that holds various-sized packets of Boveda, the widely used humidity control product. Mine came with Boveda packs of 58 percent and 62 percent RH (relative humidity). I filled the small CVault (which holds 7 to 12 grams) with some fresh sticky buds, and the large CVault (28 to 50 grams) with an ounce and a half of 18-month-old bud. The sticky bud stayed sticky, and the older bud softened in touch and taste. Additional sizes (including extra-small, medium, and commercial) and a great design make these a strong choice for both consumers and producers. cvstoragecontainers.com


Supercharged CBD Vape Pens

Cura Cannabis Solutions have a new line of vape pens that are CBD only, contain no THC, and have an added proprietary blend of essential oils in three flavors and three distinct effects.

Like the other pens in Cura’s “Select” line, these are .5-gram disposable units, and the varieties are: “Relax,” blended with lavender oil and meant to combat stress; “Focus,” made with peppermint oil and meant to clear the mind; and “Revive,” with grapefruit oil and meant to invigorate and energize the user. Cura’s press packet explains in impressive detail the science behind the oils and the conditions they’re intended to address. I personally tried all three, then passed them along to my OMMP patients who were looking for relief in the specific areas each pen is geared toward. I enjoyed the taste of the oils—no surprise as the Select line of THC strains is known for their great-tasting products. I didn’t feel much from the CBD, but I rarely do, and the effects of CBD are more subtle than THC (as in it doesn’t get you stoned).

The recipients of the pens all gave me the thumbs up, especially those who were looking to avoid THC altogether. At a half-gram, they’re small and discreet, and while I know there’s a healthy market for disposable pens, it would be great if there were an option for recycling these at area dispensaries. [UPDATE: Jordan Rahmil of Cura tells the Mercury: "We actually have an awesome new recycling program set up with several Oregon dispensaries that carry our products. Customers can drop off old disposable cartridges in our Select recycling boxes and we'll recycle them."] selectoil.com