Congratulations to Divine Intervention, the Best in Show winner of SPLIFF 2020!
Congratulations to Divine Intervention, the "Best in Show" winner of SPLIFF 2020! Divine Intervention / SPLIFF

Despite being forced to stay away from movie theaters, our SPLIFF film fest (April 17-20) was a rousing success—which suggests two things: Everyone loves cannabis, and everyone also loves watching funny, trippy, short films about cannabis!

And just like our wildly popular HUMP! film festival (which we'll be livestreaming in May... get your tickets now and here!), the winners of SPLIFF were chosen by YOU, the viewers, via emailed ballots. Now that we've tallied all the votes, we're ready to announce the winners of SPLIFF 2020! And they are...

Trippiest: Tryptich (An intense, brain-melting journey through the universe)
Funniest: Deb’s Divorce Party (Featuring Deb, AKA "Queen of the Last Hits")
Stupidest: Divine Intervention ("A long time ago in an astral projection far, far away... there was one high motherfucker")

And the SPLIFF Best In Show winner: Divine Intervention!

Congrats to all of our winners, who will receive 20 percent of all ticket revenue up to $10,000! (That will buy a lot of sticky!)

Are you kicking yourself because you missed SPLIFF 2020? Well, kick no more, because now you can watch this hilarious, mind-blowing festival of short weed films made by stoners like you RIGHT HERE, ANYTIME YOU WANT! (Pay what you can, starting at only $10—and remember, your generosity keeps super fun events like these happening!) WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

And if you love that, then binge even MORE pot-inspired films by streaming SPLIFF 2019 right here (which is also super great)!

BY THE WAY, are you an amateur filmmaker, artist, or creative person who has some time on their hands? Why not make a short film for CoFF—the Confinement (online) Film Fest, a film festival made by and for people who are stuck at home? And, why yes... you can win prizes! FIND OUT ALL ABOUT IT HERE!