If you’re thinking about giving your friends cannabis this holiday season, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. And if you need help on where to search out these gifts, here are a few of our fave dispensaries, and good places to start your search.

La Mota

Oregon’s cannabis shops are quickly being gobbled up by big, homogenous conglomerates, but La Mota maintains its status as a locally owned chain with a Latinx woman CEO at the helm. And look, it may not be the fanciest pot shop in town—but dammit, it is the most convenient, the friendliest, and the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re looking to buy a shit-ton of cheap joints for all your buddies, some top-shelf craft nugs for your favorite cannabis connoisseur, or gummies to help you get through a trip home for the holidays, the folks at La Mota will hook you up, and do it with a smile. (Multiple locations, lamota.com) BLAIR STENVICK


When I was planning my first visit to a dispensary, I asked for a lot of suggestions, and Farma kept popping off everyone’s lips. And I get why! This Hawthorne spot is centrally located, very sleek and comfortable, and has top-notch employees who helpfully guided me to very worthwhile purchases. Plus they have a ton of selection and good prices, which makes it a great place to get your pals the right tree to slip underneath their tree. (916 SE Hawthorne) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY


Walking into Serra’s downtown location is a little like walking into a design magazine. With its high ceilings and bright lights, their showroom is so beautiful that, at first, it made me want to ask, “Am I allowed to be in here?” That was then—now I breeze in like, “Yes, I do deserve to be on the cover of the fashion spread that is this dispensary.” The staff is wonderfully patient and knowledgeable. (220 SW 1st, 2519 SE Belmont) SUZETTE SMITH


Strolling into Jayne will instantaneously give you the feeling you’re in good hands. The relaxed, homey atmosphere beckons you, the flower is always fresh, and the staff will patiently walk you through their selections without making you feel like a big dumb dummy. Plus they have lots of community events and (get this) a grinder and rolling station onsite. Now that’s a shop that knows and appreciates their customer base. (2145 NE MLK) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Collective Awakenings

The first time I walked into this dispensary was on one of those long, wet Portland days where you feel like you’ll never be warm again. But when I stepped into Collective Awakenings, I found myself surrounded by a warm, dry, weed-smelling environment that reminded me of a holistic medical office. Their staff have always been so sweet to me that they border on therapeutic. (2823 NE Sandy) SUZETTE SMITH

Oregon’s Finest

This grower-owned and -operated company was the first state-licensed cannabis dispensary in Oregon—so they know of what they speak. And what they speak of is high quality, award-winning, small-batch cannabis and an impressive array of products including flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and transdermals. My go-to spot is their MLK location conveniently located across from the Convention Center, where whip-smart employees always happily educate me on their products and what I can expect from their effects (which is not easy because I’m a low-tolerance snowflake). Their great displays make gift shopping easy, but don’t pass by their very cool-looking Oregon’s Finest apparel—like their products, their branding game is strong! (736 NE MLK, 1327 NW Kearney) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY